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  1. 1. Environmental Logistics The New Competitive Advantage V
  2. 2. A unique zero emissions logistics solution for the London office supplies market A unique sales opportunity A must have for anybody looking to retain existing key accounts V
  3. 3. Who is behind it? V P1Performance 1ST Market leading environmental logistics specialists Market leading sales & marketing specialists
  4. 4. V 1.5m+ Items Delivered Each Year 100+ Electric Zero Emission Vehicles 99.5% Accurate Deliveries Gnewt Cargo Deliveries with 100% zero-emissions at the tailpipe Independently verified deliveries that cut CO2 emissions per parcel by 62% A delivery fleet powered by 100% renewable electricity from sunshine, wind and rain A demonstrable commitment to sustainable logistics as evidenced by awards and accreditations
  5. 5. V Performance 1st P1 make people your competitive advantage. Transforming the effectiveness of companies and amplifying business performance: P1Performance 1ST Sales Development Sales Training Sales Consultancy Sales Coaching Sales Recruitment Consultancy Non Executive Interim Retained & Project Executive Coaching Training Open Course Schedule In-House Training Outsourced Training Coaching
  6. 6. V The Background - Sustainability 93% 74% 58% 91% 96% 86% 93% of CEOs believe that sustainability issues will be critical to the future success of their business.1 58% of CEOs identify consumers as the most important stakeholder group that will impact the way they manage societal expectations.1 96% of CEOs believe that sustainability issues should be fully integrated into the strategy and operations of a company.1 Strengthening brand, trust and reputation is the strongest motivator for taking action on sustainability issues, identified by 74% of CEOs.1 91% of CEOs report that their company will employ new technologies (e.g., renewable energy) to address sustainability issues over the next 5 years.1 86% of CEOs see accurate valuation by investors of sustainability in long- term investments as important to reaching a tipping point in sustainability.1 1 Accenture CEO Study
  7. 7. V The Background - ULEZ Introduction of the worlds first Ultra Low Emission Zone in central London in 2020 to: Reduce air pollutants from road transport Reduce CO2 emissions from road transport Promote sustainable travel Stimulate the low emission vehicle market The ULEZ will require vehicles travelling in the Congestion Charge Zone of central London to meet new emission standards 24 hours a day, seven days a week or pay a daily charge. The ULEZ emission standards will be enforced using Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras Non-compliant vehicles could still drive in the zone but they will be required to pay a daily charge of 12.50
  8. 8. V Who is it for? Dealers who wish to develop brand new business in the London market Dealers who wish to develop and grow existing client business in the London market Dealers who wish to protect existing clients in the London market Dealers who wish to differentiate in a crowded market Dealers looking at reviewing their current fleet
  9. 9. V How it works Performance 1st will issue a limited number of licenses for the London market (a maximum of 30). A license is valid for 12 months at a time with an annual renewal option There are two licence options VA and VA Plus Each license (VA and VA Plus) provides a VA partner the right to: - Use the VA zero emissions logistic solution for London client deliveries - Use the VA branding within their marketing VA plus provides additional services to the above Performance 1st will manage all aspects of existing and on-going VA partner logistics integration with the VA program
  10. 10. V How it works Logistics Process Wholesaler Stocked Products Only Separate account opened with chosen Wholesaler etc. Orders placed on new account as pick and wrap order Wholesaler etc. delivers direct to Gnewt during the night Gnewt deliver to end user
  11. 11. V How it works Logistics Process Added Dealer Stocked Products Separate account opened with chosen Wholesaler etc Individual products to be stocked by Wholesaler with unique code Orders placed on new account as pick and wrap order Wholesaler etc. delivers direct to Gnewt during the night Gnewt deliver to end user
  12. 12. V How it works Logistics Process Deliveries Initially all deliveries made on Gnewt branded electric vehicles Once volumes established all deliveries made on VA branded electric vehicles All VA branded vehicles will be driven by P1 selected and trained Drivers Option for VA members to have own branded vehicle and selected and trained Driver Option for VA members to share dual branded vehicles
  13. 13. V How it works Logistics Process Supplementary Initially both tracking and PODs will be available on request as a manual option Once VA branded vehicles are established tracking and PODs will be available electronically Initially returns will be available on request as a manual option raised via the Wholesaler Once VA branded vehicles are established returns will be available electronically
  14. 14. V VA Plus - 1 of 2 12 month inclusive rolling sales training/coaching program Inclusive Marketing services - Prospect Brochure - Sales Presentation - Website Landing Page Environmental Logistics Our award winning 100% zero-emissions delivery solution powered by renewable electricity V
  15. 15. V VA Plus - 2 of 2 Lead Generation - VA will be marketed throughout London to targeted end users (30,000 plus) - Interested end-users will be logged and a list/profile of existing partners will be provided for preferred contact by the prospect - The preferred partner/partners will be notified to make contact - For no preference selection VA Plus partners will be advised of general interest Existing client registration - VA Plus partners will be given the option of registering existing clients. Any existing client registering an interest will be directed to their existing supplier
  16. 16. V How much does it cost - deliveries Ground floor to point of delivery - 8.50 per drop Designated Desk Top - 17.50 per drop
  17. 17. V How will it be branded? Deliveries will be made on Gnewt Cargo branded vehicles VA branded vehicles will be used once minimum volumes are reached There is an option for dealer-specific branding and dual branding options
  18. 18. V Do I need to commit to minimum deliveries? Required volumes to maintain our market-competitive distribution rates are based on the collective VA partnership (i.e. all partners). The expectation of targeted drop numbers per dealer is based on circa 100,000 of end-user sales value per annum You will receive a fixed fee cost/drop, fixed across all VA partners, regardless of individual volumes
  19. 19. V Why cant I just get my own electric van? Indicative costs to purchase an electronic vehicle are in excess of 60,000 You will need 3-phase power Battery replacement costs are sizeable depending on the vehicle
  20. 20. V How much is a VA licence? The standard license is - 1,000 pcm* A VA Plus license is - 1,500 pcm* *By direct debit payment
  21. 21. V Remind me why I should want a licence? The VA zero emissions solution negates the forthcoming ULEZ fines Low and zero emissions initiatives are here to stay Environmental policies are now considered some of the most important in your clients business No need for capital outlay of fleet replacement/cash flow/capital release Be able to include all the market-leading environmental accreditations and acknowledgements awarded to Gnewt Cargo Gain a sales advantage We will be limiting the licenses to 30 partners only It will be a defence against aggressive, maybe larger, competitors targeting your existing clients with a developed environmental policy P1 will fully manage integration and maintenance of your logistics First class training and coaching from P1 (VA Plus) Be part of P1s end user lead generation program Receive first refusal on other UK zones as the program expands throughout the UK Access a raft of P1 support services to help you grow your VA business
  22. 22. V Who at P1 will manage this for us? Gary Naphtali Sales Training & Coaching Gary is a proven professional at all levels of sales and business performance management. His 25-year career includes extensive experience in sales management and leadership roles in both direct and indirect B2B environments in a variety of product sectors from commodity to big ticket capital goods. Steve Gorham Operations Steve has a proven track record in Operations Management at the highest level with a reputation for improving service levels and cutting costs. With 27 years, experience working for Spicers, and having been promoted 10 times, he has a full understanding of how a business works from the ground up. Pete Belmonte Marketing Well known in the office products industry for a number of years through marketing roles at Office Team and OfficeSmart. Petes two decades of experience is complemented by his advanced industrial and B2B marketing learning from INSEAD and Harvard Business School.
  23. 23. V Im not sure I am interested just yet, can I wait and see? Absolutely. We will though only be issuing 30 licences for the London area. To provide added value to our partners once 30 have been registered then they will be the only licences.
  24. 24. V What if I decide to cancel my licence? The licence will run for a 12 month period with an auto-renewal option after 12 months. Should you wish to cancel at the end of the 12 months then you will have 30 days to cancel before it is automatically renewed for a further 12 months. Any licences that are cancelled will be offered to other distributors wishing to become partners
  25. 25. V What else is planned for the VA?

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