Using Social Media to Engage Your MUWAA Alumni Chapter

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<ol><li> 1. Engaging Your Alumni Members Online Using social media to build your chapter and constituency groups #TheW #LongBlueLine #MUWAA MUW Alumni Association Chapter Development Workshop Jan. 24, 2014 Elizabeth Whittington </li><li> 2. Social Media Facebook Social media is the social interaction among people in which they create, share or exchange information, ideas, pictures and videos in virtual communities and networks. Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn YouTube, Vine, Vimeo Instagram, Snapchat </li><li> 3. Facebook Diversity: 71% of online users are on Facebook Access: Most people check Facebook multiple times a day Connectivity: Tagging, Pages, Groups, Hashtags </li><li> 4. Facebook </li><li> 5. Goals of Social Media Increase online engagement between members Increase attendance at your chapter events Increase active membership for your chapter Increase attendance at Homecoming and other MUW-related events Promote W initiatives scholarship giving, MUWAA membership, Welty Weekend, Shakespeare Festival, recruiting new students </li><li> 6. Increase Active Membership Facebook Groups Set up group Open or Closed Choosing photo header Add members MUW staff Allow members to invite Encourage interaction Create events Jackson, Miss. Mid-South </li><li> 7. Increase Online Engagement Outside Group Photos with tags, hashtags #TBT Throwback Thursday of photos from college, previous Homecomings Encourage sharing photos of W meetups, use hashtags #TheW #Longblueline, chapter mentions Tag people, MUW social media accts for re-shares Inside Group Alumni highlights of certain members Profile executive members Encourage sharing of past photos and memories, questions Consistent spontaneity Set up a calendar, schedule posts or take turns having multiple people responsible for posting and encouraging conversation </li><li> 8. Increase Attendance at Chapter Events Create Facebook events to coincide with email and paper invitations from the W Invite Alumni staff to join online event to help with RSVP Encourage members to ask questions, tag others, share about the event, carpool During events, encourage one or more members to be the social media historian take photos, tweet, tag W social media accounts both inside and outside group Social media scavenger hunt to encourage posts during event </li><li> 9. Increase Attendance at Homecoming Encourage members to share that they are attending, join the MUW Homecoming Facebook event, invite others Encourage room shares and carpooling discussions Discuss attending specific events such as reunion dinners, social club reunions Silent auction chapter gift basket items, table sponsorships Post pictures from previous years MUW Homecoming Weekend, March 26-29, 2015 </li><li> 10. Increase Social Media Engagement Tap a few involved, social media savvy members to lead conversations, promote events, ask questions, etc. Tools for social media engagement: creates shareable images for event invites, alumni highlights, etc., schedule social media posts Facebook Pages App (mobile shares) </li><li> 11. Points to Remember Consistent spontaneity Diversify Different members should be posting content Post different forms of content images, photos, videos Post on different topics, doesnt necessarily have to be W- focused all the time Be respectful and know when to take conversations offline Do we want an online group for chapter and constituency group leaders to share ideas for social media engagement? </li><li> 12. Be Social Facebook it! Share! Hashtag! Go be fruitful and socialize. elizabeth.whittington @eyoste @eyoste In/elizabethwhittington </li></ol>