vce account reviews kit for rds vce adoption program q2 fy12 enabling vce

Download VCE Account Reviews kit for RDs VCE Adoption Program Q2 FY12 Enabling VCE

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VCE Account Reviews kit for RDs VCE Adoption ProgramQ2 FY12

Enabling VCE#What Each RD will be asked to organize account reviews with their reps and the ecosystemTemplate (same as GAM) & guidance to be provided through PTCU (download)We monitor kit download, scheduled dates, participants names & reviews deliveryWhyKeep momentum, VCE was not a Q1 event onlyNeed to foster VCE Enablement activities in the field (still need to improve)Support VCE application for better adoption after Q1 regional VCE training seriesWhich benefitsPart of management hygiene, not on top of business activitiesFocused on practical application of VCE for 1 major account per repShould drive tangible results through cross-functional alignment and action planProcessEach RD has to download an Account Review kit and provide dates and participants namesEach participant will be asked to complete a survey post review for us to track attendanceWe provide a weekly report to the management team

Executives SummaryQ2 VCE Account Reviews#

To provide each RD with material & guidelines to organize account reviews, following Q1 Regional VCE training seriesTo allow the account teams to absorb and apply what has been done in Q1 andShare return of experience, following customers meeting, what worked & what should be improvedAssess current opportunities compared to the VCE ModelAssess level of Enablement ActivitiesDefine the action plan with the account team to bridge the gaps Prioritize resources allocation Objectives of the VCE Account Review kit

#VCE Program & Adoption RoadmapIDENTIFYMODELPLANDELIVERRefreshSolutionsPartnership Operating FrameworkVALUEROADMAPGOVERNANCEPhase 1a Value ModelingScope: Content/AdoptionTimeframe: H112Phase 1b Value PlanningScope: Content/ AdoptionTimeframe: H212Phase 2a Value MeasurementScope: Content/AdoptionTimeframe: H113Phase 2c GovernanceScope: Content Refinement/AdoptionTimeframe: H113#Lets begin the discussion around internal resource utilization by illustrating the structured engagement model otherwise known as the VCE Matrix

1) As explained earlier in the course, there are 3 essential components to the VCE Model: Value, Roadmap and Governance. Those components make up the work-stream aspect of the structured model.

2) Now, to make the model as descriptive and useful as possible, we label across the top successive, evolutionary stages of the engagement: identify, plan and deliver. This creates a real framework, a common structure, and a uniform view of our engagement process.

4VCE Account Review Kit Overview of the process how to use Account Review KitRecommendations on timelines & participantsMaterial & account review template#

List any questions you may have and send to bmessina@ptc.comIdentify your targeted participants and potential date for account reviewsValidate with extended team their participation (i*Center / Sales BDM, Client Managers)Get logistics set up (meeting room, video, paperboards, calendar invitation, etc.)Make sure the participants have understood session objectives and required preparation before the meeting (do a conf call if needed)At the end of the workshop, agree on the call to actions and operating rhythm to inspect & measure progress (accounts/opportunities list, deliverables to inspect, CRM system info, cadence of calls to discuss progress & challenges)Session participants MUST complete the VCE Account Review Evaluation in PTCU to receive credit for attending. Manager will distribute link to evaluation at the end of the workshop (Copy and send information below)

PTCU Title: VCE Account Review Evaluation of the process - How to use Training KitOnce youve reviewed this content, please make sure you


The account reviews have to be planned ASAP to be conducted in Q2It can be virtual session if you have a real dispersed team, but meeting in person is recommendedYou should run a separate session for each account manager from your team (not all other SRs watching the SR presenting)Attendance of i*Center managers or TAM or BDM & Client Managers from your region is requiredRecommendations on timelines & participants

#Deliverables to prepare for the Account Review (see Template section)


Identified agenda & participants availabilities (including BDM or TAM and Client Managers)Sent out invitations & templateSet expectations with all participantsNailed down logisticsPreparation required for VCE WorkshopAs a Regional Director, you should have#

One of your account with an Enterprise Solution opportunityYour return of experienceHow did you position VCE? To Whom? In which context?What was customers reactionWhat can we do to improveYour Account Review preparedTemplate filledInformation distributed to the team before the reviewPreparation required for VCE WorkshopAs an account manager, you should come prepared with#VCE Account Reviews Kit material

##VCE Account ReviewsName of Sales RDNames of TAM, BDM & Client Manager who are supporting the RD#Identify lessons learned from first Customers VCE meetingsAssess current account landscape, relationship & VCE StatusDefine Action Plan

Objectives of VCE Account ReviewBy the end of the session, the participants should be able to#Here are the objectives of the session and what we should be able to do by the end of the workshop:1st part to make sure each SR can identify business value of PLM solution, key sponsors, key questions to ask them and feel comfortable to pitch VCE and agree on the next steps2nd part for each SR to assess one Enterprise PLM opportunity relative to our VCE model Value Model, Roadmap & Governance and work on the action plan with the account team to elevate the account engagement to the VCE standard

13Agenda of Regional VCE Account ReviewsKick off & introduction (RD) 5Return of Experience on VCE at customer(roundtable) 30How did you position VCE? To Whom? In which context?What was customers reaction? Next steps?What can we do to improve

Call to Actions & Wrap up (RD) 5StartEndDurationSales RepAccount BDMCM8:0010:002:00John DoeSupercopterBrian FoxSimon Templar10:0012:002:00Jane WrightMegaplaneBrian FoxSimon Templar12:0012:300:30allworking lunch12:3014:302:00Arnold WhiteRocketstarBrian FoxJacke Flight14:3016:302:00Manfred GermanSystemconceptAlexander MittwochJacke Flight16:3018:302:00Mike AwasomeServicesTopAlexander MittwochJacke Flight18:3018:450:15allwrap upDouble click on the table to insert your own agenda. Please note that all SR can attend the beginning and wrap up but each SR can come in and out for the review and do other business activities when not presenting#Here is the agenda, the 1st part for VCE pitch exercise, the 2nd part for the Opportunity Assessment and Action Plan14Account Review/Plan Template

Customer NameAccount Team#Visit www.ptc.com2012/1/25 Copyright 2000 Parametric Technology CorporationPage 15This template is provided for guidance in preparing an Account Review/Plan. It is intended to help assist with strategy and communicate the most relevant information such as background, vision, resources, and actions. Each account team and leader is encouraged to utilize the concepts as good basic hygiene and adapt for their own specific situations and styles.GUIDANCE##Agenda Account Review/Plan Account Overview Executive Org Chart & InsightPTC Account TeamPTC WhitespaceCurrent IT LandscapePTC Account History, Revenue and ActivitiesOpportunity LandscapeLeading Indicator ActivitiesAccount Goals for FY 2012Critical Corporate Support Needs

20011 PTC#Objectives of the Account PlanGive visibility to and get feedback from the extended team, including management Provide stakeholders with information to make decisions (trade off resources, investment, priorities, etc.) Agree / Align on the goals, strategy and the related action plan 17Company Name - Account OverviewRanking20th largest U.S. manufacturer (2010 list, Industry Week).Employees220,000 employees (2010)67% outside the U.S.Revenues$42.7 B (2010)Net Income$3.2 B or $.12 per share (2010) Business DefinitionWhat products do they make? What does the company Do? What is their market? Who are their customers?Corporate Strategy/MissionCorporate Goals/InitiativesOverall Business ConditionGrowing/Stable/Declining, Market shareIndustry DriversWhat are the trends?CompetitorsWho do they compete with? How do they differentiate?Significant Recent EventsPress Releases, Mergers, Re-orgs, etc. 2011 PTCSample Data# Corporate Objectives(Revenue / Profit)Risks & Critical Capabilities (PTC Segment Tie-In)BusinessStrategies(What To Do)VCE OverviewPertinent Best Practices from PTC VRM Be /Remain the Industry Leader Increase Shareholder Value Drive GrowthBusinessInitiatives(How to Do It)PTCApproachBest PracticesPenetrate new markets (Innovation)Organic Growth of Product LinesCost Control to Fund BusinessExpand Distributor Network to Increase Sales Volume Best Practices to Drive Cost Efficiency and Corp. GovernanceRelocation/Closure of PlantsConsolidate Supply ChainTechnology ConsolidationSpecific risks called out in 10-k, 10-k, Analyst callCritical Capabilities from PTC VRM Value Pyramid#1919Jim SmithCEOGlen MillerEnterprise TransformationJody ParkerEVP QualityTom MirekCFOBob JonesCOORon AbbotVP Tactical Jeff PetersVP Tech Ops Rick EdwardsJCM PMGene HalloquePM MULERick MagnussPM NetfiresDwight JacksonCIODarcy SettyDirector, ITCal ScotDirector, ITRon LeachDirector ITGerald SmithDirector ITHarvey GrossEVP OpsJohn SmithSVP FinanceDon WilliamsSVP

Jim DugganDirectorSam PerkinsDirector,Ann WalkerDirector,Company Name Executive Org ChartIndicate Star for Target RelationshipsIndicate I for INFLUENCE in PTC DecisionsInd