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    Venture for Lean Product Innovation Our Venture for Lean Product Innovation program provides participants with an intensive, hands-on course focusing on the creation, evaluation, and early development of new innovative products/services. For each new product/service, key issues are addressed in a fashion highly consistent with lean product development methodologies including: minimal viable product design, visual model embodiment, feasibility assessment, early prototype development, resource and cost analysis, and go-to-market strategies. Throughout the class students refine their product/services hypothesized realization model based on instructor, peer, customer, and experts feedback.

    Who Should Attend This is an open-enrollment program designed for individuals interested in creating new innovative products/services as part of a venture. Participants enter the session with preliminary ideas about the products/services that they would like to work on during the program and then work in teams with similar requirements to create a functioning prototype.

    Program Benefits At the highest level, you will come away with clear answers to the following questions: What are the issues, tensions, and relationships

    faced by entrepreneurs as they build a new product/service?

    What are common challenges found in creating new products and services?

    What are the key components that are required to realize the product/service?

    How do you model an early prototype that can effectively communicate the innovation potential to the customer?

    What is the most agile and lean strategy to develop new products and services?

    How do you come up a fairly accurate cost estimate to build the product/service based on reasonable, benchmarked assumptions?

    What metrics are critical to measure and monitor new products/services success?

    What are the skill sets, resources and team structure for successful launch and early stage growth?

    Program Content The program uses a proprietary sequence of modules and tools to support the development of your new product/service. You will learn how to use tools required to design and give form to your product/service, from ideation to launch preparedness. Specific skill development and issues covered include: Design Thinking Understanding the core

    concepts of form and function, proportion, materiality and more

    Idea Conceptualization Creating a visual representation that conveys the product/service idea in a concise manner

    Model Design Using appropriate tools to convert the idea concept into an implementable model

    Computer Aided Prototype Creation - Practice prototype design emphasizing the use of computer-supported tools in the design process.

    Realization Strategies Identifying what should be included in the Minimum Viable Product (MVP), creating an implementation path for the fully functional product/service

    Key Partners- Understanding your industry ecosystem to facilitate appropriate relationships with manufacturers and suppliers

    Profit Models- Identifying the costs required to build your product and accurately project costs of goods sold

    Product Team Management- Selecting team members with the right mix of knowledge and skills

  • Copyright 2014 Venture for All - All Rights Reserved

    Value Created for You Pre-class assignments are designed to inform faculty about your preliminary new venture concepts so the class can be best structured to support your efforts throughout the program. Post-class sessions and mentoring can be arranged on individual or group basis.

    Faculty Leaders Top faculty leaders who are experienced, accomplished entrepreneurs and senior executives in their own right teach this program. Each brings to the classroom extensive experience and knowledge for achieving practical results. Please visit our website to view their vitae.

    Location Venture for All programs are held locally across many emerging markets including India, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, and several African countries. Additionally, there are programs hosted on the Columbia University Campus in New York City.

    Fee The program fee is based on the number of days and level of instruction. Fees include tuition, instructional materials, breaks, and lunch. Participants that complete the program successfully receive a Venture for All Program Certificate from Columbia Business School.

    Venture for All Programs Venture for All is a global initiative whose mission is to enhance the entrepreneurial ecosystem in emerging and frontier markets through education and mentorship. Our programs educate and train young aspiring entrepreneurs to become enterprise builders and job creators, prepare and educate the small and family-owned business owner for the next stage of growth, and create marketplace development strategies for high potential corporate managers.

    Hosted by the Columbia Business School, Venture for All programs drive to empower emerging communities through entrepreneurship and help to build the local economy. The programs ensure that aspiring and seasoned entrepreneurs are able to create new opportunities for themselves and others in their communities. Additionally, Venture for All advises policymakers at government, corporate, and educational institutions to recognize the need to build capacity for high potential startup ventures in emerging and frontier markets.

    Contact For more information on participating in one of Venture for All programs, program schedules for on-campus, international, and online offerings, hosting a Venture for All program in your country or region, or becoming a regional representative, contact Dr. Jack McGourty, Director of Community & Global Entrepreneurship and Founder of Venture for All at Columbia Business School. Email: