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  • Victoria Amateur Swim Club


    Competitive swimming on the Gorge peaked in the early 1920s. Several clubs dedicated to

    the sport had set up headquarters on the Gorge, YMCA(YSC) was first in 1908, then the

    Victoria Amateur Swim Club (VASC) and Victoria Ladies Swim Club (VLSC) started up in

    1913, the Victoria and Island Athletic Association (VIAA) formed in 1914 and the Elks

    Swim Club (ESC) started up in 1920. Each club was located within a few hundred yards of

    the Gorge Bridge and held its own weekly handicap races, several hosted Provincial and

    Pacific Northwest championships.

    Annual meeting of VASC at Carter Hall on January 6th

    1920 at 8pm

    Election of Officers

    President Mr. C. Hopper

    Vice President Mr. T.N. Hibben, Mrs.Bertha McAllister

    Secretary Gerald Eley Wellburn

    March 8 1920

    Discussion on registering the lease for the clubhouse site

    Fees- membership- .50 per year

    Swimmer privileges: 9&under, $1.00 per year

    16&under, $2.00 per year

    over 16, $3.00 per year

    March 16 1920

    Club applies for sanction for meet on July 1st to hold BC champs for water polo, ladies 100

    yards and Junior 50 yards

    Moved that lease to be registered

    April 14 1920

    Sanction approved for meet to hold BC champs for water polo, ladies 100 yards and 200 yards

    junior relay

    May 19 1920

    Opening of clubhouse Saturday May 22nd

    1920 at 3:30pm with basket picnic and swimming


    Picnic July 1st at Telegraph Bay (transportation to and back $0.60)

    May 25th

    membership Adults $3.50 Juniors $2.50

  • July 5 1920

    Mr. J.D. McNeil thanks club members for wedding presents

    July 20 1920

    Application to CASA for sanction to hold annual club gala August 28th


    August 3 1920

    Permission granted by CASA for Club Gala, 100 yd Ladies BC Championships be adopted

    for the event Mrs. Barrett donated $15.00 towards medals for this meet

    August 17 1920

    Paid a plumbing bill for two showers for the clubhouse

    December 6 1920

    Yearly club fees for membership effective January 1 1921 set at $1.00

    Swimmer privileges

    9 and under $ .50

    16 and under $1.50

    16 and over $2.50

    On December 25 1920 the VASC hosted the first Invitational Christmas Day Swim, nine

    swimmers (two of the were female) braved the cold waters to do a few laps. Tom Wellburn

    won the first race followed by Dave Barcley and George Silburn. Captain M. Harbord

    offered the club a Challenge Cup as long as the swim remains an annual event.


    1st Annual Christmas Day Swim

  • 1920


    January 3 1921

    Election of Officers

    President Mrs. Bertha McAllistar

    Vice President Mrs. Plunb, Dr. Patterson

    Secretary Gerald Evey Wellburn

    Land leased by club a portion of lot C section 15 Victoria District, Municipality of


    April 6 1921

    VASC awarded three BC Championships

    220 yards open

    50 yards ladies

    50 yards mens

    June 1 1921

    VASC applies for Gala on July 23 1921 and permission is granted on July 6th


    June 21 1921

    VASC writes a letter to Mr. Butchart asking for permission to hold the clubs annual picnic at

    his gardens on July 9th

    or 10th

    . Permission was granted on July 6th


    July 6 1921

    Butchart Gardens turn out not to be suitable for the club picnic and it was moved to Deep

    Cove on Sunday July 17, to leave on BCER at 10:30 am.

  • Club Picnic Deep Cove, Sunday July 17 1921

    It was reported that Mr. Henry Bird was building a boat for the club at cost price.

    July 23 1921

    Three Provincial (50 Free ladies, 220 Breaststroke mens, 50 Free mens) and one Vancouver

    Island Championship (Water Polo) for the Little and Taylor Cup were at stake at the VASC


    50 Free ladies K Wellburn 2nd

    50 Free mens E Squire 3rd

    Water Polo results - VASC 4 YMCA 2

  • August 3 1921

    Saturday September 3rd

    1921 set as the date

    for the Dominion swimming

    Championships run by the CASA BC


    Club picnic held at Butchart Gardens,

    August 10 1921

    Kathleen Wellburn, a fourteen year old

    swimmer, won first place in the BC

    Championship Ladies 100 yard free style

    event with a time of 1:18.15 in a gala held

    in the early summer of 1921 (September 3



    January 28 1922

    Kathy Wellburn presented an award

    (bracelet) for outstanding 1921 season,

    Colin McFayden coaching/training Miss


    Hibberson Cup awarded to Doris Graves for

    highest point total for handicap races for


    February 6 1922

    Election of Officers

    President Mr.Henry Bird

    Vice Presidents Mr. Robert William


    Miss Doris Graves

    Sec/Tres Gerald Evey


    Mr. J Wenger to donate a cup for the club

    handicap races held through out the season

    April 6 1922

    Club applies to the CASA for sanction for

    the BC Championships on July 29 1922 for

    the following races, 440 freestyle mens, 100

    freestyle ladies, 100 senior freestyle ladies

    relay and water polo

    September 3 1921

  • May 9 1922

    Club awarded BC Championships for 440 freestyle mens and 100 freestyle ladies

    Opening day for the club May 20th


    May 31 1922

    Purpose of the meeting was to discuss the purchase of the waterfront lot in front of G

    Humpheries residence Gorge Road with a frontage of 60 feet for a price of $600.00

    Motion to purchase the lot was MSC unanimously

    June 7 1922

    Club championships to include 50 yards, 100yds, 440 yards and 88 yards

    Waterfront lot was purchased and first payment made

    Club incorporated with Benevolent Societies Act

    July 5 1922


    annual club gala held on July 29th


    Annual Club Picnic, need to write to Mrs. Cresswell in regards to using Deep Cove on August

    6 1922

    On a Saturday afternoon, July 27 1922 at 3:15pm, the VASC held a gala, in which two BC

    Championship were at stake, at the Canadian Amateur Outdoor Swimming Championships,

    which took place on the Gorge. Tom Wellburn won the BC Championship 440 yard freestyle

    event and set a new Provincial Record with a time of 6:19.15 while Gracie and Kathleen

    finished second and third in the BC Championship 100 yard freestyle event. This was the

    tenth type event which the VASC had hosted

    July 27 1922

    Canadian Amateur Outdoor Swimming Championships

  • On July 31st of 1922, the club again hosted a swimming gala with provincial championship

    races held on the Gorge. Tom Wellburn won the BC Championship 880 yard free style event.

    August 9 1922

    Financial committee progressing with incorporation of club

    President Bird called for plans to be submitted for a two story club house

  • Colours and Emblem.

    27. The colours of the society shell be green and white and the emblem of the society shall

    consist of the letters V .A.S.C. formed in the following manner

    DATED at Victoria, B.C. this 24th day of November, A.D. 1922.


    Henry Bird 3234 Glasgow Ave. Saanich, B.C. Boatbuilder

    John Davidson McNeill, 430 Alpha st., Victoria, B.C. Dyer

    Robert William Hibberson, 1619 Hampshire Road, Victoria, B.C. Timber Cruiser

    Alice Naomi Hibberson 1619 Hampshire Rd, N. Victoria. Housewife

    Annie Borders Armstrong, 124 Government Clerk

    Willis Theodore McNaughton Barrett, Land Surveyor, Cecil Hotel,Victoria, B.C."

    Bertha McAllister, 30 Cambridge St., Victoria, B.C. Wife of C.W McAllister

    Ada Emily Catterall, 1016 Linden Wife of Harry Catterall

    Gerald Eley Wellburn, 2874 Austin Ave, Victoria, B.C. Salesman

    Mary Wellburn, 1331 Grant St., Victoria. Clerk

    George Silburn, 3200 Douglas St. (Victoria, B.C.) Clerk

    Witness to the signature of Henry Bird,

    Isaac Chadwick, 1282 Kings Rd. Victoria, B.C. Boatbuilder

    Witness to the signatures of, Alice Naomi Hibberson and Mary Wellburn

    Ruth Helen Melville, 129 Clarence St.,Victoria. B.C.Stenographer

    Witness to the signatures of ; John Davidson Mc Neill, Robert William Hibberson, Annie

    Borders Armstrong, Willis Theodore McNaughton Barrett, Bertha McAllister Ada Emily

    Catterall, Gerald Eley Wellburn, George Silburn

    George Watt Stott, 103 Menzies Street, Victoria B.C.


    February 7 1923

    Election of Officers

    President Mr.Henry Bird

    Vice Presidents Mr. Robert William Hibberson, Miss Dorothy Georgette Long

    Sec/Tres Gerald Evey Wellburn (to July) / L. Russell /Thomas Brooke

    Paperwork for Benevolent Societies Act to go through later this month

    Plans for a new clubhouse submitted and work to be started at the earliest date

    March 14 1923

  • Work continues on the laying out and surveying of the new lot, floorplans for clubhouse

    looked at

    Club applies for BC Championship for the 440 yard freestyle mens and the 100 yard freestyle

    ladies or the ladies 50 yard ladies freestyle and 800 yard mens freestyle

    April 27 1923

    Special Meeting

    Held to discuss the issue of debentures, $300.00 to be issued by the club for construction and