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<ul><li><p>UX/UI DESIGN</p></li><li><p>is a strategic approach to your service or product</p><p>UX/UI-DESIGN</p><p>User Experience Design</p><p>User experience Creation of army of lovers for your service or a product.</p></li><li><p>INTERFACE CREATIONfor huge websites and mobile apps during project design stage is the most complex and important part of work. </p><p>Work closely with user experience scenarios on the website or in app </p><p>Concentrate on only really necessary things in the interface </p><p>Avoid complex actions that require users to think </p><p>Always take current trends into account</p></li><li><p>HOW WE WORKDetailed client briefing</p><p>Working with art-directorBuilding up the logic of business-processes based on client field and specialization </p><p>Creating prototype and demonstrating it to a client </p></li><li><p>OUR DESIGN TEAMAnastasia</p><p>Elena</p><p>Master of project design. Keeps an eyeon quality of design of every project.</p><p>ART DIRECTOREkaterina</p><p>U / UI DESIGNERSVisualize ideas of any complexity.Creates illustrations for your business. </p><p>Uses modern trends in all design projects. Works carefully with huge amount of work.</p><p>U / UI DESIGNERS</p></li><li><p>WE HAVE EXTENSIVE PORTFOLIO AND WIDE WORKING EXPERIENCE </p></li><li><p>Sport social network for Sportlife club for mobile devices. Users can find out the </p><p>recent clubs information, plan their group activities together with friends, </p><p>organize an event and become the first one in clubs rating.</p><p>1,5 7 40screens year team members </p><p>GOLDEN GOLDENAPP 2016 APP 2016</p><p>THE BEST MOBILE </p><p>APP 2015</p><p>THE BEST MOBILE </p><p>APP 2015</p><p>SPORTLIFE</p></li><li><p> Inner social network </p><p>List of activities with descriptions</p><p>Personal diary with statistics</p><p>Trainer</p><p>Coopersmidt MichaelPersonal trainer</p><p>Clubs: Academicheskiy, Varshavskiy</p><p>Trainings:</p><p>Academicheskiy hall 2</p><p>Academicheskiy hall 2</p><p>Varshavskiy hall 1</p><p>Academicheskiy hall 2</p></li><li><p>Doc+ is a service for calling a doctor in Moscow and its suburbs for children </p><p>and adults. The application is popular among users from Moscow and its </p><p>suburbs due to its quick response rate. The doctors from Doc+ are famous </p><p>to work nicely with children on calls.</p><p>DOC + </p><p>4 7 25screens months team members </p><p>GOLDEN GOLDENAPP 2016 APP 2016</p></li><li><p>Call a doctor for you andyour family</p><p>Doctors list basedon users rating</p></li><li><p>iGooods mobile app is a service to deliver goods with eco-scooters from Metro, Prisma and Lenta supermarkets in Saint-Petersburg. When placing the order, you can see the whole catalogue of goods and monitor the process of packaging in real time. Detailed search filtration mechanism and hints available during every stage of working with the app are cleverly added to an interface. </p><p>iGOOODS </p><p>7 9 people170Screens Month Team</p></li><li><p>Conscious design with several types of flypages and goods lists </p><p>Dynamic order in real time </p></li><li><p>OUR OWN PROFESSIONAL TEAM</p><p>EXPERT STRATEGY TRANSPARENCYOF PROCESSES </p><p>We put quality and valuesof the product above other things,that is why were not workingwith freelancers.</p><p>We dig into the goals and challenges of each project and clients business. </p><p>We send intermediary iteration reports and arrange consultations with our specialists to find the best solutionsfor your cases.</p><p>WHY US</p></li><li><p>Lets work together!</p><p>Alice Plotnikov</p><p>BUSINESS CENTRE OBVODNY DVOR 199 NABEREZHNAYA OBVODNY CANAL,LIT. EST.PETERSBURG, RUSSIA</p><p>account-manager</p><p>+7 (812) 971-17-73ap@handh.ru</p></li></ul>