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Using Web Tools to Increase Your Business Presence Moderator : Ken Wayland , President, Free Agents Marketing Panel: Laura Posey , Vice-President, Dancing Elephants Achievement Group and Chief Idea Officer, VA News & Events Dana Matheny, MBA , CEO, Fresh Start Design Studio - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Using Web Tools to Increase Your Business PresenceModerator:Ken Wayland, President, Free Agents MarketingPanel:Laura Posey, Vice-President, Dancing Elephants Achievement Group and Chief Idea Officer, VA News & EventsDana Matheny, MBA, CEO, Fresh Start Design StudioMary Fender, MCPF, GCF President, Frame Nation, LLCAndrew Rountree, Managing Partner, Addison Clark Online

  • Using Web Tools to Increase Your Business Presence

    Laura Posey

  • MarketingDaily newsletter Facebook Twitter Linkedin}DELIVERING VALUE

  • Using Web Tools to Increase Your Business Presence

    Dana Matheny, MBA

  • What is Branding?Branding is the net result of a companys complete identity. This includes the company name, logo, tagline, website and all communication whether internal or external such as email signatures. It even includes every current, past and potential customer encounter they have with it.Branding for the Life of Your Businesswww.FreshStartDesignStudio.com

  • When to Brand:In business development phaseThink about your value proposition.What will set you apart from competitors?Will potential customers know what you do?To strengthen your messageYou could change your tagline and enhance your imagery.To reinvent your businessA new logo, tagline and brand can help you get a fresh start when wanting make a change. To update your imageFinally replace that logo you made in Word!!!A fresh look can let your customers know you are keeping up with todays technology and new generations.

    Branding for the Life of Your Businesswww.FreshStartDesignStudio.com

  • Valuable Branding Tips:Branding for the Life of Your Businesswww.FreshStartDesignStudio.comLogosMake sure you have a vector file (EPS) and raster file (JPG) of your logo.

    Never stretch a logo!

    Add your logo to your email signature. Include your contact info and website address as well.

    Keep it convenient. Use it as often as you can.

  • Valuable Branding Tips:Branding for the Life of Your Businesswww.FreshStartDesignStudio.comWebsiteKeep layout the same on all of the pages (logo & navigation menu in the same place)

    Use the colors in your logo in the design of the site.

    On Contact Us page, use your web domain email, for example:

    USE: info@freshstartdesignstudio.comNOT: FSdesignstudio@aol.com

  • Valuable Branding Tips:Branding for the Life of Your Businesswww.FreshStartDesignStudio.comSocial MediaUse your logo as your avatar.

    Set up the colors on your social media sites to reflect the colors on your website and logo.

    Provide your social media friends with valuable information and link to your website as often as possible.

    When you brand your business in social media, you will be branding yourself as well. Only key personnel should represented in social media for your company for Quality Control purposes.


  • Using Web Tools to Increase Your Business Presence

    Mary Fender

  • Social Media = word of mouth on SteroidsDo you want to be seen as an Authority on your industry in your Community?

    It is said: Facebook is for people you know. Twitter is for people who you'd like to meet.

  • Facebook Tips

    First, create a fan page rather than group or personal page.

    Ask your current customer's to "fan you up" on Facebook! Ask for reviews.

    Post frequency should be less on Facebook than twitter.

    Post albums of your work and products, events, notes, discussion posts.

    The goal is engage people and share about your company.

    Another way to reach new clients is to create a Facebook ad.

  • Twitter Tips

    Who - tweet about what's new with you and your biz, new products, your community etc. Keep it sincere and show a little personality!

    What - Tweet about things like products, community involvement, events, and the weather.

    When - Good times are before leaving for work till 11 am and 3-5pm. Check in a couple times a day and respond to any @replies and participate in the conversation.

    Why - Number 1 reason: Your customer and potential customer are on there.

    Where - Tweet from twitter.com or use afor mentioned Hootsuite or Tweetdeck. Hootsuite and Tweetdeck provide useful tools to search, list, and post to other places like Facebook and LinkedIn.

  • Using Web Tools to Increase Your Business Presence

    Andrew Rountree

  • Consumers are demanding a different marketing relationship with you

    Online marketing requires a strategy:

    Your website is a reflection of your business

    Your website is worthless if consumers cant find it

    Online marketing is the most measurable marketing channel

    You have constrained resources pick your spots and be effective at what you choose to pursue

    Online marketing offers the real-time data to accurately measure your ROIAnything you do online impacts how consumers perceive your business: BE INTENTIONAL!www.AddisonClarkOnline.com

  • Overall site trafficKey Stats: New visitors Bounce Rate Time on SiteVisitor locationTraffic SourcePageviewsA basic analytics package is essential to measuring success online and in business and can be set up for free!www.AddisonClarkOnline.com

  • Step 1: Sign up at http://www.analytics.google.com

    Step 2: Register your site and receive html code

    Step 3: Paste the code into your site on every page

    Step 4: Begin tracking visitors and customizing your reportsGoogle provides an analytic package that is simple to install and even easier to usewww.AddisonClarkOnline.com

  • Speaker Contact Information

    Laura PoseyVirginia News and Eventslaura@vanewsandevents.com(804) 240-9350

    Dana MathenyFresh Start Design Studiodana@freshstartdesignstudio.com(804) 922-9807

    Mary Fender Frame Nationmary@framenation.net(804) 643-7263

    Andrew RountreeAddison Clark Onlineandrew@addisonclarkonline.com(804) 363-2090