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  • UX Design: Improving the Core of Your


    While websites first need to look good in order to attract visitors, no one can

    deny that user experience outweighs aesthetics on many levels. Web developers

    and designers should build a website not solely based on their own

    specifications, but based on the needs of visitors.

    Listed below are some ways designers and developers can improve the user

    experience of a website.

    The Need for Speed

    Most people browsing through the internet have

    short attention spans and arent very patient. This

    is why designers should see to it that the website

    loads fast. For a faster load time, designers should

    drop the idea of adding more widgets and

    elaborate add-ons. These things may make the

    website more appealing, but they add to load time.

    The reduction of apps on websites only proves that

    minimalism isnt only appealing; it also makes

    things easier to load.

    The Information Architecture

    People on the internet arent very big fans of long

    blocks of text. With that in mind, designers should

    focus on the amount of content that appears on a

    site and how it looks online. Typography is another

    important matter to think about. There should be a

    hierarchy of text and there should be proper

    amount of tracking, kerning, and white space for

    easier reading and scanning.

    Furthermore, designers should plan the positioning

    of headers, tags, and links. These are important

    elements that guide and tell visitors where to go

    next. Placement of any calls-to-action should also

    be given serious thought.

  • Think of the Language

    Websites ought to have language capabilities if it is

    targeting users from more than one country. Not

    only does it allow for easier communication; it also

    helps websites build credibility and rapport with

    visitors. This is not going to be difficult, as there is a

    wealth of programs and protocols out there that

    will enable the website to support such functions.

    For best results, developers and designers should not forget to test the website

    before launching. They may ask random people to navigate the website and ask

    their honest opinion on the usability of the website. Their opinions will help

    provide designers and developers the insights they havent considered.