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My presentation called "A Web for Everyone" presented at UX Camp Copenhagen 24 April 2014. See transcript for image CC credits. Will add to slides later. Transcript is available at http://www.mardahl.dk/2014/04/25/my-ignite-talk-at-ux-camp-cph-2014/.


  • 1. Karen Mardahl A Web for Everyone

2. Early or late ? 3. Need guidance? 4. The 9 principles a framework 1. People first 2. Clear purpose 3. Solid structure 4. Easy interaction 5. Helpful way finding 6. Clean presentation 7. Plain language 8. Accessible media 9. Universal usability Courtesy A Web for Everyone 5. 1. People first (personas) User experience starts with the user, so people first. Courtesy A Web for Everyone 6. The International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) from World Health Organization (WHO) acknowledges that every human being can experience a decrement in health and thereby experience some degree of disability. Disability is not something that only happens to a minority of humanity. The ICF thus mainstreams the experience of disability and recognises it as a universal human experience. http://www.who.int/classifications/icf/en/ 7. Digital Outcasts The changes may happen without you 8. 2. Clear purpose [A]ccessibility will always be a part of how you work Sarah Swierenga, Director of Usability and Accessibility Research Center, Michigan State University 9. 3. Solid structure Courtesy A Web for Everyone 10. 4. Easy interaction 11. 5. Helpful wayfinding 12. 6. Clean presentation 13. 7. Plain language 14. 8. Accessible media 15. 9. Universal usability 16. Baby steps Like Global Accessibility Awareness Day May 15 @gbla11yday on Twitter plus #GAAD 17. Responsibility and accountability a document must be signed off by the responsible party annually to show that you have considered accessibility in your design and you have reached out to the user community and experts in the field 18. Nordic initiatives? http://www.funkanu.com/sv/Design-for-alla/Information-webb-och-IT/Regler-och-riktlinjer/Riktlinjer-for-mobila-granssnitt/ 19. Be the early bird who gets the worm..