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Tips, tricks and techniques for using Instagram to market your business.


  • 1. Visual Marketing with Instagram #ObeoWebinar Presented by Marci James
  • 2. The Stats Instagram is the fastest growing social media network
  • 3. The Stats Launch October, 2010 Bought by Facebook for $715 million 200 Million monthly users In the US, 20% of all adult woman use Instagram 70% log in at least once a day Instagram generates 58 times more engagement per follower than Facebook and 120 times more engagement per follower than Twitter.
  • 4. Need a Reason? Its fun Its MOBILE Reach a wider audience spread your net 65% of the worlds top 100 brands are using Instagram Get more engagement! Visual marketing should be this easy!
  • 5. Where to Start? Download the app! Sign up use your twitter handle as your user name if available. Add a link to your website Link your Facebook & Twitter profile KEY TIP: Since Instagram is rooted in mobile usage, make sure that the website that you decide to link your profile to is mobile friendly.
  • 6. Link Facebook & Twitter
  • 7. Balance Balance fun personal photos with business photos
  • 8. Filters Dont stress over the filters and dont over use the filters.
  • 9. Hashtags Build a hashtag strategy 1. You can use up to 30 hashtags, but dont! its looks spammy 2. Create your own hashtags that target your niche and audience 3. Bookmark them in groups of 6, in a convenient location like a word doc or Evernote 4. Use 6 per post, but add more can be added in the comments 5. Make sure the hashtags are consistent with the post
  • 10. Popular Hashtags Gain engagement by using popular hashtags!
  • 11. Followers Connect and share to Facebook and Twitter Use relevant and popular hashtags Quality trumps quantity Be social. Engage with others, like and comment Promote in Newsletters, business cards, other social networks Find influencers and network
  • 12. Photo Map If turned on, will organize your geotagged photos on a map. Your map will be displayed prominently on your profile. By default, adding location or adding to your Photo Map is turned off for all photos you upload to Instagram.
  • 13. Photo Map
  • 14. Make Collages! Picstitch is my favorite collage app!
  • 15. Add Text! Overlay text with Over! Just Listed! Just Sold Neighborhood Open house Beds/baths
  • 16. Video Use both photos and video! You can upload 3-15 seconds of video
  • 17. A Posting Plan Create a posting plan for your business photos Use to schedule! $14.95/month
  • 18. Follow Back! Use Iconosquare! Its also great for statistics
  • 19. Instagram on the Web!
  • 20. Marci James Twitter: @Obeo & @MarciJames Obeo Training Center: