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Virtual Worlds: Freaky Creatures. By Anne Aroz EDT: 180: 20784. Outline. Virtual Worlds Freaky Creatures Popular Features Social Media. Comparison?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Virtual Worlds: Freaky Creatures

Virtual Worlds: Freaky CreaturesBy Anne ArozEDT: 180: 20784

Hello, my name is Anne Aroz. I will be going over the Virtual World Freaky Creatures today.1OutlineVirtual WorldsFreaky CreaturesPopular FeaturesSocial Media


Today, we will be going over the definition of a virtual world, but more specifically, how Freaky Creatures qualifies as a virtual world. As a result we will be talking about some of its popular features, as well as how it relates to social media.2Comparison?3While many online games give player the ability to create their own avatar, Freaky Creatures allows the player to create their own creature. In this way it is different from other virtual worlds. It is truly rooted in fantasy and although it has similar characteristics of such games like Sims and Second Life, it has a much different execution. 3

4Freaky Creatures is an online game where players and fans can experience fantastical worlds and interact with one another. Yet there are many other aspects of this game that make it marketable to a science fiction audience. Not only does it allow the player to create their own creature, but they are also able to battle it. Buying the game provides a wealth of options for the user. They are able to join tournaments, they can chat with friends, and they can even play mini games. It is intended for online gamers, especially those who enjoy fantasy. The chart demonstrates just how unknown it is compared to other online games.45

Here is a trailer to give you guys a better idea of what this amazing world looks like.5Social Media6 is a large part of social media. Social Media is defined as way to connect with other people using technology. Freaky Creatures is a game that facilitates that. I think that it is important as it provides a way for people who like similar things to communicate with one another. We would adopt this social media, because of its uniqueness and the fact that it caters to a particular demographic. This social media allows the user to play games and interact with other players. I would not personally use this game, but I would become more active in virtual worlds. I think its a good stress reliever and is a good way to meet new people.6Thank You!Any questions?

7Thank you so much for your time! Any questions?7