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Virtual Campus Release 3.0 is the perfect online solution for schools, organizations, businesses and associations to deploy community-based and highly collaborative e-Learning portals. Create massive online communities of knowledge and learning, and allow mentors to manage their courses online so they could conduct e-Learning classes anywhere, anytime.


  • 1. Virtual Campus Online Community and eLearning Portal

2. Virtual Campus

  • The Virtual Campus is an advanced and powerful online community, e-learning and communication platform that allows the collaborative learning and activity sharing.
  • This is an online community of teachers, students, parents and experts connected together online and on mobile phones.

3. Full Featured Social Networking application with built in eLearning and Real-TimeCollaboration System allow enjoyable, effective and interactive learning. 4. Network Building applications keep students and mentors online with photos, videos, profile, contacts, groups, forum, blogs and more interactive social networking applications and activities 5. Blogs, photo and video journals and idea sharing allow collaborative learning. 6. Virtual Campus features Web 2.0 Ajax technology for easy browsing of photo galleries, user files, and videos. 7. Virtual Campus is the only online community system that includes multi-party video and audio chat system for more fun and interactive communication and collaboration by users. It features a lot of communication applications such as chat, video forum, video sharing, and whiteboard sharing. 8. With the built in e-learning system, Instructors get their own advanced page tomanage his own courses through theVirtual Campus system , with easy access tohis online courses. They can also customize their enrollment method. 9. With an organized menu, instructors can access the different online tools here. You can see the whole range of applications, from assignments to documents to Test creation. Instructors have their own advanced learning management system with all the tools that he needs to manage his online courses. 10. Instructors can broadcast their own lectures live via the Video Broadcast Tool while managing his online class through the advanced system. Create and organize topics underthe course 11. Just like a word processor, instructors can create content with video, text, photos, html, links and more! The Portal is equipped with its own content development system to create rich media basedcontent with easy to use tools for instructors to create courseware. 12. Lessons are organized by the instructor to suit the need of the trainee. The powerful lesson navigator allows the instructor to organize content that allows him To create learning paths that suits the learner. Lessons/Content is formatted as created. 13. Create Exams like mutiple choice, true or false, enumeration or matching type. Insert Video, Photos, Images, or Flash animations to exams 14. Instructors can launched mixed questions exam papers online with option to insert videos and images. 15. The student has her own personalized home site integrated with the Virtual Campus system that allows her to collaborate and communicate with her instructor and fellow students. The student gets notification for any course updates, messages, lessons, projects, activitiesor announcements in real time.Here she can also access her online courses. 16. The students can select and enroll in courses through credit system or enrollment key. Instructors can then approve enrollment status. Students can search, study and enroll in the online courses available by clicking on any of the courses. 17. Students can access their online course anytime with these advanced course tools that are trainer specific. Students are given access to an advanced distance learning tool that makes learning effective and easy. Students are notified in real time of updates in uploads, assignments, events, deadlines and announcements 18. Courses have built in class chat system for instructors and students to communicate via video, audio or text chat. 19. Conduct real time multi-party web conferencing with collaboration tools. 20. Built in Collaboration system. 21. Virtual Campus on 3G The Virtual Campus is optimized for 3G access on phone browsers for access anytime and anywhere. 22. .. And many more!

  • Thats only a fraction of what the Virtual Campus can do! It offers a complete, advanced and integrated learning environment that your organization can launch in no time at all.