usps intelligent mail™ package barcode (im®pb) - what you need to know

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USPS Intelligent Mail™ Package Barcode - What You Need to Know” Webinar June 17, 2014

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In January 2015, mailers using the USPS to send packages must comply with the IMpb requirements or lose pricing discounts and package tracking benefits. Will you be prepared? Our webinar will review what this means to you, and what you need to do before time runs out. Don’t lose your discounts. Make sure you have the insight, know what is coming, and are prepared to comply.


  • 1.USPS Intelligent Mail Package Barcode - What You Need to Know Webinar June 17, 2014

2. Intelligent Mail Parcel Barcode Webinar IMpb Benefits January 2014 implementation of IMpb January 25, 2015 the transition period ends Lower shipping costs with Commercial Rates Solutions to manage IMpb shipping and tracking Resources for more information on IMpb 3. IMpb Webinar Presenter 4. As of January 26, 2014, the USPS required all metered parcels to bear an IMpb bar code. Metered parcels are considered commercial and are subject to IMpb requirements. The Postal Service will provide a transitional period for these mailers until January 25, 2015 During this transitional period, meter mailers must affix a USPS Tracking IMpb compliant label What does the Intelligent Mail package barcode do and what are its benefits? Places an IMpb barcode on every package which facilitates full end to end tracking Allows the USPS to track packages much like private carriers (FedEx, UPS). Strengthens the position of the USPS as a parcel carrier. Affords mailers reduced pricing: Commercial Base in January 2015 (CBP) Avoid having to bring your packages to a Post office retail facility for an postal scan to qualify for $50 free insurance. Avoid an IMpb Noncompliant Fee of $0.20 per piece Improves sorting efficiency. USPS Intelligent Mail package barcode 5. IMpb 2015 Effective January 25, 2015, postage meter mailers must meet all IMpb requirements to qualify for Commercial Base pricing. January 25, 2015 the Postal Service will require all parcels to include an IMpb to be accompanied by a complete destination delivery address in the Shipping Services File. This information is critical to the Postal Service package strategy, specifically the implementation of dynamic routing processes and to enable package distribution without scheme-trained employees. (This is very similar to what FedEx and UPS already require) After January 25, 2015 meter mailers unable to comply may continue to mail at retail prices, but must affix a USPS Tracking label (Special IMpb or Label 400) or other IMpb-compliant barcode as a requirement for eligibility to ship USPS parcel products using a postage meter. Metered Priority Mail pieces using IMpb labels that are not supported by a Shipping Services file must have a full acceptance scan at a postal retail counter location in order to qualify for automatic insurance. This acceptance process ensures that the parcel is identified as a Priority Mail item, which includes up to $50 of automatic insurance coverage at no additional cost. 6. Legacy Barcode Exception Temporary use of a tracking barcode prepared in legacy format rather than IMpb Transitional period until January 25, 2015 8 Legacy Tracking Barcodes Label 400 7. Intelligent Mail Package Barcode IMpb Barcode Details 8. Track & Confirm Example (Domestic) 11 9. IMpb Requirements For Certified mail Registered Mail and Certified Mail users are required to meet Intelligent Mail package barcode requirements, including the use of electronic documentation and the inclusion of the destination delivery address or ZIP+4 Code (or an 11-digit delivery point validated ZIP Code effective January 25, 2015). The Postal Service will provide a transitional period for IMpb compliance with Certified and Registered Mail until January 25, 2015. This transitional period will allow time for mailers to prepare their systems, change label and envelope stock and deplete their inventories of preprinted forms. During this transitional period, mailers may continue to use barcodes prepared in legacy formats. 2014 Certified Mail Costs 10. SendSuite Live is IMpb Compliant For Commercial Pricing On Parcels And Certified Mail With Electronic Return Receipt. Eliminate multiple shipping systems - Optimizing Service Selection based on cost and delivery objectives. Supports Small Package, LTL, and TL shipping USPS Internet postage for IMpb labels Stealth postage option One solution for the desktop, mail center and warehouse Shop and obtain pricing data on multiple carriers and services. Compare prices of all your carriers on a single solution. Eliminate paying more for a similar service Email notification to eliminate calls to customer service Unplanned Accessorial fees - Gain upfront visibility to carrier surcharges to help avoid unnecessary carrier fees. Street Level Address Hygiene prior to order release to validate delivery address Residential Delivery Indicator adds residential surcharges when applicable Allocating costs to customer or budget centers - Postage meter interface to monitor t all USPS costs and other carriers. Allocate billing for departmental cost center or customer account tracking purposes. Switch carriers based on negotiated rates - Flexibility to change carriers without changing systems.. Enforcing business rules - Control over shipping spend throughout an organization. Desktop and mail center have access to process shipments and view delivery status as needed 11. Benefits Of Pitney Bowes SendSuite Live IMpb Compliant Solutions Eliminates the following The requirement to peel and stick a label 400 on every parcel Keep manual logs of what tracking number went with what shipment When tracking look in the log for the recipient name, and tracking number Find the USPS tracking web site Key in the tracking number to check on the shipment status Pay Retail rates To get the $50.00 free Insurance bring the packages to the USPS Retail counter for a full acceptance scan IMpb non compliance fee of $0.20 per piece 12. Smart Shopping Carrier And Service Selection All information provided to easily select most cost effective delivery meeting the business need Sort by cost or delivery date and time Shows all carriers, including couriers Includes residential surcharges Guaranteed Ground services shown as viable options. Guaranteed services indicated 13. SendSuite Live - Print All Your Carrier Labels On A Single Label Printer IMpb Label For USPS Package Services 14. 1 Day Service Other Ground Carrier 15. Ground Services To A Residence Zone Local 1, 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 USPS Com.. 1-lb. $5.05 $5.23 $5.35 $5.54 $5.75 $6.02 $6.51 Ground 1-lb Commercial $6.25 $6.67 $6.86 $7.16 $7.49 $7.50 $7.71 Other Ground Carriers 1 to 6 days delivery UPS/Priority Priority Mail Commercial Rate Pricing Comparison Ground 1-lb Residential $9.25 $9.67 $9.86 $10.16 Priority Mail Savings $4.20 $4.44 $4.51 $4.62 $10.49 $4.74 Two to three days to most locations in the US Priority Mail $10.50 $10.71 $4.48 $4.20 16. First Class Package Services For 13 Ounce Or Less Shipments First Class Package Service Commercial Rate 2014 Rates Commercial Rates $5.93 Commercial $8.04 Residential Big Savings Over Other Ground Carriers _____________________ IMpb non compliant fee Delivery Confirmation N.C. First Class Retail Rate Delivery Confirmation is $1.05 Note: New Name For Delivery Confirmation is USPS Tracking The Name Change Represents The Post Office move to tracking not just deliver confirmation 17. Pitney Bowes SendSuite Live The Solution For USPS IMpb Free Packaging 18. For More Information ON IMpb Pitney Bowes Intelligent Mail Package Barcode Understanding the USPS Intelligent Barcode Surcharges - Part 1 Understanding the USPS Intelligent Barcode Surcharges Part 2 USPS IMpb FAQs can be viewed at: Barcode, Package, Intelligent Mail (USPS2000508) document and Publication 199: Intelligent Mail Package Barcode (IMpb) Implementation Guide are posted on RIBBS and viewable at: Publication 205, Electronic Verification System Business and Technical Guide is also available on RIBBS at: The IMpb Final Rule Federal Register Notice is available at: 18/pdf/2013-30023.pdf 19. Questions