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A summary of the key themes that I uncovered at the UX London conference 2013.


  • 1. UX London 2013 Simon Pan April 2013

2. Conference Overview 3 days covering Product Design, Behaviour Design and Design Strategy Inspiring talks and intensive workshops Awesome atmosphere 3. Key Themes 4. We dont know what will work Observe people & learn from emergent behaviour It wont be perfect rst go. Test and iterate. Learn from failure AND success 5. Technology is moving FAST Computing power doubles every 18 months Robots are replacing human labour Our lives are littered with crap that doesnt work Change favours the creative 6. There is no perfect process ...only process for the circumstance Good work doesnt come from the 5 Ds Its important to be honest with ourselves and our clients Change favours the creative 7. Design beyond the interface We need to work dierently if we want to deliver meaningful experience that deal real value The challenge is designing organisations, not UI 8. Presentation Highlights 9. Tom Hulme IDEO Design Disrupted 10. Key Outtakes How can we learn from Urban Design? No matter how we design cities, people take their own paths - Desire Paths 11. As Designers... We have the vision BUT The truth is in how ! Our responsibility is ALSO to react 12. How do we do it? Human needs rarely change We need to nd ways to meet them more meaningfully and delightfully 13. 1. Launch to learn Need vision. Need purpose. Pick something to launch, well learn far more Dont be precious Small 2 pizza teams - line of sight with customer Build and learn as you go 14. 2. Dont ght desire Look for desire paths and remove friction Accept that we will be wrong Whatever users are doing is the truth Plenty of good tools to nd desire paths 15. 3. Neither open nor closed Think of products as a jar APIs are your best friend Think about ways to open things up. Good for business, good for community. 16. 4. Youre not alone Consider the bigger journey Work harder to design for how people leave 17. Je Gothelf Neo Better product denition with Lean UX 18. Key Outtakes Startups fail because they dont test their hypotheses Dening the right product reduces time spent building the wrong product You have to fail to learn 19. Product