valentines day!

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Victoria, This is our first Valentine’s Day together… And I wanted to make it special for you!

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  • 1. Victoria,This is our first Valentines Day together And I wanted to make it special for you!

2. Unfortunately, We are on opposite sides of the country < ---- YOU ARE HEREI AM HERE ---- > Thats really far!!! (2796 miles) 3. However, Our hearts being close is muchmore important on Valentines Day than ourlocation being close! 4. Its called LOVE and no person or distancecan take it from us 5. Remember the first day we met?We dont have the 50-piece nuggets! 6. How about when we went to Buffalo Wild Wings? I taught you the Eagles fight song and allabout football!Eagles 27 Giants 17 FLY EAGLES FLY!!! 7. Nuggets!When I saw you that day, before this began, We began to talk, and we really connected. it was.... November the 7th, 2010! Honestly it wasnt at all what I expected. I thought to myself... How lucky Id be... Sitting there blushing, we both shared our dreams.If only this girl would just notice me. And neither of our lives are quite what they seem. But, no never mind. Shell think that Im whack!It turns out that weve both had rough pasts.What do I have to offer? A frickin Big Mac?" But nobody is perfect, please dont forget that.But somehow I gathered the guts that it tookBack to that day... You ordered a shitload of mcnuggets! And you decided to give me a second look.But more importantly, you grabbed my attention and tugged it. I had lots of fun, those nights over dinner,I guess what Im trying to say is I hope I impress you. Even if you disagree that Mike Vick is a winner.And damn, I really hope that I dont at all stress you. You looked so amazing, I felt like I had purpose,As you sit there and read all these words I made rhyme,But you looked so amazing that it made me feel nervous!I hope Ive earned another nugget of your time. 8. First, we met each others puppies! 9. Then, we met each others families! 10. We drove all the way across the country!!! 11. But then I had to leave you ): And now we wait... and wait and wait 12. Weve been through a lot in these first three months! And all it has done is prove we canstick together through the worst of situations! 13. I love you because.You keep me warm when it is freezing outside! 14. You are a great kisser! 15. We are going to be famous together! 16. You know how to make me laugh, smile, and have a great time 17. And most of all I love you because.. Wait for it.. 18. Because You Love Me!!! 19. I know we are going to make it throughthis Victoria! I love you so much and Iwill do whatever it takes for you! You arean amazing girl and there is no way I could ever let you go I love you baby. Happy Valentines Day!!!