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  1. 1. Using SoMe within research Dr Leslie Robinson @LeslieRob10
  2. 2. 72% of UK adults have SoMe Profile (Ofcom 2015) SoMe now widely used for professional networking connecting professionals, researchers SoMe can also be used as a research tool for undertaking research activity Range of platforms can be used: their strengths and limitations should be matched to the research activity Create a SoMe communication strategy For brevity here: Twitter, Facebook, Researchgate, Wordpress By example WOMMeN project
  3. 3. Example of WOMMeN SoMe communication strategy Purpose Platform Examples Communication strategy Promotion of project, participant recruitment Twitter Tweet about things weve done, blogs to read, invitations to join project Informal but professional Facebook open page Reporting activity of user design group to the wider breast screening community, Informal but professional Wordpress blog Short overviews of focussed aspects of the project Informal but professional, adapt to suit audience (e.g. for practitioners or service users) Researchgate Published papers/presentations Formal, peer review Team ideas and resource sharing Facebook private page project team Links to web sites, reports and resources we might find useful. Discussions about project activity and progress Informal Research data collection Facebook closed page User Design Group Ultimately to get opinions related to three key research questions Need to develop a community through social means first. Quick communication to whole group Email Meeting rooms, forwarding emails that cant be uploaded easily to the Facebook project team page Informal but professional (mindful of NHS firewalls) Project organisation, storage of documents Blackboard Minutes, meeting dates, ethical approval, project proposals and bids, consent forms
  4. 4. Initiate/Concept Establishing collaborators Exploring current field, people not just literature Recruiting participants, users as researchers On-line data collection Communities & focus groups Data analysis Collaborative authorship of outcomes Sharing findings Output: Open publicity Open publicity Closed User Design Team (participants) Core project team communicate through private FB throughout Closed User Design Team (participants)
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  7. 7. Researchgate metrics
  8. 8. Facebook open site metrics
  9. 9. WOMMeN Blog metrics
  10. 10. Symplur for Health-related Twitter metrics WOMMeN project 8th in list of worldwide mammogram influencers Symplur Healthcare Hashtag Project (think MeSH!)
  11. 11. Will SoMe impact become part of formal citation metrics?