using what you know about social media: how to create a pinterest board for your organization

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Pinterest is a virtual pinboard that allows organizations to boost organic search engine ratings and increase referral traffic. This training will discuss the process of creating, managing, and promoting a striking Pinterest page.


  • How to Create a Pinterest Board for your Organization Tracye Poole Health Communications and Digital Marketing Specialist Tuesday, April 15, 2014
  • Pinterest Recording Visit the Using What You Know about Social Media webpage for access to full recordings and presentations from the series.
  • Objectives Pinterest 101 Benefits of Pinterest How to use Pinterest Promoting Pinterest Evaluating Success Best Practices
  • Pinterest 101: Pinterest Activities Pins-an image (or video) you add to Pinterest that links back to the website it came from Share, like, or comment on a pin Repin other pins
  • Pinterest 101: How do you pin? Click + at the top of Pinterest to upload an image from your computer or find one from a website
  • Pinterest 101: How do you pin? Click Pin it on any Pin you see on Pinterest
  • Pinterest 101: How do you pin? Pin it on content outside of Pinterest
  • Pinterest 101: How do you pin? Add the Pin It button to your browser to Pin from websites
  • Why Pinterest? 70 million + users Fastest growing sharing channel Pinterest now drives more traffic to publishers than Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit and Google+ combined Source: Mashable, Marketing Land, DMR, Share This,
  • Why do people use Pinterest? Organize information Ideas Shop Sell Social
  • Planning for Pinterest Before you create you first Pinterest board Setup a Pinterest business account Set a strategy for developing and organizing boards Create specific guidelines for pinning Set up conventions for naming boards, captions, and adding inventory Assign a manager and backup manager
  • Create a Pinterest Board LETS TAKE A LOOK
  • Pinterest Board Ideas Articles and blog posts Infographics Pinterviews Pin Chats Pin Now, Read Later Awareness Days Idea sharing Questions Themes: Pin of the Week, Pinnerversary
  • Promote your Boards Share on other social media platforms Mention in articles, blogs, videos etc Add Pinterest boards to your website Add pin it buttons to your content
  • Measure Pinterest Success LETS TAKE A LOOK
  • Measure Pinterest Success
  • Pinterest Best Practices Keep adding new boards and new pins, always keeping the interests of your followers in mind Be disciplined about your inventory Post beautiful pictures Follow other boards Dont over pin (recommend 3-5 each day) Reference your Pinterest boards on other social media channels
  • Helpful Resources The Pinterest Board Pinterest Blog Social media channels