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Virtual Worlds Story Boards. Sandra Logan EDUC 7102 Walden University. Dr. Betsey Price. Virtual Worlds in Education. Collaborative Classrooms. Are virtual worlds right for your online classrooms?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Virtual Worlds Story Boards

Virtual WorldsStory BoardsSandra LoganEDUC 7102Walden University1Dr. Betsey Price

Dr. Betsey Price is the director for the Center for Teaching and Learning at the University of Texas. She has helped to bring using virtual worlds into education by using them with pre-service teachers.2Virtual Worlds in Education

The traditional classrooms, teachers give students information and students memorize information.3Collaborative Classrooms

We have begun to move towards collaborative environments where students can discuss the information that has been learned and solve problems together.4

Online classrooms have brought a new type of students to the educational arena. Students can connect to their classrooms from anywhere.5


However this has left students feeling isolated and lonely.7

Virtual worlds are enviroments where people across their world can get togethter to interact with one another whether it is a simulated life or working together to solve a problem.8

Using virtual worlds in the online classroom, helps students in many ways.9

Students gain a sense of community.10


Students are also able to take risks. By using virtual worlds in online environments, students regain their sense of belonging to a class.12Are virtual worlds right for your online classrooms?