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Strategic Priorities 2015

Using #SocialMedia to Engage @UNHStudents



Who am I?Tyler Wentworth@tylerrossWildcat from the class of 2008 Education advocate, storyteller6 years in college admission Senior Producer with #UNHSocialAlumni and most of the Admission social accountsShare responsibility/backup for main @UofNH channelsResponsible for about 30 social media profiles/networksCo-manage 6 student interns, UNH Tales blogging site, Alumni Tales (profiles)


A little about me, and the only cat image used in my presentation. 2

The Social Landscape



A Few Mind Blowing Social StatsFacebook: 1 in 5 website views in the US = Facebook62% of ALL American adults.Instagram: Added 100 million users in the last 10 months.Twitter:198 million use Twitter on a mobile device. LinkedIn: Worlds largest professional network. Wide age range.Entering the education market with University pages, decision boards.Snapchat: 8 billion video views a dayThat's almost the same number as Facebook, but with 100 million users. @tylerross#UNHSocial

Facebook remains the most popular social media site 72% of online adults are Facebook users, amounting to 62% of all American adults. Growth on the site has largely plateaued. There has not been a significant change in the overall share of users since 2012. Those on Facebook remain highly engaged with 70% saying they log on daily, including 43% who do so several times a day.

Fully 59% of Instagram users, 27% of Pinterest users and 22% of LinkedIn users visit these platforms daily.


Using #SocialMedia to Engage @UNHStudents


@tylerrossBest Practices and Strategy

But now back to what were here for.5


Develop a social media strategy overall, then for each network. Strategize.Think about messages, audiences, goals and a strategy for keeping your information organized.Some audiences may be on one social media network, but not another. Social media can be very time-consuming and maintaining more than one social network is difficult. Create a content calendar, or use Hootsuite, TweetDeck, or another social media management tool to organize posts so you always remember to post or schedule new content.6


@tylerross#UNHSocialEstablish Goals. What are you trying to accomplish? Get specific.Learn about your audience and how they want to interact.Do some basic research.Ask students!Choose which social networks work best for your goals.Where does your audience want to hear from you?Develop a content strategy/content calendar.Clarify who will be responsible for posting/monitoring.Decide on and stick with consistent voice.



@tylerross#UNHSocialWhether already established or starting a new profile, it is critical that people KNOW you have a presence on the networks! Include your social media accounts/hashtags everywhere: website, publications, email signatures, posters, swag.

Engage & Monitor

@tylerross#UNHSocialAsk questionsPlay on nostalgia, the aww factorGIFs, memes, FUN! Adhere to the 4-1-1 Rule

Image credit: Sales Benchmark Index

Ask questions, respond to comments, offer helpful info, diffuse anger/tension. 9




Make Time

@tylerross#UNHSocialSocial Scoping20-30 minutes10 minutes after lunchContent CalendarScheduling in Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, Facebook PagesLeverage student workers/internsShare UNH, UNH Alumni, UNH Students content.

Ask questions, respond to comments, offer helpful info, diffuse anger/tension. 13

Measure Success


Ask questions, respond to comments, offer helpful info, diffuse anger/tension. 14

Know the role of each network.

Networks (according to UNH Students)Facebook (Native) Video, Groups, Messenger, sharing bulk photos, events, staying in touch with family, sharing causes you believe in.TwitterQuick info, humor, celebrities, news, customer service.InstagramShowcasing creativity, buildings, flowers, food, objects. Quality over quantity. SnapchatEvents, selfies, interviews, reporting, geofilters/location, more personal.LinkedInCrafting a professional image, connecting with people you want to know, connecting/following companies you want to work for.


How Often To Post@tylerross#UNHSocial

Infographic by buffersocial

How Often To Post(It depends, but)Facebook: 1-2 posts per dayTwitter: 3-5 original tweets per day, plus retweets and replies as appropriate.Instagram: 1-2 photos per day.Snapchat: A snap story per day, but more important for events (almost unlimited how many snaps per story during events)


Facebook Tips


Instagram TipsInstagram is not Twitter. Do not treat it the same way or you will lose followers. (1-2 posts per day) Photos/Video Must be uploaded natively in the app.Not just square anymore. 1080 x 566, up to 1080 x 1350 pixels.NEW: Video view statistics.Quality content will lead to more engagement. Visual/Creative network. Not the same as a signpost or UNH-TV.Graphics dont perform as well.Links are not clickable in captionBut Click link in bio has become ubiquitous. Timing is everything.Think about when you scroll through your feed? If you were 20, when would you?Great place to cross promote other accounts.@tylerross#UNHSocial

Instagram Tips@tylerross#UNHSocial

ToolsSocial management programHootsuite, Tweetdeck, Sprout Social, etc.AnalyticsFacebook Page Insightsanalytics.twitter.comIconosquare.comSocialBro.comDesign/VisualsResourcespace.unh.eduCanva, Adobe suite,, Google AlertsLink, Hootsuite@tylerross#UNHSocial

General TipsTag @UNHStudents, @UofNH, @UNHAlums, @UNHAdmissionsEasiest way for #UNHSocial to see/RT/send students to cover an, concise hashtagsProper image sizes for each networkHorizontal video vs. vertical videoCollect your contentStorify, Tagboard Blogs/Websites to readSocialTimes, official blogs of Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. Submit content on say Lets make something go viral.Quality content, timing, and luck make for viral content.


Brand Advocates


Go forth and Engage!


Questions?@tylerross#UNHSocial @tylerrossEmail: tyler.wentworth@unh.eduPersonal website: