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Workshop presented to local businesses in Smithville, TX and Bastrop County on how to use Facebook to promote their businesses.


  • 1. Facebook 101UsingTo Promote Your BusinessSeptember 4, 2014

2. Get these s:lides here: 3. AgendaSocial media reviewSocial media strategyFacebook 101Social / website integrationFacebook 201Facebook ChangesLive DemosQ&A 4. Social Media Review 5. Social media isFREE!Photo: erinjpattison 6. Benefits of Social Media Its FREE! Builds deeper relationships Increases brand awareness Broadens your network Helps SEO Increases website traffic Generates leads and sales Can help reach journalists/media Empowers fans to be viral ambassadors foryour brandSource: Social Media for Tourism Pros 7. Social Media StrategyPhoto: davidkjelkerud 8. First, Some Questions1. Can you describe your business/organization?2. What are your goals?a. Generate salesb. Brand enthusiasmc. Loyalty3. What is your relationship with your audience?a. Awarenessb. Interestc. Actiond. AdvocacySource: Jay Baer( 9. More Questions4. How does your audience use social media?5. Who will be your community managers?6. What social media platforms will you use?(Hint: Where is your audience?)7. How will you be human (what is yourvoice)?8. How will you know when/if youresuccessful?Source: Jay Baer( 10. Do You Need a Social Media Policy? Maybe. Just keep these basics in mind: Be polite Be honest Be open Be inclusive Be forthright Be legal Be helpful Dont try to control the conversation Accept, respond, and be gracious to negative feedbackSource: The Potluck Guide To Social Media Strategy 11. Social Media Donts Dont be something yourenot Dont experiment with thecompany logo Dont think you have to beon every social mediachannel Dont tell, show Dont feed Facebook toTwitter (or vice versa) Be authentic Try new things withpersonal accounts first Start slow and be selective Use images wheneverpossible Know your audience andpost accordingly 12. Remember:Social mediais notan island.Photo: lisbokt 13. Facebook 101 14. What Is Facebook? Social networking service that allows users toconnect to friends and businesses Share content, links, photos, and videos Comment on others activity Remember: Personal profiles are for people,not businesses. Develop a fan page instead. 15. Facebook Stats Over 1.2 billion active users Average user is connected to 40 pages Smartphone mobile users check Facebook anaverage of 13.8 times a day 751 million users access Facebook from amobile deviceSource: IDC; 16. Facebook Stats Average number of connections between localbusiness pages and users is 2 billion Average number of weekly local business pageviews is 645 million Average number of weekly comments on localbusiness pages is 13 millionSource: IDC; 17. Facebook Benefits to Biz Low cost Engage with fans of your business page Fans receive your updates and can uploadcomments, photos, and video When fans engage you on your page, theiractivity shows up in the News Feeds of theirfriends This can prompt others to check out your page andyour business! 18. Facebook Benefits to Biz Can incorporate content from other social mediaplatforms Ex: blog posts, updates from Twitter, photos fromInstagram, videos from YouTube, etc. Targeted advertising opportunities (cheap too!) 19. Is FacebookRight forYou? 67% of Internet usersare on Facebook 72% of women useFacebook vs 62% of men Ages 18-29 = 86% Ages 30-49 = 73% Ages 50-64 = 57% Ages 65+ = 35%Source: Pew Research Center; 20. CoverPhotoProfilePhotoLike Button 21. Bio 22. Contact Info 23. Apps 24. Page FeaturesComposerPinnedPost 25. Admin Panel 26. Grow YourFanbaseAdmin PanelFind HelpfulResources 27. View PageInsights 28. Manage PageSettings 29. Understanding Insights 30. Understanding Insights 31. Understanding Insights 32. Understanding Insights 33. Understanding Insights 34. Facebook Tools for Business 35. Facebook Offers Affordable and greatfor brand awareness Spent $3.70 anddrove over $200 inbusiness 102 offers claimed/5redeemed Redemption rate onthis offer was low Ask your communityto share!Source: Does Eat Place 36. Facebook OffersSource: Does Eat Place 37. Facebook Offers 38. Facebook Offers 39. Facebook Boosted PostsSource: Visit Bloomington 40. Facebook Boosted PostsSource: Visit Bloomington 41. FacebookCover Photo as AdvertisingSource: Bass Performance HallText can beno morethan 20% 42. FacebookCover Photo as AdvertisingSource: Mari Smith 43. Scheduling 44. Scheduling on Facebook12 45. Scheduling on Facebook43 46. Scheduling on Facebook5 47. Integrate Social with WebFrom this 48. Integrate Social with Web to this 49. Integrate Social with Web to this. 50. Use Calls to Action 51. Content Really Is King Put contact info onEVERY PAGE Use easy navigation Keep content current Use high-qualitycontent (includingphotos and video) Add calls to action 52. Facebook 201 53. Content Is KingVisual Content Is Ruler of the World Videos shared 12x morethan links and text postscombined Photos are liked 2x morethan text updates Instagram is the 2nd mostpopular app (globally)behind Facebook Pinterest generates morereferral traffic thanGoogle+, LinkedIn, andYouTube combinedSources: HubSpot; Marketing Land 54. Visit Fargo-MoorheadVisual Content IntegrationSource: Fargo-Moorhead CVB 55. Visit Fargo-MoorheadVisual Content - InstagramSource: Fargo-Moorhead CVB 56. Savannah Craft Brew FestivaliPhone PhotosSource: Visit Savannah 57. Facebook AdvertisingOpportunities 58. Facebook AdvertisingPro Tip: BE SPECIFIC 59. Facebook Advertising 60. Facebook Advertising Best PracticesInclude a call toaction.Combat ad fatigue.Source: 61. Facebook Advertising Best PracticesPut importantcontent first.Identify your targetaudience.Source: 62. Facebook Advertising Best PracticesBoost importantposts.Use FacebookOffers.Source: 63. Facebook Advertising Best PracticesGive peoplesomething to say.Use high qualityphotos.Source: 64. Facebook Changes 65. Facebook Changes Facebook adjusted its algorithms thatdetermine what users see Rumor is only 6% of your fans see your posts GOOD CONTENT = GOOD ENGAGEMENT Pay to play may be a necessity 66. Sharing Links in Posts 67. What Do You Want To Try? 68. Can I Help?CallMe! 69. Follow Page, PrincipalSarah T. Page Consulting, LLC