utility perspective on climate change frank prager january 22, 2008 frank prager january 22, 2008

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  • Utility Perspective on Climate ChangeFrank PragerJanuary 22, 2008

  • Gas Customers 1.8 MElectric Customers 3.3 M5thLargest Combination Electric and Gas Utility (based on customers)Member of:Xcel Energy Overview

  • Xcel Energys Environmental Leadership

    #1 Retail wind energy providerIndustry-leading voluntary emission reductionsWindsource - Largest voluntary green pricing programNew technologies:IGCC, hydrogen, plug-in hybrids, energy storage, carbon sequestration, solarComprehensive CSR reporting

  • The Challenge of Climate Change

    Climate Change policy will require:Significant emission reductionsHuge capital investmentsLong-term technological transformationA diverse portfolio of resourcesClean Technology will lead the wayColorado New Energy Economy

  • EPRI: Value of Clean Technologies*0500100015002000250030003500199019952000200520102015202020252030U.S. Electric SectorCO2 Emissions (million metric tons)EIA Base Case 2007* Achieving all targets is very aggressive, but potentially feasible


  • Goal: Meet customer energy needs cost effectively while reducing emissions2007 proposed plan:Renewable energy (including wind and solar)Energy efficiency and conservationNew gas fired generationCoal plant retirementAchieves 10% reduction by 20172009 filing: evaluate 20% by 2020 scenarios 2007 Colorado Resource Plan:

  • 2007 CRP: WindMW




    Growth of Xcel Energy Colorado Wind Capacity


    YearWind Capacity







    Growth of Xcel Energy Colorado Wind Capacity



  • Concentrating solar thermal uses mirrors to concentrate sunlight and heat a transfer fluidLess expensive for large solar plants (>50 MW) todayCan be combined with thermal energy storageRFP issued for 25 MW200 MW in 2015 2007 CRP: Solar (CSP)Solar*Rewards Customer ProgramOver 1000 systems on line8.2 MW PV plant in Alamosa, Colorado

  • 2007 CRP Energy Efficiency and Conservation

    Energy Efficiency Goals0.7 % of retail sales1617 GW-Hr through 2015Roughly double current program sizeImportant part of CO2 reduction strategyCustomer partnership opportunitiesEfficiency often first choice in reducing GHG emissionsLowers energy billsSmart Grid CityAdvanced smart grid system

  • 2007 CRP proposes retirement of 229 MW of coal fired generationCameo (Grand Junction) 2010Arapahoe (Denver) 2012New natural gas combined cycle at Arapahoe siteAdditional natural gas likely in All-Source RFP2007 CRP: Retirements

  • 2007 CRP and IGCCIntegrated Gasification Combined CycleAdvanced coal gasification technologyCarbon dioxide capture at lower costFederal supportColorado Legislation (H.B. 06-1281)Evaluated IGCC projectTechnology and carbon sequestration effectiveDelayed filing for approval Cost, need, partnership and other issues2009 will evaluate whether to file for approval

  • Proposed Resource Acquisition Period: 20152009 filing: Deal with post 2015 time frameEvaluate additional reductions 20% goalPlant retirementsNew clean resources and technology development2009 CRP: The Next Step

  • CSP:Push to reduce cost & compete w/ CCFewer but much larger plants (250-500 MW)Intense interest in thermal storage & molten salt receivers


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