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A short presentation on UX strategy and how to build a hybrid approach that combines the best of Traditional, Lean and Agile UX strategies.


  • 1. UX Strategy (building a hybrid) PowerPoint Developed by Mark Hempel

2. UX Strategy 3. - Steve Baty, VP IxDA An experience strategy is that collection of activities that an organization chooses to undertake to deliver a series of interactions, which, when taken together, constitute a product or service offering that is superior in a meaningful, hard to replicate way; that is unique, distinct and distinguishable from that available from a competitor. The UX Strategy 4. UX Strategy Translates to Revenue 5. UX is a Key Revenue Driver (and customer retention tool) With great UX strategy, customers will not only use your product, application or service with greater ease, but they will also desire the next iteration or version with greater interest and demand. This fuels viral energy and excites the network effect. 6. Key Learnings 7. Agile Business Objectives 8. Why Hybrids Work Development methodology can be a mixture of traditional, lean and agile. Combining these methods can create a more well-rounded product with balance between: 1. visual design 2. go-to-market velocity 3. compliance to customer use data 9. Hybrid UX traditional | lean | agile 10. UX Best Practices (cherry-picking the best) Select the best features from each discipline/approach. Its not a one-size-fits-all world. Use the three approaches judiciously in order to find the right mix in your DevOps culture. 11. High-quality high- velocity delivery of working software. Experience Quality becomes an evermore critical factor in product success . Prototyping and GOOB (Get out of the Building). UX Best Practices 12. UX Leads DevOps Process (leadership principles to adapt by) Hybrid UX strategy requires team leadership that operates cohesively and possesseswithin every team membera deep understanding of the goal. 13. Team Leadership 14. Gaining Deep Understanding (Focus on the Differentiator) The best way to really gain a deep understanding of the product within the product team is to drive out the hypotheses and look at how they can become differentiators in the UX that: Create functional re-use and viral effect Become essential in work-flow or day-to-day use Generate a mesh between existing apps Addictive user benefits Fulfill emotional need 15. Drive out the Hypotheses 16. Final Thoughts UX Strategy is a central success factor in an organization. It is a core value in the learning organization. There are three principal approaches: traditional, lean and agile. UX strategy that combine these three approaches to build products achieve competitive advantage. PowerPoint Developed by Mark Hempel