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Issue Highlights Letter from our Rector Honduras mission trip Meet the new music director Upcoming events Valentine tea Vestry covenant March 2014 Celebrating Family, Community, God’s Abundant Love For All Find each issue of THE EPISTLE online In full color at The Epistle Valentine Tea 2014 Last month’s Valentine Tea drew a sell -out crowd. Everyone enjoyed the delicious food, beautiful music, time for visiting with friends and of course the abundant raffle prizes. See story on page 9.

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    Letter from

    our Rector


    mission trip

    Meet the new music




    Valentine tea



    March 2014 Celebrating Family, Community, Gods Abundant Love For All

    Find each issue of THE EPISTLE online In full color at

    The Epistle

    Valentine Tea 2014 Last months Valentine Tea drew a sell-out crowd. Everyone enjoyed the delicious food, beautiful music, time for visiting with friends and of course the abundant raffle prizes. See

    story on page 9.

  • Page 2 March 2014

    From the Desk of Rev. Sylvia

    Lent DIG in!

    A few weeks ago a gentleman

    asked me what I loved to do that

    came naturally to me. I decided that

    cooking and gardening are right up at

    the top. Ive always enjoying cooking

    for groups, and since moving to Wal-

    nut Creek seven years ago, Ive dis-

    covered the joy of gardening. (Third

    is riding my bicycle; I recently bought

    a new contraption called a trike. It

    has three wheels so I wouldnt fall

    over and if I did, it wouldnt be a long way to go!)

    He asked me why I liked cooking and gardening. I

    had to think about it for a while, but with cooking, it

    really came down to my need to express myself

    through the food I create. I enjoy feeding people

    (preferably lots of people!). There is also a sense of

    wanting to offer sustenance and to nurture.

    With gardening, its more a sense of being close to

    our Creator. I have no illusions that Im a good gar-

    dener, but I have managed to grow some wonderful

    herbs and flowers and even a fig tree. I have a fabu-

    lous Tangelo, but I take no credit for that whatsoever.

    It seems to do well in spite of me!

    The thing that I love about gardening is getting my

    hands into the dirt and digging proper depths for the

    plant or herb Im growing. There is a sense of satisfac-

    tion in turning the earth over and cleaning out the old

    roots and/or rocks and weeds that could interfere with

    a sturdy plant.

    I have gardening gloves and always start out using

    them, but inevitably I have to take them off I have to

    feel the dirt in my hands. I need to be sure there is

    enough moisture or if I need to add compost or throw

    out the dirt and start over and I cant do that with


    I find that spending time in the garden lends itself to

    prayer for me. The more time I have in the garden, the

    more I dig into the soil, the more I am able to connect

    with the Holy Spirit. Getting time to

    connect with Jesus feeds my soul,

    clears my mind, and brings me


    Lent can be like a time of digging

    into our spiritual lives. Here are

    ways to dig deeper: Make it a

    Lenten discipline to come to church

    every Sunday in Lent. We will be

    presenting a segment of the Eucha-

    rist to dig deeper into the meaning

    of that part, so that all the Sundays of Lent will include

    an explanation of one part of the Holy Eucharist. Also,

    the sermons will all have a common theme.

    The Wednesday Lenten series will be focused on

    the Gospel of Matthew. We will review the stories of

    the Gospel through vignettes acted out by participant

    volunteers. It will be an engaging evening series!

    All of our Holy Week services will be in our historic

    Chapel. Holy Week services will include Taize on

    Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday

    Stations of the Cross at 12:15 p.m. and Good Friday

    Liturgy at the evening service. All evening services are

    at 7 p.m.

    In a garden, the more you are willing to dig in, the

    more beautiful the flowers will be. In Lent and Holy

    Week, the more you are willing to dig in to the mean-

    ing of our faith, the more glorious Easter Sunday will

    be. The resurrection will have a deeper, more joy-filled

    role in your life.

    There is so much God wants for us so much God

    wants us to have. Going through Lent and Holy Week

    in an intentional effort to discover the beauty of life

    with Jesus Christ is worth sacrificing time and energy.

    Make the time. Make the effort. You wont regret it!

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    Rainbow Chapel Sundays 9:30 a.m March 2, March 16, April 6, May 4, May 18 and June 1 Rainbow Chapel is a space where kids can connect and learn about God in new ways. The program regularly includes craft activities, singing, storytelling and group-building games and is open to kids Pre-K to grade 5.

    Noisy Mass March 9 8:45 a.m., April 20 (Easter) 11:30 a.m. May 11 8:45.a.m. NOISY MASS is a place for toddlers and their parents to enjoy a welcom-ing worship service where singing, praying, squirming and interactive sermons are all part of the plan.

    St. Pauls Family Camp Guerneville, CA July 13-26 Many families come for the middle weekend, July 18-20. Registration begins in May at the coffee hour after church.

    St. Timothys Vacation Bible School Danville Welcome! Give and Receive God's Great Love June 23-27, 9 a.m.- noon (Sean will help lead music at this VBS)

    Bishops Ranch Camps Family Camp (families of all ages) June 29-July 5

    Generations (families of all ages) July 6-12

    BREAD 1 (campers entering grades 4, 5 & 6) July 14-19

    BREAD 2 (campers entering grades 7, 8 & 9) July 27-Aug. 2

    BREAD 3 (campers entering grades 10, 11 & 12 & just graduated) July 20-26

    Camp Saint Francis Camp Meeker, CA Open to campers 7-13 yrs and Staff 14 & up June 29-July 4

    St. Dorothys Rest Camps Camp Meeker, CA

    A.B.C. /Ankle Biters Camp (one parent, one child, 5 7 yrs): June 20-22

    Russian River I (8-12 yrs): June 22-28

    Mini Camp (6-8 yrs): June 26-28

    H.O.W.S./ Hang Out and Work & Stuff (13-17 yrs): June 29- July 4

    Camp St. Dorothys HemOc (Oncology): July 7-12

    Russian River II (8-12 yrs): July 13-19

    Camp St. Dorothys Lucile Packard Hospital Camp: July 20-25

    Russian River III (8-12 yrs): July 27-Aug.t 2

    Explorations Camp (13-15 yrs): Aug. 3-8

    Summer Camps for Children, Families and Youth

  • Page 4 March 2014

    Ministry to Honduras 2014

    In January, nine people flew to Honduras to work with our sister congregation St. John the Evangel-ist, in Villaneuva. This years missioners were: Hugh Harvey, Clint and Sue Phalen, Rev. Ricardo Avila, Mary Jane Wood, Roth Baney, B. J. Gerton. Rev. Sylvia, who initiated working with this congre-gation, could not attend due to illness.

    A structure of two slides, three swings and mon-key bars was completed on the church property. This will enable the children to have a safe and fun place to go after church. Our funds will pro-vide playground supervision for a year. Future plans include some after school Christian education time on the site.

    During the weeklong Vacation Bible Study we emphasized three of Jesus healing miracles, us-ing songs, games, crafts and art projects. Our goal was to help them better understand that faith is part of a miracle process. We used the healing results based on the faith of one person (blind Bartameus), the faith of friends (healing of a paralytic) and Je-sus recognition of a need (feeding of the 5,000).

    Missioners delivered sports balls to St. Marys Episcopal School, an English immersion school. By the time the students graduate, they are com-pletely bilingual. Backpacks and school supplies for 100 K-12 children were provided. Our donation will also buy the food for the hot lunches served daily for folks of all ages at San Juan Evangelista.

    A large group attended the History of Man Mu-seum, and gathered for a group photo. They were treated to a happy meal at the local Burger King. All 122 people were fed burgers, fries, a drink and desert in 20 minutes! Everyone was excited, but well behaved, with all ages enjoying the indoor play structure.

    The excursions, with projects, and the activities

    yet to come, have been funded by the generosity of our congregation.

    The people of St. John the Evangelista s a y : T H A N K Y O U . Sue Phalen

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    Moves The Thornhills, Sissy and Lloyd, have moved from

    their home to the Sunrise Assisted Living Facility at

    2175 Ygnacio Valley Road Walnut Creek CA 94598.

    They express a warm "thank you" to all the wonder-

    ful St. Paul's members who have kept them in prayer

    and assisted them during this transition. They ask for

    continued prayer and welcome anyone who would

    like to visit. Their direct number 925-212 0083.

    Passing Johanna Rowe, a long time member, SubDeacon,

    avid bridge player passed away after a valiant battle

    with cancer. By her side for many weeks were her

    husband Dean and daughter. In the view of many

    there was no one better prepared to be with Jesus

    than Johanna. Accepting death as a most natural

    event, she provided all of her family and friends with

    a model of joyful acceptance.


    OUR NEW DIRECTOR OF MUSIC, Dwight Stone Greetings to everyone from your new Music Di-

    rector. I am Dwight Stone, born in California. Our

    family was musical, especially my Grandma, who

    played organ at church and piano at home. My un-

    cles all played banjo or guitar or harmonica, and

    there was always lots of singing in the family, espe-

    cially for holidays and on trips. I grew up in Mis-

    soula, Montana, as my Dad got a job there in the

    '50s teaching Law at U of Montana.

    We always had at least one piano in the house,

    and I grew up improvising and deciphering songs

    on the radio. At one of my early piano lessons (age

    six?) I came in with a ditty I'd improvised, eager to

    play it for my teacher. She said, "That's all very

    well, but let me hear your scales first." I was devas-

    tated, and quit. But, I still kept improvising. My un-

    cles noticed my interest, and for my seventh birth-

    day I was given a Martin guitar. What a gift for a

    seven-year-old! I soon made good on it, and by

    college was playing decently: Beatles, Simon &

    Garfunkel, James Taylor, etc. I sang in the chorus

    in high school, and in the Chevaliers ensemble, and

    played trombone in the band.

    I went to Europe on a third-year-abroad program

    to Aix-en-Provence, France. I liked it a lot, my

    French was getting really good, and the education

    was free, so I stayed and got my first bachelor's at

    l'Universit de Grenoble in French literature. I con-

    tinued singing with student and community cho-

    ruses, and teaching guitar. My last year in France I

    conducted the Adult Choir of Poisat, a suburb of


    Being in my early 20s and yearning to discover

    more, I went to Austria and studied for two years,

    learning German. I supported myself in part by

    teaching English and guitar, and took advantage of

    voice lessons at the Conservatory, where I was also

    paid to sing in their professional chorus.

    When I came back to the States, I chose the doc-

    toral program in French at UC Davis, and was given

    a full ride and teaching assistantship. I moonlighted

    singing in the University Chorus under Dr. Albert

    McNeil, and took my first conducting class from

    him. Then I joined the Chamber Choir, and became

    Al's assistant. We toured Europe that summer, and

    by then I was hooked, and after long deliberation,

    decided I had to change my career direction.

    At age 26 I went back to undergraduate school at

    CSU Sacramento where I studied voice, piano, or-

    gan, composition, orchestration and conducting, as

    well as the obligatory sight-singing, theory, harmony

    and history, obtaining my B. Mus. in voice, then my

    M.A. in composition while concurrently Director of

    Orchestras at Sacramento City College and Music

    Director for St. Matthew's Episcopal Church in

    North Sacramento. Desiring a career in composi-

    tion, I then went to USC for a graduate certificate in

    film scoring.

    I stayed in LA for 20 years making music: scor-

    ing, composing for chorus and various ensembles,

    conducting, singing and accompanying. In the early

    '90s I was organist/choirmaster for St. Martin-in-the-

    Fields Episcopal Church, Canoga Park.

    Continued on page 6

  • Page 6 March 2014

    I sang for several years with the LA Jazz Choir, the

    LA Chamber Choir, the LA Master Chorale, and toured

    four times with the Roger Wagner Chorale in the U.S.

    and Orient. During my last half-dozen years there I

    was Music Director of the Methodist Church of Pacific

    Palisades where I lived, and also of Temple Akiba in

    Culver City. In 2003 the album "Reveries for Day and

    Night" grew out of my encounter with Dutch chromatic

    harmonica virtuoso Tim Welvaars.

    I was married in 2006 to an Austrian, and we moved

    to her farm villa in Austria, an hour south of Vienna. I

    enjoyed many aspects of living there, not the least of

    which was the music: I teamed up with a trumpet virtu-

    oso, wrote pieces for him, and we made an album to-

    gether "Export Import". We performed numerous

    times together, including in the knights' hall of two cas-

    tles, which were memorable events. During my last

    year in Austria I conducted the Singkreis Grafendorf, a

    local community chorus..

    We separated in 2010, and I came back to California,

    landing with my mom in Rossmoor. In 2010-2011, I

    found part-time employment as pianist, organist and

    bass singer. In 2012 I was hired as organist/

    choirmaster of St. Stephen Catholic Church in Walnut

    Creek and was given further tutelage on the organ by

    the priest there, an organist himself.

    I am very grateful to have landed here at St. Paul's,

    as I have felt immediately at home. In Rev. Sylvia's

    words, you are indeed a "warm and welcoming" con-

    gregation. It has been enjoyable working with the

    Choir, and I commend them for their achievements to

    date, including the Advent Lessons and Carols pro-

    gram in December, and I look forward to providing

    more fine music here with them. Deborah Webster and

    Sean Potts are great gifts to our community as people

    and as musicians and leaders, as they have nurtured

    budding talents in the youth in our midst. And kudos to

    the youth themselves, as we have recently heard!

    My musical tastes run the complete gamut (I once

    even did a rap song for the Methodist Church in the

    Palisades), and I look forward very much to fostering

    continued growth and involvement with the youth as

    well as all those of you who might be inspired to partici-


    I am very glad to be here with you.



    Music Director, continued from page 5

    Flash Mob Casting Call A flash mob (or flashmob) is a group of people

    who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual and seemingly pointless act for a brief time, and then quickly disperse, usually for the purposes of entertainment, satire, and/or artistic expression. Our purpose will be to raise aware-ness for Trinity Center and the homeless and working poor in our community.

    We are excited about this communication and fundraising project. Come be a part of it! It will be fun, educational, and it will be worthwhile as it will help us spread the word about Trinity Center.

    We need: Singers, dancers, high school band members/cheerleaders, a musician with small stu-dio to create a music track, organizer to recruit singers, schedule mobs and rehearsal. We also need help to communicate with store manager, email blast to friends and donors, publicity/media relations, music leader to lead rehearsal and do choreography, a video crew to plan, shoot, edit and post on YouTube. When: April or May; we need all participants signed up by early March. How: Sheri Grosjean will put together the team and work with the Digital Safari Academy at Mt. Diablo High School on a video. Where: Downtown Walnut Creek. Contact: Sheri Grosjean, [email protected] For a sample of a flash mob:

    mailto:[email protected]://

  • Page 7

    Spirit Service Sunday, April 27

    The Spirit Band and Co. will be back for another Spirit Service for Every Genera-tion.The Spirit Service is intended to engage the senses and inspire the heart. We try new ways of worshipping while letting fa-miliar practices continue to carry us along. This is a great service to invite a curious family or neighbor to come check out. Service starts at 9:30 a.m.

    Easter Services Sunday, April 20

    Weve got a variety of ways to celebrate the renewed life of Jesus. So let your friends and

    family know that theyve got a welcoming place to spend this special day. 7 a.m. - Traditional Service 9 a.m. - Family-oriented service with a baptism. 11 a.m. - A NOISY MASS Easter service on the Youth Center lawn Afternoon Potluck and Easter egg hunt at the Mor-tons house, 2397 Walnut Ave., Walnut Creek.

    Upcoming Events

    Free help with your tax return March 3 to April 15 IRS Certified Tax-Aide Counselors will be returning to the

    Parish Hall for their sixth tax season. They will prepare and

    e-file basic 2013 federal and state tax returns on Mondays

    and Tuesdays March 3 through Monday, April 15.

    During the 2013 tax season, volunteers at St. Pauls pre-

    pared over 690 Federal Tax returns which produced refunds

    over $549,000. If taxpayers request direct deposit when they

    e-file, they usually get refunds in less than two weeks.

    The counselors answered questions of and provided as-

    sistance to, approximately 600 people inquiring about other


    To make an appointment to have your basic tax returns

    prepared at St. Pauls, call 925-979-5013. Appointments are

    available from 9 a.m. 3 p.m.. Walk-ins are welcome.

    What to bring to the Tax Counseling Session:

    Social Security Cards for self, spouse, and dependents;

    Social Security numbers for child care providers and ali-

    mony recipients.

    Photo ID

    Copies of 2012 tax returns

    W-2 forms, forms 1099 for Social Security; pension, IRA

    distributions, interest, dividends and any other income

    Education expenses and scholarship income

    Cost basis and date of purchase for stock and/or mutual

    fund sales

    Closing statements for purchase or sale of a home in 2013

    To itemize, bring property tax bills, Form 1098 mortgage

    interest, auto registration VLF fees, and a summary list of

    medical expenses and charitable contributions with receipts.

    If you will have a tax refund, bring a check showing routing

    and account numbers for direct deposit to get your tax refund

    quickly. Note: Both spouses must be present to sign a joint

    return for electronic filing.

    MARCH and APRIL Services and Events March 12-April 9 Lenten Program: Wednesday evenings, Potluck Supper and Program 6:30 p.m.

    April 13 Palm Sunday 7:30 a.m. Chapel; 8:45 a.m. Noisy Mass; and 9:30 a.m. - Church

    April 16 Wednesday Taize Service: 7 p.m., Chapel

    April 17 Maundy Thursday 7 p.m., Chapel

    April 18 Good Friday, 12:15 and 7 p.m. Chapel

    April 30 First Lesson on The Gospel of Mark- 6:30 p.m. potluck, 7 8 p.m. program -- Parish Hall. On-going Bible Study

  • Page 8 March 2014

  • Page 9

    The St. Pauls Valentine Tea is one of our very special events. Each year, one international and two local philan-thropies benefit from the moneys we raise. This year the committee chose to designate the Bay Area Crisis Nursery, the Contra Costa Interfaith Coalition, and Doctors Without Borders as the beneficiaries.

    Of course, one always hopes for good weather for any event, even if it's an indoor affair. This year, February 8 dawned cold and rainy, with predictions of more severe rain to build throughout the day. But luckily, the weather proved more friendly than we feared.

    When we opened our doors at 2 p.m., umbrella-protected guests already were waiting, eager for the afternoon to begin! They purchased raffle tickets, perused the fabulous array of prizes, and stuffed the ticket boxes of their favorite items. There was something for everyone.

    The store was the next stop where they found tempting edibles from jam to shortbread, cookies, breads, and herbed butter-- all made by generous parishioners.

    At 3 p.m. everyone settled in at their tables for an after-noon filled with a tasty menu and a chance to spend quality time with friends and family.

    An incredible number of hours go into the production of the annual Valentine Tea, and kudos are due to all who contributed. Please take a moment to look over the list of those responsible for this fabulous event, and remember to thank them the next time you see them (and my apologies to anyone I have inadvertently omitted). Planning: Jim Bell, Peggy Carlisle, Leslie Dawson, Janice Foster, Julie Layne, Carol Lombard, Sue Phalen, Elizabeth

    Soares, Ann Thelwell and Mary Waddington. Raffle Prizes: This team works all year collecting donations and other items for those fabulous baskets, and then spends a weekend putting everything together. Peggy Car-lisle, Janice Foster, Ann Thelwell, and Mary Waddington. Chefs: Each item on the menu requires a count of 15 dozen! Linda Banwell, Jen Gossett, Helen Greenwood, Julie Layne, Carol Lombard, Lisa Bell-Stewart, Amy Tcheng and Mary Waddington. Special thanks to Kay Ellis who made the 350 (!) scones, Ann Morton who donated her heavenly jam, and Ann Thelwell who made the deli-cious lemon curd. Program design/printing: Brian Imhoff/Allegro Emcee and Music: Pete Banwell Audio management : Tom Tcheng Store management: Sue Phalen Kitchen crew during the tea: Jen Gossett, Julie Layne, Carol Lombard, and Elizabeth Soares. Coordinator of room setup, servers, cleanup: Jim Bell, Servers: Lyle Morton, Glenn Shockley, Pete Smyth, Ned Soares, Craig Stewart, Van Storer, Mariko Sturgess, Mark Sturgess, Tom Tcheng, Luke Webster, Phil Webster. Clean up crew: Walt Busenius, Ken Jessup, Glenn Leveque, plus the servers and committee members.

    And of course, how could we have a tea if nobody came? Our sincere thanks to all of you who supported our efforts, "rented" hats, and collected your friends and family to sup-port our philanthropies.

    Julie Layne

    Annual Valentine Tea: A Bounty of Treats and Raffle Prizes

    We once again have a wonderful opportunity to help those in need. From now, until April 30, all donations to the Contra Costa Interfaith Coalition (CCIC) Bed and Furniture Fund will be matched dollar for dollar up to $3,000! So, every dollar you donate will be doubled for this great cause.

    CCIC volunteers need funding to pick up beds and furni-ture at bargain prices from garage sales and thrift stores. They work hard to stretch the dollars as far as possible, often getting additional discounts on their purchases.

    So, what are the beds and furniture used for? They are given to individuals and families who are working toward a better future and moving into an apartment of their own. This is a great way to help these people make a fresh start.

    Please dont miss this opportunitymake a con-tribution to CCIC today!

    Make checks payable to CCIC, c/o Leslie Dawson, 7186 Briza Loop, San Ramon, CA 94582. Call 925-586-2396 for more information.

    Matching Grant Opportunity: Bed and Furniture Drive Is Underway for Contra Costa Interfaith Coalition

    This is our 20th year of collecting food for emergency food boxes! When we started doing this, caseworkers asked us for four boxes per month for their clients. Now they are distributing 15 boxes each month. Providing the boxes is a way we can honor Jesus command to feed the hungry. These are the things we pack into the food boxes: 2 boxes macaroni and cheese 1 lb packages of pasta (spaghetti and/or noodles) 1 jar/can pasta sauce 1 12 oz. can mushroom soup 6 oz. can tuna 1 jar peanut butter 12 oz. cans soup 16 oz. cans pork and beans or chili 12 cans of veggies peas, beans, corn 16 oz. can applesauce 12 16 oz. cans fruit dried raisins are good too 1 box dry cereal Instant oatmeal is also good 1 lb box of soda crackers 1 lb box graham crackers 1 jar jelly/jam 2 Top Ramen or equivalent 1 lb bag of dried beans 1 lb bag of dry rice Purchase what you can and bring on any Sunday in March. Monetary donations accepted. We are aiming for 40 boxes. Packing day will be Sunday, April 6.

    Lenten Food Box Drive: 2014

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    Some of you may have noticed that, on a typical Sunday

    9:30 service, my role behind the altar is now being fulfilled by

    Rev. Laina. I had requested this change (after 20 years) to

    worship while sitting in a pew.

    I have been asked How is it going? Are you able to take

    your mind off of what is happening at the altar? So, I thought

    I would take this opportunity to respond. The answer is a

    delightful yes to both questions. I think the Holy Spirit has

    gotten involved and enabled me to worship in new ways that

    feed my spirit, in ways that are perhaps unique to me.

    I have always understood that the liturgy has been de-

    signed for use as a congregation and not for individual wor-

    shippers. Thus, there are a lot of sentences, like in the con-

    gregational confession, using the words we and us. I

    found that the confession touched me much more strongly,

    when I replaced the wes and uses with I. There, in the

    pew, I did the same thing when saying The Lords Prayer

    and the Nicene Creed.

    One Sunday I was struggling with the problem of not hav-

    ing a way of showing my forgiveness to someone. To for-

    give, but not to communicate it, was not sufficient. To my

    surprise and delight, I found I was given an answer. I fol-

    lowed through that very day. It was very uplifting to get help!

    I felt cleansed from my disappointment, and any trace of

    anger was gone. I am confident that this would not have hap-

    pened to me if I had remained active at the altar.

    I am, of course, not recommending that other members

    change their Sunday worship from corporate to individual

    worship and petitions. But, I am pleased that our Episcopa-

    lian ethos gives individuals the permission to worship in

    ways they sense would be most beneficial to their spirit. And

    I am pleased that I can share with you where I currently am

    regarding how I use the opportunity to worship in the pew.

    Of course, I am not negative about subbing for Rev. Laina

    when needed. Having two deacons on our staff enables the

    option of having a continual diaconal presence at altar. Dea-

    cons, like all of all our members, need an occasional time to

    be somewhere else, and even the freedom to be in bed with

    a bad cold on a Sunday morning.

    Ill pass along any future insights into how one could opti-

    mize ones worship. In upcoming Sundays, I plan to focus

    on worship through the hymns and songs we sing and the

    anthems that the choir shares with us. There are some mar-

    velous and thought provoking lyrics that sometimes just fly

    by me, without touching my heart. I treasure our Episcopal

    worship. But I sense a need to more deeply plant the words

    of the hymns and songs we sing and hear from the choir.

    I appreciate any suggestions.

    Rev. Don

    A Voice from the Pew From Rev. Don

    During the recent vestry retreat, the group created a Covenant to follow as a group.

    As Vestry of the Parish, we engage as leaders, on a spiritual journey, for the good of the congregation of St Pauls.

    We are guided to action through our prayers and love for Jesus Christ.

    We strive to accept one another in all our diversity.

    We seek transparency in the decisions we make.

    We will focus our energy and resources on things we do well.

    We will engage in direct communication and will not participate in communication triangles (speaking of others who are not

    present.) We believe that anonymous information (people not willing to be quoted) has no place in our life together.

    We are a permission-giving people who will strive to say yes to each other and God by supporting decisions arrived at

    openly and fairly.

    We express these commitments by making our conversation and actions holy and life affirming.

    Vestry 2014 Creates a Vestry Covenant


    MENSs RETREAT Oct. 3 5 at Walker Ranch in Marin County

    Contact Ken Jessup: [email protected]

    WOMENSS RETREAT Oct. 24-26 at Villa Maria del Mar, Santa Cruz

    Contact Donna Colombo: [email protected]

    Planning committees for both retreats now forming. Contact the specified leader to help.

    March 2014

    mailto:[email protected]:[email protected]

  • Page 11

    Vestry To join a team, contact the Vestry Liaison listed.

    Senior Warden ........................................... Richard Kemink (16) ........................ [email protected]

    Peoples Warden ........................................ Pete Banwell (16) ............................ [email protected]

    CFO........................................................... Leslie Dawson ................................. [email protected]

    Clerk .......................................................... Molly Pfau Clopp.............................. [email protected]

    Ministry Teams Administration ............................................ Richard Kimink (17 .......................... [email protected]

    Adult Christian Education (SPACE) ............. Pete Banwell (16) ............................ [email protected]

    Children, Youth, Young Families ................. Sean Potts (staff) ............................. [email protected]

    Communication* ......................................... Glenn Schockley (17) ....................... [email protected]

    Membership/Church Growth ....................... Laura Williams (17) .......................... [email protected]

    Faith in Action (Outreach) ........................... Larry Gossett (15) [email protected]

    Liturgy & Music ......................................... Susan Burpee (15) ........................... [email protected]

    Membership ............................................... Laura Williams (17) .......................... [email protected]

    Parish Life .................................................. Joyce Leveque (17) ......................... [email protected]

    Pastoral Care ............................................. Clergy ............................................. [email protected]

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    *Epistle Editors .......................................... Nancy Adolphson............................. [email protected]

    Linnea Jessup, Rhea Williams

    The Epistle Newsletter is mailed to all church members. Each issue is also posted on the church website at, in full color. If you prefer to read the Epistle online, and not to receive it via U.S. Post, please contact the church office at 934-2324.

    Clergy and Staff Rector

    The Rev. M. Sylvia O. [email protected]


    Rev. Donald [email protected]

    Rev. Laina Wood [email protected]

    Parish Administrator

    Ti Klingler [email protected]

    Office hours MondayThursday 95

    Music Director

    Dwight [email protected]

    Children and Family Minister

    Sean [email protected]

    Facilities Manager

    Bev [email protected]

    Office hours flexible. Please contact through email.

    mailto:[email protected]

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    Each year the church and chapel are beautifully decorated with palms and lilies for

    Palm Sunday and Easter. Gifts to the flower fund may be designated in memory of, in

    thanksgiving for, or in honor of, a person or a special occasion. Place your check

    made out to St. Pauls Church, with this form, in the offering basin or mail it to the

    Parish Office.

    A list acknowledging donors and designations received by FRIDAY, APRIL 11 will be

    printed in the Easter service leaflets.

    Palms and Easter Lilies

    I want to donate towards the flowers for St. Pauls...(circle one)

    In thanksgiving for In memory of In honor of

    Please print the information below:

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