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    March 2012


    Barcelona Is Rich in Culture and Fun American Airlines New Gateway to Tokyo Long Islander Turns Lost Luggage Into TV Show Travel Channel: Advice Before You Check-In



    REALTYDestinyBeachfront Luxury in Antigua

    Boat and Beach Lovers ParadiseThis spacious beachfront villa is situated on a

    beautiful white sandy beach just a few steps away

    from the calm, turquoise Caribbean Sea. At the

    front of the property is 90 of bulkhead and your

    own private boat dock on the deep water of Jolly


    Beachfront 90 Feet Bulkhead (Deep Water) Private Boat Dock w/20,000 lb. Lift Gated Community 18 Hole Golf Course 13,300 Sq. Ft. Lot 4,000 Sq. Ft. Living Space 4 Bedrooms 4.5 Bathrooms Freshwater Swimming Pool w/Hot Tub Four Tennis Courts / Squash Court Four Restaurants, Three Bars, Olympic-size

    Swimming Pool, Supermarket, Bank,Full-service Marina...

    All Accessible By Golf Cart From The Villa.

    Contact: Grace SlezakPhone: + 1.516.768.1000Email:

    Villa Sull OceanoThe Italian-style Villa on the

    Caribbean Sea

    Offered at: $3,500,000Jolly Harbour, Antigua




    By Ronald Scaglia

    Hotel general managers may not appreciate it, but An-thony Melchiorri is going to let an industry secretslip for the benefit of Anton readers. He has someadvice on how to get the very best rate for a hotel room.If you want to get the best rate, make the reservation at 6

    p.m. on the same day if the city is not busy, said Melchiorri.Just as a container of milk or a carton of eggs has an expi-

    ration date, so do hotel rooms. Simply put, the further alongit is in the day, the less likely it is that a vacant hotel roomwill be booked and the more likely it is that the room will re-main empty and not generate any revenue.When it comes to knowing the inner working of hotels,

    Melchiorri is definitely a person to speak with as he has beenin the hospitality business for 20 years managing some ofthe most famous hotels. Currently he runs his own company,Argeo Hospitality, consulting on hotel projects for privateowners and investors and he will be hosting a new show onthe Travel Channel called Hotel Impossible, which premiereson Monday, April 9 at 10 p.m.In the new show, Melchiorri visits hotels that are strug-

    gling and examines what needs to be improved. Sometimeshis manner can be rough but he says he always maintains alevel of respect.Im a nice guy, said Melchiorri. Youll never see me

    take someones spirit or curse them out.However, what you will see is Melchiorri determining

    what is wrong and how management and staff can fix thoseissues. For the premiere of the show, Melchiorri stayed righthere on Long Island, going out to Gurneys Inn in Montauk.So what other advice does Melchiorri have for travelers?

    For those seeking the best rate, he suggests speaking with asupervisor when making the reservation. According to Mel-chiorri, by asking for a supervisor and then asking for thebest rate, the traveler is most likely to get those savings.Melchiorri says that another stress for travelers is chang-

    ing rooms because of an error in booking. Therefore he saysthat the front desk should confirm the room accommodationssuch as the size of the bed, the view and whether the room issmoking. If the front desk doesnt confirm the information,the guests should so they do not bring their luggage up totheir room only to bring it back down to the front desk.Melchiorri said this situation is also burdensome for hotel

    staff, as they have to once again prepare the first room. If thestaff fails to do so, when a later guest goes into that room itcreates another issue if the room does not look well prepared.Another mistake that hotels make is not maintaining confi-

    dentiality. Melchiorri said that the front desk representativeshould point to a hotel room number and the rate but not speakit loudly so that others might hear as he said this creates two is-

    sues. First, guests may not want the others in the area to knowwhich room they will be in and, secondly, if a guest is getting abetter rate than another guest it could create some friction.Melchiorri also said that guests and hotel staff should be

    diligent about the quality of service offered. Dont acceptbad service because youre paying a lower rate, said Mel-chiorri. If youre in a three star or five star hotel, the onlythings that should separate them are amenities, size of roomand maybe location. Not service and not people.One more suggestion that Melchiorri offers to both travelers

    and hotel managers is to check the reviews that are posted on-line about hotels. While some may think that the reviews mayjust be the reaction of someone who had a bad experience, Mel-chiorri finds that the reviews posted online tend to be accurate.If the majority are good or bad, listen to the reviews, he

    said. I use them when I travel.Melchiorri also said that general managers should be ex-

    tremely diligent about reviews posted online. Not only dobad reviews turn away business, they also indicate whatproblems need to be fixed in a hotel.If a general manager doesnt have the reviews popping on

    his Blackberry every time one is written, that general managerprobably shouldnt be employed as a general manager, he said.And then the hotel might have to call in Melchiorri to fix

    those issues on his new show.

    Escape the WinterBlahs Without

    LeavingNassau CountyAround this time of year, cabin fever be-comes rampant. Even though this winterhas been relatively mild, Long Islandershave had enough of the lack of light and thelong hours spent at home, and theyre lookingto escape from the mundane.Fortunately, they dont have far to go to get

    away from it all. Right in Westbury, the VianaHotel and Spa offers a decadent, romantic get-away that will chase the winter blahs from themoment of arrival. A member of the exclusiveSmall Luxury Hotels of the World, the propertyoffers an enticing staycation package that in-cludes lodging, a prix-fixe dinner, full breakfastbuffet and massages for two.Built a year ago, the Viana was designed based

    on the principles of feng shui. From the plushbedding and robes in the guest rooms to the Zen-inspired, full-service spa, the propertys blend ofluxury, natural dcor and balanced elements en-velop guests in tranquil rest and relaxation.With the staycation package, guests are pre-

    sented with a complimentary bottle of housewine in their choice of red or white upon ar-rival. Couples can reconnect over dinner at thehotels upscale restaurant, Marco Polo, whereEast meets West in an inventive confluence ofItalian, Asian and fusion dishes offering a fullmenu of specialty cocktails and organic wines.Our adult-only game room allows you to re-connect with friends offering a pool table or agame of chess to play at your leisure.Included in the package is a 50-minute couples

    massage, which is sure to rejuvenate the body andspirit. Guests can also take a dip in the pool orwork out in the state-of-the-art fitness center.Like all good things, the staycation must

    come to an end, but guests are guaranteed toleave in a state of mind that is vastly differentfrom the one in which they arrived.The staycation package starts at $499 per

    couple per night. Standard rates at the hotelstart at $200 per night.

    By Ronald Scaglia

    Avisit to Baiting Hollow Farm Vineyard is the per-fect one-day getaway for those looking to enjoy aquick day trip on Long Island. The vineyard, lo-cated in Baiting Hollow and the first vineyard on theNorth Fork Wine Trail, has the distinction of also being ahorse rescue farm, which is home to 24 horses including21 that were rescued from the slaughterhouse.Were all huge animal lovers in our family, said Sharon

    Rubin Levine, one of the owners and a member of the fam-ily which operates the Baiting Hollow Farm Vineyard.Founder Sam Rubin bought land in Suffolk in the

    1980s to produce organic food for his family. He soonwas growing grapes and the natural progression was toproduce wine and its popularity took off.We decided to make some wine and people really

    liked it so we made more wine, said Rubin Levine.With the wine business growing, the family decided that

    a tasting house was needed and so the process of restoringa house to serve in this capacity was begun. At the sametime, Rubin Levine, an animal lover, was receiving numer-ous emails regarding horse slaughter in the United States.Her brother, Richard Rubin, who is also an owner, suggest-ed that when the tasting house was opened, the familycould also rescue a horse. And then a very young filly thatwas about to be slaughtered changed everything.As soon as I started looking into it, up pops this pic-

    ture of a one and a half year old thoroughbred filly, Ru-bin Levine said of the first horse rescued by Baiting Hol-low Farm Vineyard. She was in the kill pen and the truckwas leaving with her in a few hours. I was so horrifiedthat there was a baby in the kill pen.That filly would eventually be named Angel. Now six

    years of age, she is a well-trained equine that does dressage.Rubin Levine said that unlike cats and dogs, being young

    could actually hurt a horses chances of being rescued.People dont want to invest in training as its a tremen-

    dously long period of time, Rubin Levine said.Not that theres anything wrong with older horses. Ru-

    bin Levine said that some horses live to be 40 years ofage. Therefore horses in their teens and 20s have a lot oflife left to live and plenty of enjoyment to share.Were a dog society so we think that a 15-year-old

    horse is an old horse, said Rubin Levine. Its not an oldhorse. They are awesome at that age.While Rubin Levine and her family are doing their part to

    save individual horses, she is also trying to call attention tothe larger issues of American horses being sent to slaughter-houses mostly to be consumed as meat in foreign countries.

    Lets face it, were a country (where) we dont consumehorse meat, said Rubin Levine. We appreciate the factthat horses settled this nation; that theyve carried us intowars and yet we let 100,000 of our horses end up on for-eign dinner plates.She further said that horses are not used as an inexpen-

    sive source of meat for those who are hungry. Rather, shesaid that horsemeat is an expensive delicacy in some areas.Its a $20 per pound delicacy in Europe and Asia,

    said Rubin Levine.Recently, legislation was approved which paves the way

    for slaughterhouses to be re-opened in the United States.Proponents of this claim that the same number of horsesare being slaughtered, only now they are being sent toMexico and and Canada are are encountering far less hu-mane conditions, but Rubin Levine strongly disagrees.The new legislation is allowing them to re-open

    slaughterhouses in the U.S, said Rubin Levine. The lob-byists who are working to do this theyre saying its be-cause they have more humane methods of slaughter butthe realty is its dollars and cents.For those who want to help horses in danger of suffer-

    ing this fate, and for those who enjoy a nice glass of wine,Baiting Hollow Farm Vineyard is the place to go. Thevineyard offers 13 varietals of wine, with 3 of thosespecifically used to support the costs of caring for the res-cued horses as well as other horse rescue efforts.We have really nice wines, said Rubin Levine.

    Theyve won awards.In addition to the wines, visitors can also enjoy a nice

    day in a picturesque setting. Visitors can take a tour andmeet the horses. Live music is also played on Saturdaysand Sundays from 2 p.m. through 6 p.m.Coming out to the vineyard year round is a lot of fun,

    said Rubin Levine. People love coming out to us.

    Vineyard Produces Fine Wine and Rescues Horses

    Sultan, an Arabian Egyptian gets some tender lovingcare from Sharon Rubin Levine at Baiting HollowFarm Vineyard Horse Rescue which is now home to21 horses that were destined for slaughter.

    Anthony Melchiorri hosts a new show called Hotel Im-possible, which premieres Monday April 9 on the TravelChannel at 10 p.m.

    Check Out This Advice Before You Check InHost of Travel Channels New Show Has Advice for Travelers



    3998 Brush Hollow Road, Westbury, NY 11590516-338-7777 516-333-5013 (Fax)


    Feng Shui Design Luxurious AccommodationsUltra-Modern Fitness Facility Asian Fusion Bar/RestaurantBanquet/Meeting Facilities State-of-the Art Spa & Salon

    Best Spa for Weddings. Voted #1.Best Accommodations for Weddings.2012


    Lost Opportunities : Long IslanderProfits from Lost Luggage

    By Ronald Scaglia

    Have you ever lost your luggagewhen traveling? Did you wonderwhat ever became of your prop-erty? Is someone in Kansas wearing yourlucky hat which you left in your suitcase?Did it simply disappear into a mysteriousblack hole to never be found again?The truth is, missing luggage does end

    up somewhere and opportunists like MarkMeyer are able take advantage of someoneelses misfortune. Although only 25, Mey-er is very experienced in finding underval-ued items at auctions and then resellingthose items at a profit. He is bringing hisexpertise to a new show called, BaggageBattles, which will premiere on the TravelChannel on Wednesday, April 11 at 10p.m., with a second episode following at10:30 p.m. The show follows Meyer andother auction specialists as they travel toauctions across the globe trying to snagtreasures that others deem worthless.Were letting people know about the

    small cottage industry, said Meyer of hisshow in which teams of auction profes-sionals try to find i...