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  • 1. He who is not courageous enough to take risk will accomplish nothing in life. Muhammad Ali

2. VIRGINIA CAPITAL PARTNERS provides capital and expertise to help outstanding entrepreneurs build market-leading companies. Our $50 million fund is provided by our managing partners and a group of blue-chip nancial rms, leading corporations and major endowments, including: Wells Fargo, Bank of America, BB&T, Sun Trust, Verizon, American Electric Power, and the Virginia Retirement System. Our investment partners have entrusted their capital to us until 2030. Because our funding is virtually permanent, we have no near-term need for liquidity. Our open-ended exit strategy provides our management partners with the freedom to realize liquidity when the timing is right from both the companys and the capital markets perspective. We strive to partner with outstanding entrepreneurs and management. Our role is to support our management partners as they implement their vision. Our management partnerships are carefully chosen and have resulted in exceptionally high executive retention. Across more than thirty different portfolio companies, senior management turnover is virtually zero. If you have opportunities or ambition greater than your current resources, contact one of our partners. We enjoy visiting with CEOs of growing companies, even if there isnt an immediate capital need. 3. The best way to predict the future is to create it. Peter Drucker 4. VIRGINIA C APITAL PARTNERS 3 CO R E PR I N C I PL E SVIRGINIA CAPITALS GOAL is to own an interest in a truly unique business run by outstanding people looking for an equity partner who shares their vision. Along with patient capital, we offer our portfolio companies: A committed partnerLong-term perspective Flexibility We are dedicated to helping our companiesOur time horizon is much longer than most We tailor each investment to the specic needs of become market-leading organizations over a private equity funds, our portfolio companies the parties involved and dont have any minimum number of years not overnight. are free to realize liquidity when the timing isownership requirement.right from both the companys and the capital Helpful guestmarkets perspective. Condentiality Like considerate dinner or party guests who pitchAll shared information is held in strict condence. in when their host needs assistance, we are here toGrowthWe are a private organization and have no public help at your request, but allow your preferences toWe rely on growth, not leverage or nancial disclosure requirements. guide our involvement in your company. engineering, as the key to our success.Ownership culture Management continuityNo outsidersOn average, our managing partners invest twice Our role is to support superb executives Our partners handle the entire investment as much in our portfolio companies than the implement their vision. We want to be a trustedprocess, from initial research to ongoing contact,typical private equity fund. advisor on key nancial and strategic decisions; but ensuring condentiality, rapid execution and solid, we leave day-to-day operations to our portfoliolong-term relationships.Prompt action company management teams. Our management We have the experience and nancial capability team partnerships have worked remarkably wellto complete transactions in as little as 45 days. executive turnover is virtually zero. 5. I never did a days work in my life. It was all fun. Thomas Edison 6. VIRGINIA C APITAL PARTNERS 5 I N V E S T M EN T F OC U SVIRGINIA CAPITAL INVESTS in growth companies across a variety of industries. A sampling of our investment experience to date includes: business services, media and communications, consumer services, healthcare, and insurance. Virginia Capital invests in companies at all stages of development from a new start-up to expansion of an existing business to the acquisition of an established company.Our portfolio companies share many common traits. Specically, we focus on the following elements: Experienced and results-oriented management Established, scalable business model Opportunity to accelerate revenue growth and expand free cash ow History of protability or an ability to reach protability quickly after our funding Opportunity for sustained growth of 15% to 20% per annum Signicant recurring revenues Sustainable competitive advantageVirginia Capital will invest from $1 million to $5 million per company and together with afliates we can consummate $20 million transactions. We are usually the rst institutional investor and often the sole investor. Virginia Capital structures transactions in order to foster long-term growth, ensure nancial stability and meet the needs of the companys owners.Historically we have not invested in heavy manufacturing or technology companies with substantial dependence on research and development. 7. Do not go where the path leads, go where there is no path and leave a trail. Ralph Waldo Emerson 8. VIRGINIA C APITAL PARTNERS 7 W H Y V I RG I N I A C A PI TA L ?RELATIONSHIPS ARE PARAMOUNTPARTNERSHIP We are a truly committed partner who understands what ourWe are a trusted and reliable partner. We do what we say we will do entrepreneurs are trying to achieve. Our rms partners share theirand are committed to the success of our partnerships in every way. commitment to building market-leading companies and are dedicatedUnlike other rms that are also involved in investment banking, lending to providing the energy, connections and tenacity to help make their or consulting, we are solely focused on private investing. Because this ambitious goals a reality. We understand that success is rarely a straight is all we do, we have no other motivations or interests beyond our line and have the perseverance and patience it takes to help build a portfolio companies long-term success. thriving enterprise. Entrepreneurs will be working with professionals who know how to succeed and work tirelessly to help our portfolioNO PUSH TO EXIT companies succeed. We have no pre-determined exit strategy. Because our funding isvirtually permanent, we have no near-term need for liquidity. We are HERITAGE OF SUCCESScontent to wait until conditions are optimal for both the company and Collectively, our portfolio represents one of the largest privately held the market. companies in the South Atlantic region, with more than 2,000 employ- ees, $1 billion in revenues and more than $1 billion in assets. Over the When the time is right to seek a liquidity event, we have developed a last 13 years we have invested in 30 companies in a variety of indus-superior process to realize the maximum all-cash, after-tax value with tries. These outstanding management partners have used our capital the least downside exposure. Having consummated dozens of sales to build tremendous value for themselves and our investors. We haveand several IPOs we know how to run the most effective process to sold our investment in 24 of our portfolio companies generating an obtain the maximum after-tax proceeds on the best possible terms. average return on investment of nearly 28% per annum. These excep- tional returns resulted from the marriage of sound business plans, out- standing management talent, superior execution and a carefully chosen exit when the time was right for the company and the market. 9. 8 VIRGINIA C APITAL PARTNERSO U R T R AC K R E CO R D Since 1996, we have invested in 30 portfolio companies, and of these, have successfully exited 24. Our cash-on-cash returns are 28% per annum. We believe ourgenuine focus on helping each of our companies succeed is a unique quality fueling these results. Collectively, our portfolio represents one of the largest privatelyheld companies in the South Atlantic region with more than 2,000 employees, $1 billion in revenues and more than $1 billion in assets. MEDIA & COMMUNICATIONSBUSINESS & CONSUMER SERVICESBioInformatics owns and operates the Science Physicians Practice is the second-largest physi- American Exposition Centers acquired, devel-Advisory Board, the largest online market research cian journal in the United States. The magazineoped, owned and operated ea markets in thepanel of physicians and scientists. The companyis co-branded with 40 major university hospitals,southeastern United States. The company wasgathers market information and publishes proprietary including: Harvard, Yale, the University of Virginia sold to a nancial buyer in 2007.research to the life sciences industry, including: biotech and the University of North Carolina. Physiciansequipment suppliers, pharmaceutical companies, Practice was sold in 2007 to a strategic buyer.Car Pool is one of the largest full-service car washinvestment companies and venture capital funds. chains in the U.S. The company owns and operates Shared Tower Sites develops, acquires, owns andseven locations in the Richmond metropolitanClear Signal Towers develops and operates wireless operates a portfolio of wireless communication area, provides professional detail services and iscommunication towers to enable mobile servicetowers. Virginia Capital co-founded Shared Tower a 30-year-old brand with one of the most widelyproviders to fulll the near insatiable demand Sites and raised additional equity during therecognized commercial names in its market.for wireless bandwidth for the mobile internettelecommunications collapse in 2002. STS wastsunami. Virginia Capital co-founded CST with a sold to a strategic investor in 2005.Cornett Hospitality owns and operates 15 casualseasoned tower entrepreneur.dining restaurants in Virginia, West Virginia and Virginia Telecomm Towers acquires, develops, and Pennsylvania. The Company was created throughMedIQ provides continuing medical educationoperates wireless communication towers. Virginia the merger of nine afliated restaurant companies,(CME) services to doctors nationwide. TheCapital co-fo