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<p>VIRTUALLY WASHING</p> <p>WATERLESS MACHINE</p> <p>India</p> <p>China</p> <p>MANASE DHONEKAR CO. LTD</p> <p>Introductioneros is the brand name for a patented laundering process that replaces the majority of water with reusable polymer beads, reducing the water and electricity required for effective cleaning.</p> <p>ANASE DHONEKAR CO.LTD is on the verge of saving us a LOT of water.</p> <p>heir</p> <p>new</p> <p>washing</p> <p>system</p> <p>(prototype stage) uses nylon beads to tumble wash clothes with 90% less water than conventional washers.</p> <p>he</p> <p>machine the</p> <p>also need</p> <p>uses for</p> <p>significantly less detergent &amp; eliminates</p> <p>The object of implementing is that as we see many countries are facing utmost problem of water especially the country like India has recognized need for it &amp; thus got the machine which is beneficial in many aspects like costs, electricity, water &amp; many more. Like wise the country wants to make the awareness in many countries so it is planning to export it to countries like Zimbabwe, china &amp; many more.</p> <p>I M P O R T P R O C E D U R E</p> <p>I M P O R T P R O C E D U R E</p> <p>MANASE DHONEKAR CO.LTD [INDIA]</p> <p>Deal is Finalized &amp; Order is placed</p> <p>&gt;</p> <p>Technology</p> <p>IMPORTXEROS CO. LTD UK</p> <p>oc at um ch Cu en ing Cl st ea om ts ra nc e</p> <p>D isp</p> <p>D</p> <p>Re of al is pr at oc io ee n ds</p> <p>Co ex mp or cha leti m ng ng al fo iti e re es ig n Ob ta i LO nin 4 C g</p> <p>8 7Ar Tr ran 5 an g Pr sp em or en of ep ar ta t Ex a tio of po tio n rt n</p> <p>9</p> <p>6</p> <p>D BO raw E in g</p> <p>1 0</p> <p>3Ob Li tai ce n ns ing 1 Ob e &amp; g tai An ni Qu In n ot de a nt</p> <p>2</p> <p>MANASE DHONEKAR CO.LTD [INDIA]</p> <p>CONTRACT IS SIGNED</p> <p>CHING CHONG [CHINA]</p> <p>Thank</p> <p>You</p>