using social media to engage your students

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Presented at the eTc 2010 Conference "Advancing Learning: Lets Get Creative!" May 26-28, 2010.


1. using Social Media engage to your students 2. Agenda Social Media and its Purpose Examples of popular social media Common concerns Hands-on activities Useful links/Q and A 3. Social Media 4. Purpose connect with connect with network between each student many students students / outside of the instructor class 5. This is their playground 6. Addresses different learning styles 7. digital citizenship 8. voice / feedback / input ownership Image source: 9. Creates a classroom community 10. links related to the topic resources supplementary content 11. upload and share instructional videos; discussions; interviews; presentations supplementary lecture material student presentations humourous clips to break up a long lecture can have subtitles (different languages) and annotations 12. daily tweet definitions, concepts, word of the day, useful web resource or news article pertinent to what was just covered or what will be covered notify students of changes to course content, schedules, rooms, due dates reminders of due dates direct tweet with students (dont have to share cell phone #s) serves as a review and study tool instant feedback 13. Concerns... Losing control over the No time to learn how course to use social media This conversation is Same thing was likely already happening said when (with or without you) Blackboard, consider ROI Networked (Risk of Ignoring) computers and/or You can manage the voicemail was conversation better if introduced youre a part of it 14. Useful links Social Media in Plain English Twitter in Plain English A Vision of Students Today The Twitter Experiment UT Dallas Classroom 2.0 Teaching the Teachers about Social Media Facebook YouTube Twitter Flickr 15. Use Twitter to get instant feedback (#etc2010conf) 16. Bhupesh Shah, B.Sc,. MBA 416.720.1205 | bgshah ethnicomm