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Virtual Learning Environments: Trends & Insights


1. Virtual Learning Environments: Trends & InsightsThe audio will automatically stream through your computer speakers.To join the teleconference (optional), please dial:Toll Free: 1.866.469.3239Access Code: #You will be listening to music until the webinar begins.#CLOwebinar 2. Virtual Learning Environments: Trends & InsightsSpeakers:Lance DublinChief Solution ArchitectDublin ConsultingEric VidalSenior Learning StrategistUnisfairModerator: Daniel Margolis,Managing Editor, Chief Learning Officer Magazine #CLOwebinar 3. Tools You Can UseQ&A 4. Click on the Q&A panel (?) in the bottom right corner 5. Type in your question in the space provided 6. Click on Send.#CLOwebinar 7. Tools You Can UsePolling 8. The poll will appear on the right side of your screen 9. Select the best option for each question 10. Click on Submit#CLOwebinar 11. Virtual Learning Environments: Trends & InsightsDaniel MargolisManaging EditorChief Learning Officer magazine#CLOwebinar 12. Virtual Learning Environments: Trends & InsightsEric Vidal, Sr. Learning Strategist, UnisfairLance Dublin, CEO, Dublin ConsultingMarch 17, 2011 13. AgendaWelcome and Getting Started Virtual Learning Environments: InsightsEnvironment OverviewCase StudiesQuestions and AnswersWrap-up and Thank you 14. PollsQuestion 1: Have you ever attended a virtual event or visited a virtual learning environment?Question 2: Has your company ever conducted a virtual event or offered sessions in a virtual learning environment?Question 3: How would you rate your virtual training/learning efforts now? 5 = high; 1 = low 15. Virtual LearningEnvironment:Trends 16. Todays ChallengesCostsReachTimeImpactEffectiveness 17. Todays ChallengesCostsReachTimeImpactEffectivenessEvent driven 18. One and done 19. Disconnected 20. Visually flat 21. Limited data


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