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Virtual Learning Environments: Online platforms Moodle, Dokeos, Alado, Elluminate, WiZiQ Class offered to my ICT in ELT graduate course at the UCV


  • 1. Virtual Learning Environments Evelyn Izquierdo ICT in ELT course facilitator [email_address] UNIVERSIDAD CENTRAL DE VENEZUELA FACULTAD DE HUMANIDADES Y EDUCACIN MAESTRA EN INGLSCOMO LENGUA EXTRANJERA Nov. 17, 2009

2. Agenda

  • Defining a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) / Virtual environment for learning (VEL)
  • Some samples of VLEs
  • Exploring some VLEs: Alado, Elluminate, Moodle, WiZiQ, virtual worlds
  • Activity: Creating your own online spaces as VLEs
  • Homework: Design a class or a course by using a VLE

3. What is a VLE? According to Dillenbourg, Schneider, and Synteta (2009):

  • A virtual learning environment is a designed information space.
  • A virtual learning environment is a social space: educational interactions occur in the environment, turning spaces into places.
  • The virtual space is explicitly represented: the representation of this information/social space can vary from text to 3D immersive worlds.
  • Students are not only active, but also actors: they co-construct the virtual space.
  • Virtual learning environments are not restricted to distance education: they also enrich classroom activities.
  • Virtual learning environments integrate heterogeneous technologies and multiple
  • pedagogical approaches.
  • Most virtual environments overlap with physical environments.

4. Some virtual environments used for learning are: 5. Alado Virtual Room 6. Go to click on enter the room.After installing the plug-in, you may log in. 7. Logging in Type a username and password.Save it if wanted. 8. Wait a little bit while connecting andhere it is! 9. Elluminate Virtual Room

  • To access Elluminate, first become a member of the Learning Times community (LT) and explore its features.
  • http://

10. Once you have created the account, you may log in. 11. Go to the Meeting room and click on Enter now. 12. Launch the virtual room and wait while connecting 13. Elluminate Virtual Room 14. Moodle platform 15. What is Moodle? Watch the following YouTube video Click on the image or URL to watch the video if it doesnt start automatically http:// =WvCIv5KCbeE 16. Moodle features 17. Dokeos Virtual Room 18. Dokeos features 19. Dokeos videoconferencing 20. WiZ iQis a web based education platform powered by teachers. It is friendly, simple, and effective. It offers useful features to teach students online or create networks with other teachers and experts from all over the world.WiZ iQgives both teachers and students excellent opportunities to learn and share content and knowledge.What is WiZ iQ ? WiZ iQVirtual Room 21.

  • Teaching:
  • Synchronous (Live) and asynchronous teaching through the virtual classroom, online tests, content sharing and messaging system.
  • Administration:
  • Online classes, online tests, educational content, contact and payment management.
  • Marketing:
  • Teacher profile, public classes, public tests, public content, sharing/inviting contacts, and posting to Social Bookmarking Websites.

What does WiZ iQ offers? 22. Watch the following YouTube video Click on the image or the URL if the video doesnt start inmediately. 23. To use theWiZ iQvirtual room you just need a WiZiQ account. Click on the image or URL to watch the tutorial, if it doesnt start immediately: 24. WiZ iQvirtual room features 25. Virtual Worlds as VLEs:Second Life 26. Lets go in world. First, download the SL program from Then, create your avatar and log in. Go into the Virtual Learning Environment. Live it by yourself! 27. References

  • Further readings :
  • Dillenbourg P., Schneider D., and Synteta, P (2002). Virtual Learning Environments. In A. Dimitracopoulou (Ed). Proceedings of the 3rd Hellenic Conference Information and Communication Technologies in Education. [Online] Available at on 2009, November 9
  • Videos:
  • Moodle
  • How to create a course in Moodle.
  • Moodle tutorials:
  • Wiziq Tutorial:
  • PPTs
  • Gonzlez, D. (2008) Teaching in SL Vs teaching online/blended courses. Implications for teacher training. SLanguages 2008.
  • Sulsic, A. (2006). An Introduction to Virtual Worlds.

28. Thank you very much! Evelyn Izquierdo [email_address]


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