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Using Open Source Software. Daniel E. Martin, Ph.D. Department of Management and Finance. What is the Open Source License?. From the Free Software Foundation ( OS license refers to four freedoms, for software users: The freedom to run the program, for any purpose - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Using Open Source Software Daniel E. Martin, Ph.D.

    Department of Management and Finance

  • What is the Open Source License?From the Free Software Foundation ( license refers to four freedoms, for software users:The freedom to run the program, for any purpose The freedom to study programs, adapting to meet needs. The freedom to redistribute copies. The freedom to improve the program, and offer them to the public, so the community benefits. For a complete definition of Open Source Licenses, see:

  • What Types of Classes can Benefit from Open Source Software?Any/All!

    Browse 3,181 education projects at:

    Browse 118,717 projects at:

  • How can I install/use Open Source SoftwareTwo types of software used DesktopDownload from the internet, install via normal windows installerWeb-basedMust have some knowledge of scripts or programming (I have neither, keep this in mind when asking questions!)

  • Management 6550: Research Methods and CommunicationsPhpSurveyor Basic FeaturesUnlimited number of surveys at the same time Creation of a printable surveys Unlimited numbers of questions/ participantsBranching surveys Sending of invitations, reminders and tokens by email Import and export functions to text, CSV and MS Excel format Basic statistical and graphical analysis

  • Management 6550: Research Methods and Communications ContinuedOpenStat4 Basic FeaturesANOVAs, MANOVA, Analysis of CovarianceMultivariate analyses (including Factor Analysis)Measurement programs (reliability analyses)A spreadsheet-type interfaceDescriptive statisticsCorrelationsFinancial programsSimulation programs

  • Management 3600 and 6060GanttProject Basic Features charts are project planning tools that are used to represent the timing of tasks required to complete projects.

  • Management 3618: Training and Development (and all courses)Moodle Basic FeaturesSocial constructionist pedagogy (collaboration, activities, critical reflection, etc) Suitable for online classes as well as blended learning Courses can be categorized and searched - one Moodle site can support thousands of courses Emphasis on strong security throughout. Forms are all checked, data validated, cookies encrypted etc Easy HTML editing

  • Why (for students)?CostStudent interestStudent explorationTaking the software home/to workFacilitating student viability in the workplace

  • How can I use Open Source to Facilitate my Research?Wikindx Basic FeaturesManages bibliographic data and searchStores quotes and paraphrases in searchable database. Free, stable and open source Runs locally and via internet, for sharing Exports bibliography in various styles (APA, Chicago, etc.). Word processor to enables authoring, with citation formatting. Automatically reformats articles to other citation styles.

  • Why (for faculty)?CostResearch toolsMeeting student needs at no cost to the universityFacilitating student viability in the workplaceThe Governor will probably approve of it:California considers open-source shift

  • Cautionary tale(Mis) Steps in InstallationFound the softwareDownloadedTried to install, failedAsked staff to installStaff could (once), but were generally too busyBought website with Fantastico script installer ($60 a year)Installed scripts, asked firm to install ones not not offeredMost scripts could be installed90% of the programs requested could be installed

  • Other Free OpportunitiesInternational Personality Item Pool

    The IPIP is a system designed to allow scientists to share psychometric data and instruments which meets: the need for a structured system to organize findings related to individual differences, the need for a universal item format that allows for translation across various languages, and the need for communication that facilitates reporting and retrieval of items and findings for further investigation.

  • Thank you!Another Idea: HRISQuestions?Contact information:Daniel MartinManagement and FinanceCollege of Business and Economics(510) 885-2060 Office(800) 590-8095 or


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