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Business Services 2014 We Need To Change. Mike Fazio 04.02.14 Be ready to answer my first question: What did your Business Service Group accomplish so far in 2014?

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Mike Fazio's PPT from his day with the dedicated workforce professionals of Virginia!! Thanks for being a very ENGAGED and ENERGETIC audience!!!


  • 1. Mike Fazio 04.02.14 Be ready to answer my first question: What did your Business Service Group accomplish so far in 2014?

2. Line up by birthday No talking No writing No texting My first question: Are we as a group, area, state, industry in sync with each other and the challenges we face in the NEW WORLD of Workforce Development? WWW.WORKFORCECIRCUS.COM 3. WHY THIS WORKSHOP NOW? WWW.WORKFORCECIRCUS.COM 4. WWW.WORKFORCECIRCUS.COM 5. PERCEPTION and REALITYWWW.WORKFORCECIRCUS.COM 6. Lazy, Unreliable, Overpaid Good For Nothing Waste of Taxpayer Dollars Biding Time Inefficient/Ineffective Lacking Motivation Diminished Skill Sets WWW.WORKFORCECIRCUS.COM 7. PEOPLE REFUSE TO SETTLE ANYMORE! 8. a) OK, I guess. b) Pretty good. c) SHUT THE FRONT DOOR YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING! 9. WWW.WORKFORCECIRCUS.COM 10. Workforce180 Workforce Training Workforce Education Workforce Development Workforce Betterment 24/7/365 Access 35 states visited 50 states + Puerto Rico, Guam & US Virgin Islands WWW.WORKFORCECIRCUS.COM 11. WWW.WORKFORCECIRCUS.COM 12. WWW.WORKFORCECIRCUS.COM 13. THE APEX NOUN: the top or highest part of something VERB: reach a high point 14. ENGAGED HONEYMOONERS HAMSTERS CRASH AND BURNERS DISENGAGED ALMOST ENGAGED The Engaged The Disengaged The Almost Engaged 15. WWW.WORKFORCECIRCUS.COM 16. WWW.WORKFORCECIRCUS.COM 17. WWW.WORKFORCECIRCUS.COM 18. WWW.WORKFORCECIRCUS.COM 19. Sabrina Soccaccio 282, North End, Columbus, GA, 36248 (927) 555-1212 [email protected] Objective: To get a position as Photographer and to gain further experience in this field by taking up challenging and interesting photography project assignments. Experience Summary: Have undertaken various type of photography assignment and learnt about different lighting effects Complied portfolio and instructed new photographer on various photography techniques Handled photography requirements for key client advertisements, marketing brochures, corporate portraits Assistant Photographers, July 20XX to Present ABC Photographic Stills, New Jersey Carried out complex photo shoots involving varied types of lighting effects Experimented with photos using software and brought out interesting effects Experimented with different lighting effects to bring out unusual photos which were used to great effect in advertisements Handled model photography and wedding photography assignment Assistant Photographers, July 20XX to August 20XX New Photos Inc., New Jersey Was part of the outdoor photography team and develop skills in outdoor photography Learn various photo editing techniques Helped in compiling of studio photo portfolio for nature photography and underwater photography Education 20XX - 20XX Marks College, New Jersey Completed a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Art ( concentration Resume or LinkedIn/Facebook? o r WWW.WORKFORCECIRCUS.COM 20. one word. WWW.WORKFORCECIRCUS.COM 21. Selling is simply sharing enthusiasm for something you want everyone else to benefit from. WWW.WORKFORCECIRCUS.COM 22. WWW.WORKFORCECIRCUS.COM SELLING IS ALL ABOUT GIVING PEOPLE WHAT THEY NEED TO KNOW IN A WAY THEY WANT TO HEAR IT! 23. SELLING is not about who you know anymore .now its more about who knows you.WWW.WORKFORCECIRCUS.COM 24. WWW.WORKFORCECIRCUS.COM 25. Connecting is the foundation of SELLING WWW.WORKFORCECIRCUS.COM 26. Right now. WWW.WORKFORCECIRCUS.COM 27. CONNECTING means creating a memorable and emotional bond with someone. WWW.WORKFORCECIRCUS.COM 28. lie WWW.WORKFORCECIRCUS.COM 29. WWW.WORKFORCECIRCUS.COM 30. lie WWW.WORKFORCECIRCUS.COM 31. WWW.WORKFORCECIRCUS.COM 32. ATTITUDE or APTITUDE WWW.WORKFORCECIRCUS.COM 33. WWW.WORKFORCECIRCUS.COM 34. WWW.WORKFORCECIRCUS.COM 35. WWW.WORKFORCECIRCUS.COM 36. WWW.WORKFORCECIRCUS.COM 37. TIMEWWW.WORKFORCECIRCUS.COM 38. 1. ATTENTION 2. INTEREST 3. DESIRE 4. CONVICTION 5. CLOSE WWW.WORKFORCECIRCUS.COM 39. WWW.WORKFORCECIRCUS.COM 40. 1. FACE to FACE 2. PHONE 3. EMAIL 4. OTHERS? WWW.WORKFORCECIRCUS.COM 41. WWW.WORKFORCECIRCUS.COM 42. WWW.WORKFORCECIRCUS.COM 43. WWW.WORKFORCECIRCUS.COM 44. WWW.WORKFORCECIRCUS.COM 45. WWW.WORKFORCECIRCUS.COM HOW? 46. 1.GOALS 2.MUSTS 3.SCRIPT WWW.WORKFORCECIRCUS.COM 47. 1. GOALS 2. MUSTS 3. SCRIPT WWW.WORKFORCECIRCUS.COM 48. 1. EMAIL 2. TEXT 3. MAIL 4. NETWORKING WWW.WORKFORCECIRCUS.COM 49. Teams of three Face to face 25 words Phone 25 words Email - 50 words WWW.WORKFORCECIRCUS.COM 50. WWW.WORKFORCECIRCUS.COM 51. ONE person can make a difference WWW.WORKFORCECIRCUS.COM 52. Teams of three Face to face 25 words Phone 25 words Email - 50 words WWW.WORKFORCECIRCUS.COM 53. WWW.WORKFORCECIRCUS.COM 54. WWW.WORKFORCECIRCUS.COM 55. WWW.WORKFORCECIRCUS.COM 56. INTEREST involves OBSERVING LISTENING ASKING CONFIRMING 57. When clients are listened to they feel understood and are more trusting of you. Effective listening is a skill that requires nurturing and needs development. To connect with your employer/customer and have them experience you as an effective resource requires you to maintain superior listening skills along with asking effective questions. 58. OVERTRYING to control of the conversation. GIVE the answer before we have fully heard the question. Listening may result in hearing the employer/customer express feelings and emotions andsome workforce professionals are uncomfortable with emotions and feelings being expressed. 59. LEVEL ONE how their words impact us LEVEL TWO deeper customer/employer empathy LEVEL THREE use info heard to ask more meaningful questions 60. Articulating Clarifying Being Curious Silence 61. Dont be a yes man Dont offer too much information Dont over sell Dont lose sight of the goal 62. WWW.WORKFORCECIRCUS.COM 63. WHAT IS A JOB DEVELOPERS JOB THESE DAYS? WWW.WORKFORCECIRCUS.COM 64. Hiring Managers Sales Reps Receptionists Clerks CEOs Owners Office Manager HR CFO COO Accounts Payable Accounts Receivable ANYONE WHO MAKES ANY DECISION 65. Hiring Needs OJT Eligible Tax Incentives What else?? 66. The lobby The phone The office The web Email Facebook Where else? 67. In the beginning During your pitch At the close 68. Identification of issue: These questions can be used in meetings, negotiations and to work with others/customers/employers in solving problems. What seems to be the trouble? What do you make of _________? How do you feel about _____________? What concerns you the most about _____________? What seems to be the problem? What seems to be your main obstacle? What is holding you back from _________________? What do you think about doing X this way? 69. Further information: These questions can be used to find out what someone has already done to resolve a problem. What do you mean by __________? Tell me more about _______________ What else? What other ways did you try so far? What will you have to do to get the work done? 70. Outcomes: These questions can be used while working with customers/employers to plan how to do something. How do you want ____________ to turn out? What do you want? What is your desired outcome? What benefits would you like to get out of X? What do you propose? What is your plan? If you do this, how will it affect ________ ? What else do you need to consider? 71. Buying History Questions: By learning more about the prospects previous experiences, youll get a glimpse of how his/her mind works and what his/her buying routines are. What experiences, good or bad, have you had with using a placement service? When did you last hire someone? What process have you gone through in the past to hire someone? Has that process worked well for you? How/how not? What have you already tried doing to fix the problem with your current hiring methods? What have you worked with us before? How did that go? 72. Decision-Specific Questions: These questions relate to the specific transaction youre hoping to initiate. What prompted you to meet with me today? What qualities do you look for in a placement organization? Which quality is most important to you? What dont you like to happen during the hiring process? What is your timeline for hiring? What is your budget? Who else is involved in the hiring decision? 73. Rapport-Building Questions: These questions get your prospect talking about him/her-self and help you develop some level of friendliness (and also help you find out the prospects likes and dislikes, which can help quite a bit). How long have you been with the company? Where did you buy that beautiful sofa How old are your children? How many do you have? (If you see a photo) What would you like the next hire to do for you? 74. Clarifying Questions: If a prospect gives only a brief response to an important question, try drawing out more information. Tell me more about that. Can you give me an example? Can you be more specific? How did that affect you? 75. Objection-Seeking Questions: Until your prospect voices his/her objections, you cant do anything about them. If a prospect hasnt raised any objections then a little questioning can draw them out. What are your thoughts so far? Do you have any concerns? What are they? What other subjects should we discuss? Is there any reason we shouldnt move forward? 76. WWW.WORKFORCECIRCUS.COM 77. Questions as endings, designed to get someone to say YES and CREATE A FEELING OF BUYING DESIRE!! 78. Arent They? Arent You? Cant You? Couldnt It? Doesnt It? Dont You Agree? Dont We? Shouldnt It? Wouldnt It? Havent They? Hasnt He? Hasnt She? Isnt It? Isnt That Right? Didnt It? Wasnt It? Wont They? Wont You? 79. Mark, I understand your concerns, however, a tie looks great with your suit. It shows the type of professionalism thats required to be successful in a job like youre applying for. You want to look professional, dont you? Thats TELLING. This is SELLING. 80. If your customer says no, they would saying no to looking professional. This is why they will most likely say yes to the question. The best part about this is that it gives you the leverage to handle their objection if they say no to your close. 81. Customer: No, I dont want to wear a tie You: Mark, I understand your hesitation. Remember, weve discussed many times that professionalism on the job is what helps in your success, havent we? Customer: Yes You: Well, thats exactly why you need to wear the tie! 82. 1. Many companies are using computers these days_________________? 2. It would be an advantage to have your own twitter account, _____________? 3. These are fun, ______________? 4. It just takes practice,______? 6. Theyre coming out naturally now, __________? 6. After youve practiced a while, the tie-downs certainly pop out, _______?7. That one just did, ________? 8. Over time, you could create hundreds of questions that will lead clients towards a buying decision, __________? 9. In any given situation, professional salespeople should be able to rattle off ten, or twenty tie- downs without too much effort, ________? 10. Youre a professional, ___________? Golly Gee, that Mike Fazio sure is one cool guy and great trainer________? 83. WWW.WORKFORCECIRCUS.COM 84. WWW.WORKFORCECIRCUS.COM 85. WWW.WORKFORCECIRCUS.COM 86. WWW.WORKFORCECIRCUS.COM 87. Does YOUR attire mater? or WWW.WORKFORCECIRCUS.COM 88. KNOW WWW.WORKFORCECIRCUS.COM 89. PROVE WWW.WORKFORCECIRCUS.COM 90. SHOW WWW.WORKFORCECIRCUS.COM 91. STRUTT YOUR WWW.WORKFORCECIRCUS.COM 92. a. .you need to know a lot. b. you need to use what you know well c. you need to know a lot and use it well. 93. Google's database encompasses more than 30 million scanned books. 94. WWW.WORKFORCECIRCUS.COM 95. Become a SELF-LEARNER Visit 3 news sites per day Visit 3 blogs per week Visit 3 sites per month 96. WWW.WORKFORCECIRCUS.COM 97. WWW.WORKFORCECIRCUS.COM 98. WWW.WORKFORCECIRCUS.COM 99. WWW.WORKFORCECIRCUS.COM 100. C. JUST SHUT UP! WWW.WORKFORCECIRCUS.COM 101. WWW.WORKFORCECIRCUS.COM 102. UNIQUE 103. WWW.WORKFORCECIRCUS.COM 104. WWW.WORKFORCECIRCUS.COM 105. Unique Compelling Interesting Memorable Different WWW.WORKFORCECIRCUS.COM 106. lie WWW.WORKFORCECIRCUS.COM 107. WWW.WORKFORCECIRCUS.COM 108. WWW.WORKFORCECIRCUS.COM 109. WWW.WORKFORCECIRCUS.COM 110. 15 minutes to prepare Everyone takes turns WWW.WORKFORCECIRCUS.COM 111. 1. Has a years experience as a truck driver. Has a good driving record; late for work fairly often; missed some deliveries; couldnt find several delivery locations, leaving customers without supplies. Not very motivated! 2. Has no truck driving experience. Previous employer says candidate was very dependable; hardly ever missed a day of work; always on time; extremely enthusiastic and eager to learn. WWW.WORKFORCECIRCUS.COM 112. WWW.WORKFORCECIRCUS.COM 113. MOTIVATIONis the activation or energization of goal-oriented behavior. WWW.WORKFORCECIRCUS.COM 114. Inspiration To be influenced, moved, or Guided by others.WWW.WORKFORCECIRCUS.COM 115.