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Krankheit en ILLNESSES

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1. Krankheiten ILLNESSES 2. Some body parts which have a masculine noun. Der ... Kopf - head Mund - mouth Bauch - stomach Fu- foot Finger - finger Hals - neck, throat Rcken - back Arm - arm Zahn - tooth 3. Body parts which have a feminine noun. Die ... Nase - nose Lippe - lip Hand - hand 4. Body part which have a neuter noun. Das ... Ohr - ear Bein - leg Knie - knee Gesicht - face Auge - eye 5. Ich habe Kopfschmerzen. Mein Kopf tut weh. I've got a headache. My head hurts. 6. Ich habe Bauchschmerzen. Mein Bauch tut weh. I have a stomachache. My stomach hurts. 7. Ich habe Halsschmerzen. Mein Hals tut weh. I have a sore throat. My throat hurts. 8. Ich habe Rckenschmerzen. Mein Rcken tut weh. I have a backache. My back hurts. 9. Ich habe Zahnschmerzen. Mein Zahn tut weh. I have a toothache. My tooth hurts. 10. Ich habe Ohrenschmerzen. Mein Ohr tut weh. I have an earache. My ear hurts. 11. Mein Arm tut weh. Meine Arme tun weh. My arm hurts. My arms hurt. 12. Mein Knie tut weh. Meine Knie tun weh. My knee hurts. My knees hurt. 13. Mein Auge tut weh. Meine Augen tun weh. My eye hurts. My eyes hurt. 14. For more information about pronunciation of these words and sentences and for other useful information click on the link below, which takes you to a 30 day challenge for learning basic German in time for your awesome holiday or successful business trip to Germany: Beginners' German for busy people - for business or holidays