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Educational materials including our doctor bios, DaVinci, Carotid Coronary Artery Disease, Maze procedure, Mitral Valve surgery and the areas of the body we treat.


  • Your Heart Our Hands

    706 The Rialto, Venice, Florida 34285Phone: (941) 484-8004

    Fax: (941)

    Our WorkWorkingexclusivelywithVeniceRegionalMedicalCenter,thephysiciansoftheVenice-OcalaHeartInstitutecontinueto build a program and a team that provides the highest quality care using the most appropriate and latest technologies including robotic surgery.ThisstandardofexcellencewasaffirmedasVeniceRegionalMedicalCenterhasbeencontinuallyrecognizedasaTop50CardiovascularProgramnationally.Additionally,thehospitalitselfhasbeendesignatedasoneofthecountrysTop50HospitalsbyThomsonReuters,anationallyrecognizedobjectivebusinessratingorganization.

    The goal of the Venice-Ocala Heart Institute is to draw upon the expertise of two specialties cardiovascular surgery and anesthesia and to deliver the best quality of care to the heart, lungs and vascular needs of the patient.We care for our patients as we would our own loved ones.

    Your Cardiothoracic Team

    Jonathan C. Fong, M.D., F.A.C.S.Cardiovascular, Thoracic & Vascular SurgeonDr.FongisamemberoftheAmericanBoardofSurgery,andiscertifiedbytheAmericanBoardofThoracicSurgery,theAmericanMedicalAssociation,theChristianMedicalandDentalAssociationandisafellowoftheAmericanCollegeofSurgeons.


    Mateo B. Dayo, III, M.D., M.B.A.Cardiovascular, Thoracic & Vascular SurgeonDr.DayoisBoardCertifiedbytheAmericanBoardofSurgeryandtheAmericanBoardofThoracicSurgery.Dr.DayowasalsotherecipientofthePatientsChoiceAwardfromtheAmericanRegistry.

    Jonathan Dreier, M.D., M.B.A.Cardiac, Vascular & Thoracic AnesthesiologistDr.DreierisBoardCertifiedinAnesthesiaandCriticalCareMedicineandisaFellowoftheAmericanCollegeofChestPhysicians.HehaswrittenmultiplejournalarticlesandbookchaptersintheareasofAnesthesia,CriticalCareandTrauma.

  • 706 The Rialto, Venice, Florida 34285Phone: (941) 484-8004

    Fax: (941)

    You have aCHOICE

    when it comes to heart surgery.

    Can your heartprogram say this?

    Your follow-up visits were most helpful and I am grateful thatyour expertise brought methrough this recent procedure.

    Dr. Fong is the greatest.

    He has given me mylife back.

    It was a pleasure to see

    such a

    well-run, efficient, yet very car


    group of health care prov

    iders perform

    as a seamless team.

    Dr. Dayo is wonderful! He isvery down to earth and great with patients. From the point of surgery to long after, he was excellent. Great experience!

    Choose your heart surgeon based on the facts.

    Voted in the top 1% of heart programs in Florida The areas best success rates and patient outcomes The proven reputation of Dr. Fong and Dr. Dayo

    Why not give yourself the bestchance at Venice-Ocala Heart Institute?


    E. Venice Ave.W. Venice Ave.


    bor D

    r. S.






    Airport Ave.

    S. Tamiami Trail





    San Marco Dr.


    E. Venice Ave.

    Center Rd.



    a Bl


    Venice Bypass


    Your heart

    is worth

    the drive

    Your Heart | Our Hands

  • HOT TOPICMiniMally invasive Mitral valve surgery

    Your Heart Our Hands

    The Venice-Ocala Heart Institute is proud to be one of the only local practices performing Minimally Invasive Mitral Valve surgery.

    What does Minimally Invasive Valve surgery offer your patients? Less pain Shorter hospital stay Faster recovery and return to normal activity Less risk of complications Better cosmetic results Greater satisfaction

    706 The Rialto, Venice, Florida 34285Phone: (941) 484-8004

    Fax: (941)


    IS YOUR PATIENT A CANDIDATE?Many patients are unaware that they have mitral regurgitation; however, symptoms most commonly identified with Mitral Valve Disease are fatigue, shortness of breath, decreased exercise capacity, and arrhythmias or atrial fibrillation.Indications Isolated mitral valve procedures The patient is seeking a minimally invasive optionContraindications Ascending aortic dilation > 4 cm Severe aortic regurgitation Aneurysm of ascending aorta Aortic stent Grade II-IV aortic atheroma Otherwise contraindicated by CPB

    Minimally invasive valve surgery enables cardiac surgeons to perform a wide range of minimally invasive procedures through small openings in the spaces between the ribs, eliminating the need for a full sternotomy.

    Scar resulting from traditional open heart surgery.

    Scar resulting fromminimally invasive mitralvalve surgery.

  • HOT TOPICMiniMally invasive Mitral valve surgery

    Your Heart Our Hands

    The Venice-Ocala Heart Institute began its work in thoracic and vascular surgery in 2003. Working in complete cooperation, exclusively with Venice Regional Medical Center, the physicians continue to build a program that provides the highest quality care using the most appropriate and latest technologies.This approach to delivering care was affirmed as Venice Regional Medical Center has beencontinually recognized as a Top 50 Cardiovascular Program nationally.

    Additionally, Venice Regional Medical Center itself has been designated as a Top 50 Hospital by Thomson

    Reuters, a nationally recognized objective business rating organization.The goal of the Venice-Ocala Heart Institute is to draw upon the expertise of two specialties cardiovascular surgery and anesthesia, and to deliver the best quality of cardiothoracic and vascular care to the heart, lungs and vascular needs of the patient.

    706 The Rialto, Venice, Florida 34285Phone: (941) 484-8004

    Fax: (941)

    How is it done?As with other minimally invasive procedures, our expert surgeons complete the valve repair or replacement technique through much smaller surgical incisions than the larger incision needed for open-chest surgery.Two to three small incisions are made between the ribs.Muscles in the area are divided in order to reach the heart.A small cut is then made in the left side of the heart to gain access to the mitral valve.

    OUR COMMITMENT TO YOUR PATIENTSThe Venice-Ocala Heart Institutes commitment to continued training in advanced surgical technologies and patient care make it possible for us to bring the benefits of minimally invasive valve surgery to your patients. We share a common goal: to provide your patients with the best possible treatment and the best possible results.

    Mitral Valve Disease

  • Caring for the Whole Patient

    Your Heart Our Hands

    Venice-Ocala Heart Institute offers a full-range of surgical interventions for those in need of heart surgery, lung surgery and peripheral vascular disease treatment, including cancer patients. We are proud to offer patients and providers the most up-to-date and advanced techniques, including a growing number of minimally invasive and robotic surgery options. Before, during and after surgery, patients are cared for in close collaboration with cardiologists, pulmonologists, oncologists and other internal medicine physicians. From tumors and blockages, to leaks, atrial fibrillation and much more, Venice-Ocala Heart Institute represents a full-service cardiovascular and thoracic surgery team with broad capabilities.

    We perform a wide variety of cardiac, vascular and thoracic procedures:

    706 The Rialto, Venice, Florida 34285Phone: (941) 484-8004

    Fax: (941)

    No Case is Too ToughWe have experienced an increase in acute emergent aortic patients, elderly patients, and other challenging cases. Though

    they are associated with greater risk, we have welcomed the challenges of these very complex patients. Despite this difficult caseload, our mortality has remained low, due in part to our

    dedicated team and philosophy of treating the whole patient providing the best care possible.

    Full range of thoracic surgery including: DaVinciroboticlungsurgery


    Minimallyinvasivelobectomy for lung cancer Pleurxcatheterplacement

    Full range of vascular surgery including: Surgicalrepairofthecarotidsand other major arteries Carotidendarterectomy

    Angioplastyandstentplacementof the peripheral arteries Peripheralarterybypasssurgery oftheleg

    Endovascularaneurysmrepair (EVAR)


    Full range of cardiac surgery including: DaVinciroboticheartsurgery

    On-andoff-pump(onthebeatingheart) coronary artery bypass Minimallyinvasivevalverepairandreplacement


    Pacemakerplacement,includingAICD andBI-VAICD









  • he Maze Procedure is a com-plex heart surgery performed to

    treat chronic atrial brillation, a form of arrhythmia in which the

    atria quiver instead of beating eec-tively. While there are several variations of atrial brillation, each with dierent causes, they all involve irregularities in the transmission of electrical impulses through the heart. Maze heart surgery is performed to control the patients irregular heartbeat and restore the hearts normal rhythm. CREATING THE MAZEe Maze Procedure involves the creation of lesions in both atria. When these heal, scar tissue forms and prevents the abnormal electrical impulses from passing through the heart. e Maze Procedure essentially works by cr


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