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This keynote was given on July 30, 2014 at UXNight Silicon Valley by Marissa Louie, Principal Designer at Yahoo! Abstract: There are millions of web sites and apps that exist, yet only a few of them are accessed on a regular basis. How do we design products that keep users coming back for more? The answer is simple – we integrate emotion into our designs. In this presentation, Marissa Louie will teach us: Emotional themes: What gets users hooked Emotional toolbox: Design elements that make your users feel great How to integrate positive emotions to influence behavior and increase user engagement How to add personality to a product -- Meet Marissa Marissa Louie is a UI, UX, and Product Designer whose designs have been experienced by over 1 billion users. She is a Principal Designer at Yahoo!, where she has led design efforts in Search and Homepage and Verticals. She founded First Designer Co., a design community that supports designers with mentorship, design critiques, and job opportunities. She has been an iOS Art Director at Apple, Product Designer at Ness Computing (acquired by OpenTable and now part of Priceline.com), and Co-founder of three tech startups. Her work has won numerous awards, including Apple's App Store Best of 2012 for Ness Computing.


  • E XC E P T I O N A L D E S I G N M A R I S S A LO U I E I N G R E D I E N T S F O R
  • Twitter: @malouie #UXNight
  • slideshare.net/malouie
  • Design Foundation1 Well go over Emotional Themes & Design Elements2 Bringing an Emotional Design Together3
  • Starting with a Solid Design Foundation1
  • What is design?
  • Design is the fundamental soul of a man-made creation that ends up expressing itself in successive outer layers. S T E V E J O B S
  • My goal as a designer is to _____________.
  • E R I C PA N My goal as a designer is to give other humans tools to shed their problems and achieve their dreams.
  • TA R A S R I P U N V O R A S K U L My goal as a designer is to wake up everyday knowing my designs made a huge social impact and inspired others.
  • D E V I N H A L L A DAY My goal as a designer is to design a solution so simple and revolutionary that it becomes integrated in every life to the point that they take it for granted.
  • My goal as a designer is to make people feel GOOD )
  • Pleasurable Usable Reliable Functional Missing!!! Maslows Hierarchy of Emotional Design
  • First order of business: create an emotional brand
  • ! ! ! Memorable, pleasurable Speaks to users ! ! ! Makes users feel Is expressive EMOTIONAL BRAND
  • algorithms happiness
  • Design team: NOT from d.school
  • B E YO N C Who needs a degree when youre SCHOOLIN' LIFE? design ^
  • One of the best apps Ive seen. Beautifully engineered, Ness is both attractive and intuitive. Its easy, quick to use, and the interface has a minimalistic beauty to it. Some users are going as far to call this the best app in the App Store while many others have already made this a favorite. What users said
  • With a beautiful and sleek design, this intelligent and intuitive app will leave you stunned. The reason why this app is better than Yelp isn't just because it recommends places to eat, it's because the entire interface is designed around the idea of actually helping someone decide where they are going to have their next meal, rather than providing a list of dierent options that is too taxing to sift through, and too boring to spark an interest in the next outing.
  • 6,000,000 17 30,000,000 $13,200,000 750,000
  • Emotional Themes & Design Elements2
  • Emotional design is beyond usability and aesthetics
  • Which superpowers are in your toolbox?
  • PR Design UI UX Product Research Branding Marketing Sales Recruiting Product Management Engineering My toolbox: Everything involved in building a tech product
  • The more you know, the more you can feel
  • Consumer psychologists say that people buy according to how they feel about a product: emotions, desire. Not logic.
  • ! ! ! Familiar or new experience Curiosity ! ! Positive expectations! Enticing content ANTICIPATION
  • Connection ! ! ! ! ! Matches my taste ! Satises a real need Play JOY
  • Clear language ! ! Easy to use ! ! ! Privacy ! UGC, Curation TRUST
  • Want. Need. Love.
  • Its dangerous ! ! Typography ! ! ! Bold visuals upfront ! Copywriting ANTICIPATION
  • Fresh content ! ! ! Easter eggs Visually rich ! ! ! Self-expression JOY
  • iPhone accessories Other clothes Lace and crocheted clothes Tribal pattern clothes 100 most popular items
  • ! ! ! Like-minded community Easy to use ! ! Top brands and bloggers! Authenticity TRUST
  • Through Wanelo I have quickly learned what clothes make me excited. I no longer go into a store hoping something might peak my interest.....I know what "look" I'm after and how I want to feel. I have acquired so much insight to see how much fun it can be to dress in dierent moods, styles and venues. What users said This app is AMAZING. I'm addicted to it and all of my friends are getting into it and we love it!!
  • ! I couldnt have seashell lamps in my garage without a mermaid tail and a swimming pool equipped with oats with beer holders. You may need rehab and nancial counseling. Absolutely fabulous, daaahling. I love that the app updates are written in REAL people language! Love and muns from me too. If you are a teenage girl, download this app. What users said
  • 11,000,000 6,000,000 800,000,000 200,000 $100,000,000
  • Bringing an Emotional Design Together3
  • Pleasurable Usable Reliable Functional Missing!!! Maslows Hierarchy of Emotional Design
  • You cant have an entertaining, a delightful, an inspiring experience unless its well-designed and thought out. Thats where were focused in terms of design. M A R I S S A M AY E R
  • Where is the emotional design in this feature? Wheres the cream lling?
  • I WILL NOT SHIP UNLESS I Look for ways to use animations Ask how we want users to feel Tap into my design superpowers Have a compelling brand as a foundation Understand human emotions
  • I WILL NOT SHIP UNLESS I Look for ways to include Easter eggs Believe my product is pleasurable Really want users to nd it pleasurable Convey emotion through UI: funny, etc. Use emotive copywriting & content
  • Are we following the original design brief?
  • Design Foundation1 We covered Emotional Themes & Design Elements2 Bringing an Emotional Design Together3
  • M A R I S S A LO U I E Twitter @malouie ! Dribbble @malouie ! Slides slideshare.net/malouie ! Email marissa.louie@yahoo.com THANK YOU