using couchbase and elasticsearch for real-time data analytics

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Using Couchbase and ElasticSearch for real-time data analytics


  • 1. @DavidOstrovsky Senior Architect @ Sela Co-author of: Pro Couchbase Server Apress Media 2014 Essentials of Developing Windows Store Apps Using C# Advanced Windows Store App Development Using C#

2. Whats up? Why ElasticSearch and Couchbase? How do I connect the two? What can I do with this? Does it scale? 3. Why use ElasticSearch? If you dont know this, you might be in the wrong room. 4. Why use Couchbase Sever? High performance key-value store. Easy to deploy and use. Easy to scale. High availability. High . 5. Why these two in particular? Both use JSON documents. Complimenting strength. ElasticSearch for flexible search, geolocation, analytics tools, and more. Couchbase for efficient data storage and retrieval, extremely fast response times. Couchbase uses XDCR to push data to ElasticSearch. Lower latency than polling, e.g. with River. 6. Demo Demo time! 7. Common use-cases Ad-hoc querying an existing Couchbase database. Geospatial searches on data. Real-time analytics of Couchbase data. 8. Demo More demo time! 9. Is this production ready? A typical Couchbase-ElasticSearch deployment uses a 2:1 or 3:1 ratio of nodes. ElasticSearch only stores indexed data. Source data stored in Couchbase. Used by multiple companies in Israel and abroad. 10. Demo So many demos! 11. Questions


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