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  1. 1. Title:Denotation VIBE in bold andupper case red writing.Connotation Bold writing makesthe magazine stand out and redusually shows danger which mayreflect and relate to the image ofEminem who may be a danger toother rappers because of hismusical talentImage:Denotation RapperEminem looking directly atthe reader of the magazinefolding his arms.Connotation lookingdirectly at the reader drawsthe readers attention to themagazine. The folded armsshows that the page aboutEminem will be of a seriousmatter. He is also notsmiling which suggestssomething bad may havehappened to him and this isfurther revealed by the lineComes CleanShows the magazine isseriousEminem is the main coverstory which shows hisdominance in the rap industryand this is further backed upby him folding his arms whichalso shows he may haveauthority over the otherrappers. He is revealing histattoos which may show thathe is revealing stories abouthimself inside the magazine.Black and redcolour schemeSub Titles:Denotation Namesof other Rappers insmaller writing.Connotation smallerwriting shows thatthe magazine will bepredominantly aboutEminem. Otherrappers are lesssignificant.Quality:Denotation Glossyand expensive.Connotation showsreader that product isof high quality whichmakes them willing tospend more money onitLayout:Denotation clutteredConnotation shows thatthe content in themagazine may be aboutrappers who's lives arecluttered.Red writingshowsdanger.Eminem isdangerous inthe musicbusiness.Plain black vest makes Eminem stand outfrom the plain white background. It may alsobe used to show that Eminem is a whiterapper amongst lots of black rappers.
  2. 2. Target Audience The target audience for VIBE are people aging from 18-34 who have an interest in and listento rap music regularly. VIBE is currently sold at 4.95 and their annual subscription is 14.95which is a relatively cheap price so is targeted at a working/middle class audience. This imageshows the percentage of people from different categories that read VIBE. It shows that VIBEis mostly read by men between the ages of 18 and 34 and that the majority of people whoread the magazine are employed or in education. It is also shown that the vast majority ofpeople who read the magazine are Black/African American.
  3. 3. Language The feature I found is from VIBE magazine aboutrapper Trip Lee and his concert on Miami beach.The writing is very formal which is unusual of arap magazine as rappers sometimes speak inslang. This shows the magazine is addressing itsreader as an intelligent fan of rap music. Themagazine rights the article like a story to engagethe reader and includes an interview with therapper himself to give the reader a more personalfeel towards the magazine. The article uses shortsentences which could relate to the shortsentences which are regularly used in rap music.
  4. 4. LanguageDPS from VIBE magazinePull quote used to get apersonal viewfrom who thearticle is aboutKeeping to the colourscheme of the frontpage of the magazineStory aboutEminem'srise to fameEminems real name gives a personal view andan insight into whoEminem really isThe article istelling a story tothe reader whichshows they aretrying to relate totheir audience.However thelanguage style isformal whichshows VIBE istrying to conveythat theirmagazine isserious.Makes the reader wantto know more aboutEminem's life.
  5. 5. Planning Style and tone of my magazine- For my magazine I mayfollow the rap/hip hop magazine style and incorporateideas from VIBE magazine into my own. I will use a serioustone in order to make my magazine look professional. I willaim to use consistent fonts and colours throughout mymagazine and try to make them stand out from thebackground. I believe that my magazine will mostly relateto VIBE as it follows the hip hop/rap theme and has storieswhich I would be likely to use in my magazine. However Imay also add in articles about different genres of music. Ifeel this will make more people want to buy my magazineas it will appeal to everyone. My magazine will bepredominantly about rap music but I will also try to includestories that everyone wants to read.
  6. 6. Target audience for my magazine Age Range: 16 30 Gender: my magazine will be aimed at boys and girls as Ifeel that rap music appeals to both sexs. I will sell my magazine at 3.50 as I feel this is a reasonableprice for the people who will buy my magazine. My agerange is quite young so therefore they may not be willing tobuy a product which costs a lot of money. I will aim to appeal to my target market by adding in thingswhich are current to the music industry. I will try to includestories for both girls and boys so all readers of my magazinewill be attracted to buy the magazine. I will try to add stories and articles that everyone can relateto as I feel this will increase sales of my magazine.