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Why UX matters and who's responsibility is it?


  • 1. Why does UX matterand whos responsiblefor it? Saturday, November 5, 2011 Jeff BraybrookBlueprint Inc.

2. Presentation AbstractUser Experience is far more than a user interface or the paint and wallpaper of aWebsite.It is the culmination of the organization working together to constantlyunderstand how to bring its value to people in their lives when and where they arelooking for it and in the simplest and most compelling way.So user experience becomes the responsibility of the business as a whole tounderstand the life workflows of people today and how they look for informationand services.Its about teaching the business leaders and doers how to write for the Web.Its about making things accessible and inclusive.And its about everyone knowing the role they play in the User Experience andbringing value to people to enrich their lives 3. Its yourbrand experienceIt has 4 key concepts 4. It works Function 5. It looks great Aesthetic 6. It gets me Interaction 7. It generates memories Story 8. It makes peoples lives better 9. The workflows of our livesDirections FoodWeatherClothingLearning Making peoples lives better 10. Usability & Accessibilityhand in hand 11. Everything should be made assimple as possible, but nosimpler.Albert Einstein 12. How will YOUmake an impact? 13. Governance mattersBusinessCommsIM/IT 14. The cast of charactersServiceThe publicdelivery Writers Website Channel ChoicesSocial media Cell phones CommunicatorsIM/ITLeaders 15. Takeaways 1. Keep it simple Think mobile 16. Takeaways 2. Accessibility and Usabilitygo hand in handBe inclusive 17. Takeaways 3. Governance mattersEveryone needs to know their role, how and why 18. Takeaways 4. Go where people areThey shouldnt have to come to you 19. Takeaways5. The time is now The new Web Jodhan case New Standards & Regulations Deficit reduction 20. Peace order and good governmentMaking peoples lives better