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Design process and contures


  • Module Two: Design - Week 4Virtual Environments (ENVS 10008)

    Catherine Mei Min Woo562729Semester 2/2012Group 13

  • Form: Key ElementsCurvature & Shadow casting


  • Final DesignHeadpiece


  • Form: PictureFrame

  • Form: Contures

  • Form: Geometry

  • Reflection

    Due to complications with finalizing the design, coupled with the complexities of the final design, translating it into digital form has been unsuccessful. Lack of technical knowledge regarding the functions of the program is also very limit-ing, as suggested by the readings, familiarity with the software is an important tool/skill set to learn to streamline the process.

    The lacking of said skill set has set back the progress of this design develop-ment. However, based on the precidents observed in the exhibition of previous semesters students work, the geometry as indicated in the previous page as well as the form can be materialized through the mastering of Rhino.

    Due to the presence of curves, geometrical shapes eg triangles will be used to mimic and portray the illusion of curvature. While the facade/mesh pattern will also be designed with this geometrical base to create a uniformed yet seem-ingly random pattern for shadow manipulation