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USPS Intelligent Mail™ Package Barcode (IM™pb): What you Need to Know February 11, 2014

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  • 1. USPS Intelligent Mail Package Barcode (IMpb): What you Need to Know February 11, 2014

2. Your Presenters Ryan Seipp, United States Postal ServiceRyan works in the Shipping Information Systems group of the USPS, which supports the Product Tracking & Reporting System and certification process. He brings years of sales experience to this position and works with customers on the IMpb transition and certification process. He also oversees various Postal projects to improve package visibility and the overall customer experience. Ryan earned his undergraduate degree at Lynchburg College and is working towards a MS in Technology Management at Stevenson University. 3. IMpb Benefits WHY IMpb? Best Prices for Packages Commercial Base and Commercial Plus Avoids upcharges or feesEnd-to-End Tracking with no additional charge for most productsKnow when to expect your shipments to arriveImproves sorting efficiencyBaked-in Insurance up to $50 for Retail and Commercial Base Pricing and $100 for Commercial Plus customers Priority Mail.Supports simplified carrier route distribution and in the future, dynamic routingImproves customer services by providing piece-level visibility throughout USPS processing and delivery operationsOption to use a 6-digit or 9-digit numeric Mailer ID (MID) accommodates all mailers 3 4. Current IMpb Requirements Mailing Standards Require: An Intelligent Mail package barcode (IMpb) on all commercial parcels (except Standard Mail) The electronic submission of piece-level information (destination delivery address or ZIP+4 Code) for each piece in order to be eligible for presort or destination-entry prices. NOTE: These requirements also apply to parcels that request tracking or mailpieces that request any extra services.4 5. IMpb Timeline January 25, 2015 Upcoming IMpb Requirements Mailers must include the complete destination delivery address or an 11-digit DPV ZIP Code in their SSF or other approved electronic documentation Extension for metered mailers ends Extension for legacy tracking barcodes ends Extension period for BRM parcels endsJanuary 26, 2014 A unique IMpb or trackable barcode on ALL commercial parcels (including Standard Mail) The electronic submission of piece-level information, Destination delivery address or ZIP+4 Code for each package in a mailing Per-piece fee for non-compliant pieces applies to Priority Mail Express, Priority Mail, FirstClass Package Services, Parcel Select, and Parcel Select Lightweight.July 27, 2014 Extended transition period for Standard Mail, Package Services and MRS parcels ends 6. IMpb Exception for Meter Customers Metered Mailers USPS will continue Barcode Exceptions to all metered mailers to provide pre-printed IMpb labels who are unable to print their own labels Available for commercial base A special version of the Pre-printed IMpb format label (not class specific) will be available for meter customers who ship parcels yet their meter is not capable of transmitting electronic manifest and address info Current Commercial Base price mailers will continue to receive Commercial Base prices until the transition period ends on January 25, 2015 To mail USPS parcel products a pre-printed or other IMpb compliant barcodes is required.6 7. Legacy Barcode ExceptionLegacy Tracking Barcodes Label 400 Temporary use of a tracking barcode prepared in legacy format rather than IMpb Transitional period until January 25, 20157 8. IMpb Requirement: Unique Tracking Barcode Requirement to use a unique tracking barcode (either legacy or IMpb), prepared in accordance with DMM 708.5.1 (Standards for Package and Extra Service Barcodes: Intelligent Mail Package Barcode)From DMM 708.5.1 The DMM can be accessed through Postal Explorer ( Direct link to DMM section 708.5.1: 8 9. Intelligent Mail Package Barcode IMpb - Deconstructed 10. The Electronic Data Behind the Scenes Product Tracking and Reporting (PTR) is the database that stores tracking scan data for all barcoded packages and extra services products. Mailers are to transmit their Shipping Services File (electronic data called the SSF) to PTR prior to the physical presentation of the mailing The following information must be included in the SSF: o Unique SSF Transaction ID (TID) o Rate and Payment indicators o 5-digit ZIP Code where permit is held o Class of Mail o Processing category o Total # MailpiecesNote: Reference Pub 199 for more info10 11. Business Reply Mail Transition IMpb Compliance Exceptions: Business Reply Mail (BRM) permit holders will be required Business Reply Mail to transition to Merchandise Return Service (MRS) or a USPS Returns product for their parcel returns Postal Service will allow a 12-month transitional period until January 25, 2015, to allow mailers to obtain a MRS or USPS Returns permit11 12. 100% Package Visibility100% Package Visibility What does this mean? Barcode on every package Tracking built into pricing for major shipping products Full end-to-end tracking Rich information to help customers and USPS manage operations and improve customer experience 12 13. Rebranding and Recent Changes Better validation for package delivery Name changes represent move to tracking, not just delivery confirmation: Delivery Confirmation to USPS Tracking Parcel Post to Standard Post Baked in tracking for Priority Mail and Standard Post at Retail Offices.13 14. USPS Tracking Capabilities Scans, Domestic ItemsIncreased number of scan events - better tracking Domestic information/scanning events: Electronic Shipping Info Received Acceptance In-Transit / Processed Arrival at Unit Out for Delivery Delivered Notice left when packages not delivered on 1st attempt Additional Information available Expected Delivery Date, Container Information More Domestic Scan Events Nested events In / out of processing facility events 14 15. Track & Confirm Example (Domestic)15 16. Preprinted Labels Preprinted IMpb Formatted Labels Coming Soon New Labels Represent a new look and feel for Extra Services16 17. IMpb Priority Mail Preprinted Label In order to receive the baked in insurance on Priority Mail pieces - you can use a Label 055**Available at usps.com17 18. IMpb: Additional Information IMpb FAQs can be viewed at:, Package, Intelligent Mail (USPS2000508) document and Publication 199: Intelligent Mail Package Barcode (IMpb) Implementation Guide are posted on RIBBS and viewable at: 205, Electronic Verification System Business and Technical Guide is also available on RIBBS at: IMpb Final Rule Federal Register Notice is available at: other questions, please email: [email protected] 19. Q&A19