UXSG2014 Lightning Talks - UX and Semantic web making web more human (Nurgul Karadeniz)

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UX and Semantic web making web more human Presented by Nurgul Karadeniz Co-founder and principal consultant UX Thought, United Kingdom


  • 1. UX AND SEMANTIC WEB ! ! Making the web more human Nurgul Karadeniz Principal Consultant UX Thought ! @nurdeniz
  • 2. Internet Today 10,000,000,000 Connected Devices Cisco estimates 20 billion by 2020
  • 3. 1 Known Known Known OR I know where to get gluten free products. I just need to find the link 3 Unknown 2 Unknown Unknown OR I need to find some gluten free products Known OR I need to find some sort of special dietary products, what was it Unknown OR I have absolutely no idea what products I need nor what I can do with them 4
  • 4. We need technology that can adapt to users rather than forcing users to adapt to technology
  • 5. Human Language User asks "I want to find a hotel for next week in Singapore with a pool and less than 5 min walking distance to any MRT station"
  • 6. WHeubm uannd eLrasntagnudasge Destination Name:City name Date range: Calendar Start Date + Number of Nights Room type
  • 7. Is there an easy way to find the best mortgage product and the best mortgage deal from the high street banks in UK
  • 8. Making the Web more human?
  • 9. Semantic Web Users Data Relationships Whats data?
  • 10. Present information in a structured way Salary stats Which university course? Potential job titles Industry review Universities Tuition Fee Entry Requirements Market estimations Decision and Application
  • 11. News Bio Program Pages Current Web Wiki web page Web results for Jeremy Clarkson? Jeremy Clarkson Page tags!
  • 12. Semantic Web Who is the guy who works with Jeremy Clarkson? Jeremy Clarkson Wiki
  • 13. Current Web Results
  • 14. Semantic Web Results
  • 15. This brings together a focus area Understanding users data relationships
  • 16. Design Process Discovery User Research Interaction Design Visual Design Usability Evaluation Linked Data Ontology RDF FOAF Development Semantic Web Process
  • 17. Storing information with actual meaning..
  • 18. Current Web Semantic Web
  • 19. Things and the relations
  • 21. CASE STUDY BBC Learning Project: PEOPLE, PLACES and EVENTS
  • 22. Auto curated pages
  • 23. Step 1: What these means for users
  • 24. Step 2: How things could be related
  • 25. Entry Point Related content Related content Find information about Churchill People Adolf Hitler Places Kent Events Battle of Britain Things Imperial War Museum Step 3: Designing user journeys Things Churchill speeches Place Germany Event World War I
  • 26. People Events Things Places Related Events Related People Related Things Related Places PEOPLE PLACES AND EVENTS
  • 27. PEOPLE Project Challenges PLACES ! AND EVENTS Understanding Relationships Christmas day Charlie Chaplin died Christmas - Religion Level of information needed Project Boundaries
  • 28. BBC aims; Connect the content of 5 million BBC Pages ! Provide one service for ten product across four screens PEOPLE PLACES AND EVENTS
  • 29. Guided Navigation ! !
  • 30. Guided Navigation ! !
  • 31. PROS CONS Level of information required at concept phase ! Consider different users e.g. cultural stereotype ! Cost of building ! Extensive IA and Analysis required to spot edge cases Easy to discover content ! Easy to manage large volumes of content ! Guided navigation ! Presents information in a structured way ! Multiple ways of accessing information
  • 32. Examples of semantic web today Facebook: Graphsearch Google: 15% of Search Apple: Siri Windows: Cortana BBC: Public content Twitter: Realtime search Best Buy: Online retail !
  • 33. Where can we use semantic web?
  • 34. Semantic Technologies ! Understand human language - Linked Data Understand other meaning of words - Linked Data Manages sources - RDFs Define related information - Ontologies Product Visibility - Domain Driven Design
  • 35. Semantic Web ! Understands what we mean Reliable online services and contextual content Offering successful decision support applications Auto-curated pages guided by the users needs
  • 36. Designing for semantic web ! Users: Mental model, Motivation, Culture, Perception Data: Content, Sharing resources, User Journeys ! Design: Defining user journeys, designing variety of page template for auto curated content
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