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December 2016 Holiday Program

Birch tree Painting

Gel medium old paper

Stencilling gold patterns

Add colour random with pallet knife red, viridian, purple, alizarin crimson

Masking tape where trees must go

Blend blue ski over whole painting

Trees pull masking tape off, use old card to add black paint, inside lines, do branches with small brush

Seal with gel medium

Paper Mache Fish

3 Recycled stationary holders

Sharpie Coaster Art

White ceramic tiles

Sharpie makers

Rubbing alcohol 91%

Ear dropper



Magnet games in a tin

Tic tack toe

Find the match

Marble maze

Word games

DIY 10 family fridge magnets

Raised Salt Artwork

Button Stamping bag

Shinny decorated hanging snowflakes

Glass snow ball

Christmas Ornaments

Use wire coathanger, mesh ribbon and pipe cleaners in stead of sellotape