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The who, what, when, how of a VA


  • 1. What is EVA? EVA & Associates is short for Executive Virtual Assistant Founded in 2007 Now has 3 partners and have recruited 19 associates
  • 2. What is a VA? Virtual Assistants are entrepreneurs and one of the hottest home- based businesses, who provide administrative, technical or creative and sometimes social assistance to clients from a home based office. Virtual Assistants are independently-contracted business owners, not employees. They work out of their own offices, manage the work from their clients and how it is carried out, set their own rates, as well as operating standards and policies.
  • 3. What is a VA? (Contd) Virtual Assistants help small businesses expand their business instead of dealing with daily duties. Virtual assistants are cost effective because you only pay them when they work. Since they are independent contractors, they are also tax deductible.
  • 4. Who Uses a VA? Start-up Businesses Overwhelmed Business Owners Businesses that are advised to by their Business Coach Small-Corporate Working Parents who have an event coming up in their life Working Parents who want to have help w/o hiring a Nanny Busy & Overwhelmed Individuals Individuals that just dont want to handle it Individuals that just need a little help
  • 5. Why Use a VA as a Business Owner? As a business owner, VAs give you permission to Make More Money, Waste Less Time; You went into your line of work because its your passion and your good at it, its your money maker. Does your admin work make you money ? Is it done in your after hours or worsedone during your business hours? Is it consuming your time and leaving you with an unbalanced life? Growing a Business/Work Your Business Plan ; By delegating other duties you have more time and energy to invest into growth strategies and work your business plan. Seek & Take Advantage of Business Opportunities; Business opportunities are key to the long term success of any business; ie: Networking Groups, Expos, Business Partnering, Expansion.
  • 6. Benefits of Using a VA as a Biz Owner No need to share office space, or find additional office space for an employee No need to buy additional office equipment and create expensive overhead No need to deal with the administration details associated with payroll, payroll taxes, insurance, benefits.
  • 7. Why Use a VA in your Personal Life? As a Busy, Overwhelmed Parent or Individual, VAs give you permission to Check Off To Do Lists; Give away 1-2 or even 4-5 things on your to do list for that hectic time of the year or upcoming family event or that seemingly never ending project. Tasks can take as little as an hour or two for a VAs to complete, for as little as 25.00-50.00 for that progress and stress relief. Dream the dream of having a Nanny; you can have that nanny youve always dreamed of w/o all the cost by using VAs as Personal Assistants Ill have my peeps call your peeps; why cant everyone have a PA like Oprah and all the celebrities.and you get to call us your personal assistant Call in the Experts; Stop being frustrated all the time when you cant find something or just dont have time to look for it. VAs get you better deals & service any ways because its what they do everyday
  • 8. EVA Services- Administrative Assistant Administrative Assistant Services Form Creation or Recreation Branding Filing Distribution Lists Internet Research Answer Phones Scheduling Confirmation Calls Mailings; Envelope Stuffing
  • 9. EVA Services- Executive Assistant Executive Assistant Services Quick Books Entry, Accounts Receivable, Bill Pay Marketing Letter Creation Direct Marketing Strategies & Implementation Constant Contact or Publisher Newsletters: Email or Paper Power Point Presentations; Creation & Presentation Slide Shows; Expos, Waiting Room Project Management & Development Travel Arrangements
  • 10. EVA Services- Personal Assistant Personal Assistant Services Pick ups & Drop Offs Groceries Shopping Internet Shopping Holiday Services House Sitting Craigs List, E-bay & Auction Merchandising Garage Sales Packing
  • 11. EVA Services- Event Assistant Event Assistant Services Professional Or Personal Events & Special Occasions Open Houses, Luncheons, Anniversary or Birthday Par Graduations, Weddings Fundraisers, Golf Tournaments, Grand Openings Duties Planning , Coordinating or Behind the Scenes Assistance Ordering, Reserving, Confirming Researching, Shopping, Pickup & Delivery Hosting, Decorating, Setup, Take Down
  • 12. EVA Services- Professional Organizer Professional Organizing Services Offices File Cabinets Color Coding Closets Basements Garages Moving
  • 13. Want to Learn More Lets Do Coffee