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Related Blog post: http://www.mangrove.com/blog/1170/ux-design-is-team-work ------------------- A lot of people in the UX field struggle with the transition from waterfall to an Agile/team process. Because we were doing very well, right? We had a complete workflow set-up. We had this great list of deliverables. This old play-an-department thing was absolutely brilliant for the UX discipline. Everybody seemed to be happy with us. Well. We thought. Because I actually think that our old UX design workflow was one of the MAIN reasons we switched from waterfall to an agile process. A lot of our "deliverables", whether they were wireframes, flows or specs, implied that we could grasp the whole product in advance. The results gave security, to our clients, sales persons, developers and others. In this presentation I dive deeper in the background and our lessons learned so far.


  • 1. Ruben BosUX is team work UX cocktail hour Rotterdam Mangrove, 18th of december 2012

2. about 3. about us 4. about agile 5. about ux 6. security 7. false 8. why are we working agile? 9. why are we working in teams? 10. "The biggest irony of the shift to Agile is that it's exactly what the UX world has been seeking for years. Yet now that it's here, we're wholly unprepared for it."Jared Spool 11. what weve learned (and keeps changing) 12. connecting http://vimeo.com/52861634 13. more skills, less people 14. who owns ux? 15. 1 make ux part of the team 16. 2 become an ux facilitator 17. "Yet because we couldn't have fast development iterations, we lled up our toolbox with techniques to deliver fullythought-out designs to the implementors. This left little wiggle room. And we got good at it."Jared Spool (again) 18. 3 prototype low-delity 19. everything will change 20. so we better get good at it 21. 4 research and design up front? 22. do whats needed! 23. 4 research and design up front (but just enough) 24. to round things up 25. interested? UIE.com JohnnyHolland.org AgileProductDesign.com ! Sketchboarding by Adaptive Pathtemplates & article: http://bit.ly/uxsketch 26. thanks for listening! Ruben Bos @rubenbosruben@mangrove.nl@mangrove