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    Hotel Management Courses in Chennai

    Professor, Hotel Management Institute.


  • A Hotel is a place used for relaxation or recreation, attracting visitors for holidays or vacations. Hotels are places, towns or sometimes commercial establishment operated by a single company. Such a self-contained Hotel attempts to provide for most of a vacationer's wants while remaining on the premises, such as food,drink,lodging,sports,entertainment, and shopping.

  • A Management is a business and human organization activity is simply the act of getting people together to accomplish desired goals. Management comprises planning, organizing, resourcing, leading or directing, and controlling an organization (a group of one or more people or entities) or effort for the purpose of accomplishing a goal. Resourcing encompasses the deployment and manipulation of human resources, financial resources, technological resources, and natural resources.

  • Food Production


    Management Food and

    Beverage Services


    Front Office

    Hotel management involves dealing with people throughout the day

    - with guests and colleagues in your own and other departments. The

    work culture involves good teamwork and leadership. Hotel

    management is primarily concerned with food and living space, the

    boarding and lodging needs of the guests, and more importantly their

    comfort, at all times.

    Broadly speaking, there are

    four core operational areas

    in a hotel: Food Production,

    Food and Beverage

    Services, Housekeeping and

    Front Office.

  • When a customer telephones the hotel. The receptionist, checks the booking log for an

    available room. Which he offers to the customer, along with

    the price. If the customers is happy with that room. Receptionist fills in a booking form with the

    customers name, address and telephone number, and the dates, room number, room occupancy and price of the booking.

    Then updates the booking details to the customers.

  • Receptionist Customer

    5. Fill in:

    Customer Details

    Booking Details


    6. Fill in:

    Booking Details

    Customer ID

    7. Original to


    8. File copy

    Booking Log

    Booking Form

    Booking Form File

    If Yes

    1. Give customer

    details, date and


    4. Yes/No

    3. Availability

    and price

    2. Check Booking

    Log to find

    suitable vacancy

    and price

  • Indias hotel industry is increasingly being viewed as investment-worthy, both within the country and outside, and several

    international chains are keen

    . We anticipate that, over the next three-five years, India will

    emerge as one of the worlds fastest growing tourism markets.

  • Hotel Management Courses in Chennai can be

    taken from the Sai International Institute of Hotel

    Management and Catering. Sai is also the only

    Indian Institute to provide Carving courses.

  • Catering Courses in chennai is being conducted

    by Sai International Institute of Hotel

    Management, Catering & Carving for students

    who are all passed or failed in their 10th and 12th

    exams. Jobs are guaranteed, and even part time

    jobs and accomodation are provided while


    Learn Vegetable Carving & Fruit Carving courses

    Sai International which is the only Indian institute

    to offer this course.

  • The boom in the tourism industry has resulted in the immense growth of hotel industry.

    Now these days Well-qualified hotel managers are now in ever increasing demand in cities and tourist resorts across the globe and so the acquisition of the relevant skills, and evidence of those skills, can provide for an exciting and very rewarding career in the widest choice of locations.

  • Some of the personal skills essential to succeed in the Hotel

    Industry are:

    An interest in food and changing styles

    A friendly and outgoing disposition

    Good communication and interaction skills

    Good organising abilities and an eye for detail

    Pleasant and cheerful personality

    Do you love people and understand them? Do you like

    catering to the needs of others? If you have good

    communication skills and an outgoing attitude, then the

    hospitality industry is a highly recommended career option.

    However, being part of the world's most dynamic and exciting

    industry is not for everyone, you have to be ambitious, creative

    and have the passion to work in an industry thats constantly generating new ideas.

  • Hotel Management Course In


    Hotel Management & Catering Technology Degree In Hotel Management, International Institute Of Hotel Management

    Diploma In Hotel Management Bsc In Hotel Management Top Hotel Management Colleges In India

  • Class 10

    Class 12 (Any Stream)

    Vocational Courses (Housekeeping/Front Office/ Food Craft)


    Study Abroad

    Bachelors in






    M.Sc/ PG


    MBA in

    Hotel & Tourism




    Study in India


    Diploma in





    Job as an Executive/

    Management Trainee

    PG in Hotel





    Program in




    Study Route

  • Sai Institute of hotel management chennai

    is one of the top hotel management

    colleges in India. Sai provides courses

    like diploma in Hotel Management,

    degree in hotel management & bsc in

    hotel management.Sai international

    institute of hotel management is the only

    Indian Institute that has a standards of an

    International range. Sai offers Diploman

    in Hotel Management, degree in hotel

    management, bsc in hotel management

    and Masters in culinary skills.

  • Hotel


    With the Indian Hospitality sector witnessing a boom that

    promises to stay, the employment opportunities are on a rise.

    The current demand for manpower in this industry is

    enormous. Moreover, the diversity of roles in hotel

    management is greater than in any other profession. Hotels

    require trained staff for all these departments

    Housekeeping Food and Beverage Services

    Front Office

    Food Production

  • Professional

    management training

    to help you to achieve

    a truly rewarding

    career working in an

    exciting hotel


  • A graduate can join in the variety of roles to begin with his career. Some of

    the work roles are given below for reference.

    Management Trainee in Hotel and Allied Industry Hospitality Executive Kitchen Management/House and Institutional Catering

    Supervisor/Assistant Faculty in Hotel Management/Food Craft Institutes Cabin Crew in National and International Airlines Catering Officer in Cruise lines/Ships Marketing/Sales Executive in Hotel/Multinational Companies Customer Service Executives in Banking /Insurance and other

    Service Sectors Manager/Supervisor in Tourism Development Corporations

    Entrepreneurship opportunities and many more

  • General Managers: They have responsibility for all operations at a hotel. They exercise a lot of authority within

    parameters set by the hotel owner or the executives of the

    whole chain. This authority can extend to setting prices,

    creating budgets that allocate resources to different

    departments, approving spending, and setting standards for the

    quality of service, including quality of staff, food, amenities,

    dcor, and event planning.

    Resident Managers: These are on-call all day because they live in the hotel. They are called on to resolve

    problems and respond to emergencies. However, they

    sometimes work a normal forty-hour workweek and make sure

    the hotel runs smoothly. General managers can also be

    resident managers.


    Learn Advanced Hotel Management & Catering

    Technology at Sai International Institute of Hotel

    Management in Chennai. Sai is also the only indian

    institute to provide carving course with a foreign tie

    ups. Sai international institute of hotel management is

    the only Indian Institute that has a standards of an

    International range. Sai offers Diploman in Hotel

    Management, degree in hotel management, bsc in hotel

    management and Masters in culinary skills. For More

    information Please Visit : Hotel Management