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  • 1.Computer Graphics Study of Visibility Graphics& various Visibility Algorithms

2. Scope & Applications of V.G Computer Graphics Architecture Computational Geometry Computer Vision Robotics Tele Communications 3. V.G as in Computer Graphics CG synthesize images of virtual scenes bysimulating propagation of light. Visibility is anintegral part of interaction of light withenvironment. Two Visibility Algorithms: Z Buffer For visible surface determinationReal Time Rendering Ray ShootingFor computing visibility along a str. Line.Used in scope of global illumination methods. 4. New Taxonomy of visibility problems Two points are mutually visible if the line joining themis un occluded. Lines carry visibility Two points can be visible regardless of their distance. We break the visibility problem into variousdomains. Visibility along a line Visibility from a point Visibility from a line segment Visibility from a polygon Visibility from a region Global visibilityThis taxonomy is independent of dimension of scene. 5. Dimension of Visibility problems 3D 4 degrees of freedom in description of line Corresponding line space is 4 dimensional. The problem relevant line set denoted Lx(3) forming kdimensional subset of R4 where 0