using geo-fencing, chat, push notifications and video calling to engage your mobile users

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Things like chat, push notifications, video calling and location-triggered suggestions / geofencing is something many talk about but not many apps feature those functionalities. And there is a reason for that - all these features sound simple but are difficult to implement if you try and build a reliable and scalable server-side infrastructure to support them. On our mission of unlocking the technology into mobile, QuickBlox explains all these technologies are not as complex as you have thought - with our SDK and code samples it takes just 3 lines of code to add, for example, video calling or geofencing.


  • 1.How to retain and engage users with communication layer (Taras Filatov, director, QuickBlox, 6th November 2013)

2. QuickBlox: built by mobile app developers (we are famous) 3. QuickBlox: Communication and Data modulesQuickBlox is an enterprise mBaaS cloud providing Communication and Backend services for any application together with APIs, SDKs and code samples:Video CommunicationChat & PresenceNotificationsLocationRatingsContentUsers 4. Overview1. Location and Geo-fencing2. Chat and Push Notifications 3. Video calling 5. Location and Geo-fencing 6. Location and Geofencing1. Go to dashboard 2. Create geo-fencing area3. User is in the area4. Receives a push notification 7. Location-based ChatChatMapAR 8. Cross-platform location sharing iOS Android Facebook Auto-scaling 9. Chat & Pushnotifications 10. Chat / IM and Push Notifications Very quick and robust chat/IM experience File attachments supported Push notification alerts for offline users Thumbnail previews for photo and video attachments Location attachments 11. Video calling 12. Video calling SDK: launched February 2013QuickBlox is the 1st BaaS to launch Video Calling (VideoChat SDK) as featured by TheNextWeb, 20th Feb 201320-40 developers sign ups per day 13. Video chat for iOS and AndroidiOS and Android video calling Free Peer to peer 3 lines of codeiOSAndroid s/SimpleSample-videochat-ios rs/Sample-videochat-android 14. Our partners 15. Clients Also among QuickBlox clients (contracts signed or in discussion) AVON uses QuickBlox for Kisses Map feature for its Send-a-KissFacebook app in UK and Ireland.Liverpool Football Club uses QuickBlox Chat and Location for fans communication.In partnership with BlackBerry we have powered apps of Liverpool Football Club, DSTV, Man City FC with QuickBlox and have created Facebook library for BB10 developers. DSTV (most popular Digital TV in Africa) users QuickBlox to enable interactive discussion (chat, ratings, push notifications) in its TV guide app. AVON uses QuickBlox for Kisses Map feature for its Send-a-KissFacebook app in UK and Ireland. The Norway based technical team of ING Bank is in discussion with us regarding using QuickBlox to reach the clients of ING bank apps. Barclays uses QuickBlox Location and ChattAR for its Accessible ATM Locator project.QuickBlox has been used in the official iPhone app of the Avatar movie by 20th Century Fox. It enables location-based fan communication (chat over map) feature. 16. Partners of QuickBloxFlat FeeRev Share (SaaS) 17. Unite, retain and engage your user base! (while saving time and money too) Video CommunicationChat & PresenceNotificationsLocationRatingsContentUsers 18. Contacts Address & Telephone QuickBlox, 8 Warner Yard, Clerkenwell, London, EC1R 5EY, United Kingdom +44 (0) 770 822 0953 +44 (0) 203 053 0660 (London) nate@quickblox.comTwitter: @quickblox Facebook:/quickblox Youtube: /QuickBlox


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