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Slides from my presentation to the Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable event on 6 Mar 14 in Second Life. The important slides are: - revisiting ReLive2011 in order to work out why virtual worlds have not taken off in education, and where they might go - look at an adaptive approach to education in virtual worlds on an episode by episode basis, and how the different options available in terms of approach may map onto different stages/approaches to learning and Bybee's 5E's


  • 1.Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable 7 Mar 14 David Burden 2014

2. What We Do. 3D immersive learning and training environments better understanding, improved context, enhanced retention, reduced costs3D immersive built environment models for planning and consultation, design and management, security and training3D immersive visual analytics desktop application improved analysis, enhanced situational awareness, better decisions 3. Trainingscapes - EducationVirtual Field Trips Open UniversityRemote eLearning Campus HBM eUniversity DubaiInner City Citizenship & Awareness Education South Lanarkshire (Glasgow) CouncilEnvironmental Education City Academy Norwich 4. Trainingscapes VocationalHurricaneProcedures Training Nursing Emergency Training City of New York UWENursing Bereavement Training NHS - UHBLaboratory Training Leicester UniversityParamedic Training & Assessment St George's Hospital, London 5. Virtual and Real 6. ReLive 2011 Delphi Short TermMedium TermLong TermMOBILESEAMLESSRADICAL INTERFACESStill too hard Needs to be in browser Needs desktop/audio/ webcam/ gesture integration Users vs Creators(ives) vs Professionals One World or Many Worlds Directed or Discovered Social Media Integration (not Domination) Lively/Cloud Party?UNIFIEDDESIRABLESOCIETAL CHANGE (IN & OUT)Learning Benefits for Educators & Learner Business Benefits for Industry & Government Cost Savings Revenue Generation Social Benefits for Consumers & Family Entertaining, Engaging & Easy201120132015202020252030 7. Modes vs Affordances ModesAffordances/Choices Exploratory Structured Task AssessmentBybee Engagement Exploration Explanation Elaboration EvaluationSimulation vs Serious GameLinear vs Freeform (agency)Realism vs NPIRLAvatar vs No avatar2D vs 3DSingle vs Multi-UserSynchronous vs AsynchronousDeployability & AccessDIY vs Robustness 8. Web: Email: Videos: Twitter: @davidburden


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