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Download USER’S -   Research American Indices The Stock Market Game™ User’s Guide 5 The American Indices section lists a number of common indices, such as the Dow Jones

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  • Table of ContentsSMGWW Homepage . . . . . . . . . . . 2Enter The SMG . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3Portfolio Menu Page . . . . . . . . . . . 4Changing Your Password . . . . . . . 5Steps for Making a Trade . . . . . . . 5Investor Research . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6American Indices. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6Enter a Trade . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7Pending Transactions . . . . . . . . . . 7Account Summary. . . . . . . . . . . . . 8Account Holdings . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8Transaction Notes . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9Transaction History . . . . . . . . . . . 10Gains and Losses . . . . . . . . . . . . 10Terms You Need To Know . . . . . . 11Rules of The SMG . . . . . . . . . . . . 13

    SMG WORLDWIDEWelcome to SMG Worldwide (SMG or SMGWW). This new andimproved on-line version of The Stock Market Game (formerlycalled SMG2000) includes a number of new features, includingaccess to stock research, help screens on every page of the portfolio,and Market Mysteries, which are fun activities for students to usewith SMGWW.

    GETTING STARTEDTo access SMGWW, you must have a computer with Internet access.Once you are on-line, open your Web browser. In the field for theURL, location, or Web address, type in and hitreturn.

    U S E R SG U I D E

    Copyright 2000 Securities Industry Foundation for Economic Education. All rights reserved. Provided for educational purposes without warranty expressed or implied.

  • The Stock Market Game Users Guide 1

    You can always go back to theSMGWW Homepage by clicking on


    Welcome to the SMG WORLDWIDE Homepage!

    ENTER THE SMG - Once you have received a Usernameand Password from your Advisor for you and your team,

    you can get to your portfolio by clicking on the ENTER THESMG button.

    HOW TO ACCESS YOUR PORTFOLIO Click on thislink to learn how to go to your portfolio of stocks.

    SAMPLE SMG PORTFOLIO Click on this link to see asample portfolio, including the main screen, account

    holdings, and rankings.

    RULES OF THE GAME This section lists all of thenational rules for SMG. The national rules can also be

    found on the last page of this guide. State Coordinators mayhave additional rules for those participating in their state.Check with your advisor for these rules.







    All students are expected to follow all national and state SMG rules and

    guidelines. HOTTIP:



    Copyright 2000 Securities Industry Foundation for Economic Education. All rights reserved. Provided for educational purposes without warranty expressed or implied.

  • 2 The Stock Market Game Users Guide

    Copyright 2000 Securities Industry Foundation for Economic Education. All rights reserved. Provided for educational purposes without warranty expressed or implied.

    Enter The SMG

    To get to your portfolio, click on theENTER THE SMG button on the

    SMGWW Homepage.

    Enter your team ID in the Usernamebox and your password in the

    Password box.

    Then click on the ENTER THEGAME button. This will take you to yourportfolios main menu.

    Your username is also known asyour team ID.


    Your username will contain one ormore underscores (_). This is createdby holding down the shift key and hit-ting the "-" key in the upper right cor-

    ner of your keyboard.


    Passwords must be entered exactly asthey appear in the e-mail sent to youradvisor. Pay special attention to capi-

    talized letters. Once your team is inyour portfolio, you can change your



    DO NOT share your team passwordwith anyone except your advisor andteam members. Anyone with access

    to your team username and passwordcan get into your teams portfolio and

    enter trades or change your password.





    3 3

    Forgot your password? Ask youradvisor.


  • The Stock Market Game Users Guide 3

    Copyright 2000 Securities Industry Foundation for Economic Education. All rights reserved. Provided for educational purposes without warranty expressed or implied.

    Trading links - These allow you to research stocks andcompanies, make trades, and access portfolio pages:

    Account Summary Account Holding Transaction History Gains and Losses Investor Research Enter a Trade Pending Transactions Transaction Notes American Indices

    Market Mysteries - This section provides optional funactivities for you and your team.

    Logoff - This link allows you to log out of SMG. It alsogives you the opportunity to log back in by using your

    username and password.

    Change Password - The password assigned to yourteam will be a random sequence of capital letters and

    numbers. Your team may want to choose a new password thatwill be easier to remember. The Change Password screenallows you to choose in a new password.

    Outside Links - This takes you to a listing of (web) sitesof interest. This includes links to many of the U.S. stock

    market exchange home pages, links to educational informa-tion on economics and investing, information and research onstocks, and free software downloads that may be helpful.

    Learning Resource Center - The Learning ResourceCenter provides educational materials for teachers to use

    in the classroom. NOTE: This icon is not on the student port-folio menus.

    Rankings - This link takes you to SMG rankings, whichshow how your team is doing compared to the other

    teams in your region and state. Rankings are determined bythe total equity in the portfolios.

    Many of the trading links will bedescribed in more detail in this


    Portfolio Menu PageTo help keep your portfolio secure, SMG

    has a built in logoff function. If youhave not sent or received information formore than 15 minutes, you will automat-ically be logged out of your portfolio andwill have to re-enter your username and

    password to log back in.








    From the Portfolio Main Menu, you can access the following.







    6 7

    From each portfolio page, you can go to on-linehelp screens by clicking on the HELP icon (a ques-

    tion mark). There are help screens for: Change Password Investor Research Enter a Trade Account Summary Account Holdings Pending Transaction Transaction Notes Transaction History Gains and Losses Rankings


  • Type your current (assigned) team password in the boxlabeled Your Old Password.

    Type in a new password your team has chosen in the boxlabeled Your New Password. You may use any combina-

    tion of letters and/or numbers.

    Type in your new password once again in the ConfirmNew Password box.

    Once you have filled in all the boxes, click on theCHANGE MY PASSWORD button. If you entered

    your old password incorrectly, you will get a message statingyour old password is invalid. If this happens, hit the back but-ton and re-enter your old password.

    If the password you entered to confirm the change does notexactly match the new password you entered, you will get amessage: Please re-enter and confirm password - they do notmatch now. If this happens, click on the OK button and re-enter and confirm your new password.

    Pick a stock. You will need to decide what company orstock to trade, how many shares to trade, and whether

    you want to buy it or short sell it. You can research compa-nies and stocks through the Investor Research link.

    Once you have selected stock, find the ticker symbol (alltrades in SMG are made with ticker symbols). To find

    the ticker symbol, go to the Ticker Lookup link in the InvestorResearch or Enter a Trade functions.

    Go to Enter a Trade and make your trade.

    After you have entered and confirmed your trade, checkPending Transactions to make sure it is in the system.

    At this point, you can cancel your trade if you choose, as longas it is before the close of market (4 p.m. EST). Trades madebefore the close of market should appear in your portfolio thefollowing morning.

    The next day, check Account Holdings to make sure thatthe trade went through. If it does not appear in Account

    Holdings, check Pending Transactions.

    If the trade does not appear in Account Holdings orPending Transactions, check Transaction Notes.

    Transaction Notes will list every attempted trade. If the tradewent through, it will say order executed. If the trade did notgo through, it will explain why. (See Transaction Notes sec-tion of this guide for a list of explanations.)

    If a stock appears in your Account Holdings that you didnot trade, or a stock you had in your portfolio no longer

    appears in Account Holdings, check Transaction History.This lists all of the activity in your portfolio. Things such asmergers, dividends, and stock splits will show up here and willmost likely answer any questions you have about the stocks inyour portfolio. Also check Corporate News in InvestorResearch to find current information about a company orstock.

    If you have checked Pending Transactions, Transaction Notes,and Transaction History and still can not explain why a tradedid not go through or what happened to a stock on your port-folio, ask your advisor for help.

    Changing Your Password

    Steps for Making a Trade












    4 The Stock Market Game Users Guide

    Passwords are upper and lower casesensitive. For example, if your pass-

    word is Stock, you must enter it witha capital S; stock will not work.