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Webinar5 Places to Look for Social ROI in 2015#5ROI



Sales: Lead GenerationMonitor - purchase intent, demographics, geographyEngage - push leads through sales cycle

MarketingMarketing: Performance TrackingContent - Track engagement success & integrate Marketing tools.PR - Message amplification and crisis management.

SupportSupport: Reduce Churn

Churn reduction and efficient resource allocation.Lower cost of ownership with enterprise integration.

ProductProduct: Agile FeedbackUse case identification.Co-creation - Instant feedback.

HRHR: Cost-Efficient ExecutionCost efficient - simple to manage. Relevant - quick & targeted searches

ManagementConsolidation - finding the 1 tool that fits your needs.SummaryTake holistic approach to social media across the entire organization.Understand which numbers (revenue, HR costs, marketing budget) you are affecting.Measure and set relevant metrics to make significant impact. MarketingProductHRSupportSalesROIFREE Report

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