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- Plyometric - Sprint Work - Auxiliary Exercises Valhalla Vikings BFS

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Valhalla Vikings BFS . Plyometric Sprint Work Auxiliary Exercises. Lower Body Plyometric’s ( ). Squat Jumps Power Skips Tuck Jumps Box Jumps SL Squats SL Jumps Jump Rope Bounds Vertical Jumps Stair Jumps Hurdle Jumps Split Jumps Box Jump March High/Med/ Low - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Page 1: Valhalla Vikings BFS

- Plyometric- Sprint Work

- Auxiliary Exercises

Valhalla VikingsBFS

Page 2: Valhalla Vikings BFS

Lower Body Plyometric’s(

• Squat Jumps• Power Skips • Tuck Jumps • Box Jumps • SL Squats • SL Jumps• Jump Rope• Bounds • Vertical Jumps• Stair Jumps• Hurdle Jumps• Split Jumps• Box Jump March

– High/Med/ Low• Lateral Hurdle Jumps• Lateral Box Jumps

• Lateral SL Hops• Kettle Bell Swings• Hurdle Work (Linear & Lateral)

– 1 in’s– 2 in’s – Jumps– Hops…

• Depth Jumps (Variations)• Turtle Roll & Jump• RB High Knee Run• RB Later Shuffle• RB Kick Slide• Quick Bench Jumps (Lat.)

Page 3: Valhalla Vikings BFS

Upper Body Plyometric’s(

• Clap Push-ups• Trunk Rotations w/ JMM Bar• Med. ball SL wood chops• Med. Ball Diagonal Wood Chops• Depth Push Ups• Med. ball push ups • One arm push up• Med. ball chest passing• Laying down chest throw• One arm Med. ball throw• Med. Ball Soccer thrown in• Med. Ball side toss

• Burpies• Bear Crawl (Fwd, Backward &

Lateral)• Crab> Roll> Sprint• Shuffle Pushups

Page 4: Valhalla Vikings BFS

Sprint Work• Uphill Sprints• Resistance Band Sprints• 10 yard bursts• 20 yard bursts• 30 yard bursts• 40 yard bursts• Bleachers

– Sprint– Jump– SL Hops– Bear Crawl

• Speed Ladder

Page 5: Valhalla Vikings BFS

Shoulders• Military Press • DB Military Press • Front Raise (Cable/DB/Bands)• Side Raise (Cable/DB/Bands)• Steering Wheel (Plate)• Upright Rows (Neck)• Rev. Fly’s (DB)• Alt. Cable Press• Alt. KTB Press• Anti-Gravity Press (Curl Bar)• Internal Rotation (Cable/DB/Bands)• External Rotation (Cable/DB/Band)• Seated Lat Raise (DB)• Push Press (Bar/ DB)

• Scaption (DB)• Band Pull Apart• Cable Face Pull• Rotating DB Military Press• KTB Pirate Ships• Incline Bench Straight Raise (Curl Bar)• 4 Way Neck Machine

Page 6: Valhalla Vikings BFS

Chest• DB Bench • Dips • Incline DB Bench (Chest)• Push Up/ Variations (Chest)• Plate push ups (Chest)• DB Fly’s- flat bench (Chest)• DB Fly’s- Incline Bench

(Chest)• SA Linear Jammer or JMM’s• Flat Bench Around the

Worlds• Bent Arm DB Pull-Over• Cable Cross (Minor &

Major)• Decline DB Bench• Decline DB Fly’s

Page 7: Valhalla Vikings BFS

Back• T- Bar Row/ Variations • Lat. Pull-downs/ Push Downs • Cable Rows • Bent Over Row (Bar/DB)• DB Incline Row• Incline Bench Pull (Curl Bar)• Swiss Ball Caterpillars• Swiss Ball Leg Raises

• Back Extensions

• Lunge & Twist • Homeruns • Pull Ups/ Variations • Modified Pull Ups• Kettle Bell Rows• One Arm Row (DB)• Alt. Renegade Row

Page 8: Valhalla Vikings BFS


• Glute Ham Raise• Straight Leg Dead Lift (DB)• Lunges (DB)• Push Press (Bar)• Jerk Press (Bar)• Snatch (DB/Bar)• Balance Drills (Discs)• Leg Press• Single Leg Press